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Mar 18, 2010
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orbiting caprica
game tester-tough job but someones gotta do it

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angel sword guardian, Male, from orbiting caprica

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    1. nojyeloot
      Whoops, I meant this is the link Ibanez 7320 S series 7 string with EMGs custom work
    2. nojyeloot
    3. nojyeloot
      Thanks for the kudos on the Axes... I'm currently selling the Ibanez s7320 ($750)

      Glad you like the song! Any tips are most welcome! Keep an eye out, more to come
    4. LeeOSIRIS
      Thanks man! Stoked!
    5. Meh
      haha anytime that album is killer
    6. Progshredder
      Cheers dude. :metal:
    7. supervillain0ut
      Thanks much man! I'm hoping to learn a lot from this place...
    8. TreWatson
      yeah man, me either
    9. TreWatson
      yeah dude! i'm not big on black metal, but it showed a lot of potential and its very rich and deep sounding.

      i dig it.
    10. OrsusMetal
      Thanks man. I loved it, but I ended up having to sell it. It played fantastic.
    11. Shredmurder
      Thank you brotha! That sword guitar you have is unreal. Do you have a music site where I can check out your stuff?
    12. Taylor2
      Of course man!
      Gotta expose the bands that deserve it!
    13. Triple7
      Thanks for checkin us out dude! Glad you like the tunes, we should have some new ones from our next album up soon, it's being mixed in two weeks.
    14. sunbasket
      Thank you for the addy man... btw the signature is pretty funny. Also. Gorgeous guitars... I need to go thru this gallery ... !
    15. IdiotSyncrasy
      ahhhhh!!! yeah, I was wondering how to "reply" good eye (or ear in our profession:)

      I think I mentioned the keyboard player has perfect pitch, and said the carvin was a killer tone, but it also works against him, because he was never used to hearing an E note (even in standard 440 pitch) played with a 60 gauge string (E on 5th fret using the B string) instead of it being open using a .42!!! LOL The song "Escape" is actually in B, and starts with a pedal type opening, so I decided to "chunk it up" and everytime I would pedal using the 7th, his neck would break looking around to figure out where this monstroicity came from LOL It really was an abnoxious tone, espically to him!!1

      I love it! wouldn't have it any other way! k, Im done.. what do you have laying around I can peep out? any demos online, or email me some 7 string goodness?

      PS... what is the actual definition of "Perfect Pitch?"

      A: it's throwing a banjo in the toliet, and not hitting the rim!!!

      MC Sleazy D
    16. manana
      no lol. i wish i had vocals or something. If anyone is willing to do some vocals and send the wav file....
    17. allyourbase
      thats awesome! and i did not know that, coincidentally i almost spelled bass like that as well, but figured i would keep it the original way. im glad i did now haha.
    18. allyourbase
      thank you very much man, and yes! that game is awesome, i actually have a rom for it on my phone.
    19. Jan
      Hi, I'm glad you dig my music! :) Take care!
    20. Variant
      You take me too seriously. :lol:
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    orbiting caprica
    game tester-tough job but someones gotta do it
    Primary Seven:
    agile custom v
    Main Rig:
    Line 6 spyder jam 75
    Real Name:
    i only wish
    Primary ERG:
    7 string xiphos
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Had an Ibanez Universe, Agile Custom 7str v, Ibanez 7str Xiphos
    Other Guitars:
    ESP Custom Shop MK II (K. Hammett), ESP/LTD DJ-600 (D. Jacobs sig.), Jackson King V (D. Mustaine sig.), Ibanez DT-555BK Destroyer II (P. Collen end. mod.), Ibanez Xiphos (Halo 3 ed. 1 of 20), Fender Custom Standard Strat (neck thru-24 fret-reverse headstock-no pick guard-emg 81 & 85-kahler 2700 series),Washburn ML project (Dime sig.), BC Rich NJ series Warlock project, ESP F-50, Cort Effector Explorer (the cheap Sears guitar that started it all for me), ESP Alfee Angel Sword (1 of 10)
    Crate GFX-65,Rocktron Rampage RT80
    Effects & Pedals:
    line 6 fbv express, crate 3 pos. footswitch
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    one day i'll get a "big boy" amp
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    my crappy laptop
    Misc/Other Gear:
    tama 5 pc. drum kit w/ iron cobra double bass pedal & zildjian cymbals
    warlock 5 string bass
    playing guitar & games

    God is good


    from texas or live here? check in ---> http://sevenstring.org/threads/texas-sso-members-check-in.244769/
    esp custom shop alfee 20th ann. angel sword (1 of 20)
    esp custom shop toshihiko takamizawa flying a (1 of 3)
    esp custom shop mk-II kh sig (before he had a sig)
    ltd dan jacobs ex sig - bloodsplatter
    ltd wayne static ex sig - treadplate
    jackson custom shop soloist (gone)
    jackson dave mustaine king v
    ibby phil collen destroyer II dt-555bk
    ibby xiphos 7 string - chameleon green
    ibby xiphos halo 3 xbox 360 edition (1 of 20)
    ibby xiphos summer slaughter tour (1 of 4)
    ibby xiphos - 27 fret / satin black
    ibby rg8 white mod project
    agile hornet (king v) 7 string - rear loaded
    cort effector (first guitar) explorer clone
    about 4 grandspas guitars...plus many more lol