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    1. Tommrob
      Can you send me the builder info for that headless you just had done. I’ve been wanting to mess with a less expensive one. Does he do 7s?
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    2. Paul McAleer
      Paul McAleer
      Ever get around to finding a kemper profile that felt close to that Fortin/Randall satan grind/twang? I would like to hear some of it. Hard to find things like that on the webs
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      2. lewis
        will do buddy :)
        the hunt has begun haha
        Oct 15, 2017
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      3. lewis
        there is a Thrasher XLR profile on the Kemper website. I added the Treble booster infront in side the chain with a noise gate. Tweaked the amp parameters to have clarity really high etc.
        Used the Kosten platinum cab with it. Sounds really really great through my 4x12. Seriously tight and snarly.
        I do have the true cab setting on about 3 too.
        Feb 1, 2018
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      4. Paul McAleer
        Paul McAleer
        Has it been giving you that grind we've been wanting? I would like to hear that sometime!

        I'm also curious if there's a major difference in tone if they were to profile it with a mic rather than XLR? Namely because that XLR has that "emulated cab" thing goin' on. How's that IR? I might've seen you and some other dude talking about it in the kemper thread.
        Feb 8, 2018
    3. narad
    4. Lickers
      Thanks for the photoshop and suggestion of dying the fretboard!
    5. JLP2005
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    Norfolk, UK
    Main Rig:
    Kemper Profiler
    Primary ERG:
    Harley Benton FF 8
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Jackson slat Slime Green
    Other Guitars:
    BC Rich Warlock lucky 7
    Yamaha RGX110 modified
    Yamaha SE110 Modified
    ENGL E530
    Kemper Profiler
    POD HD Pro
    Effects & Pedals:
    POD HD Pro, Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B IR Loader & Keeley 4 knob Compressor, VFE Focus, Laney Pulse Preamp, Line 6 Pod X3 live, Maxon OD808, ISP decimator, Boss Ns2, Korg Pitchblack Pro
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Laney 2x12 Cabinet
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    POD HD Pro
    Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B IR Loader
    Engl e530