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Oct 22, 1985 (Age: 33)
Seattle, WA
Software Engineer

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Dread-I Master, 33, from Seattle, WA

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Jul 3, 2018
    1. The Spanish Inquisition
      The Spanish Inquisition
      Am I such a liability :lol: ?
    2. M3CHK1LLA
    3. HurrDurr
      Hah, so the few that could see it became The Disciples of Djod?
    4. HurrDurr
      Dude, please elaborate on what the deal is with 40% of the SSO community have a "Djod Disciple" signature. What does it mean, is it a cult, and where do I sign up if I approve? :lol::lol:
    5. Abolyshed
      I have never had one unravel, but mine aren't as thick I bet that's why you have that problem. But then again that's what you need, thicker strings for the low notes. I'm trying to get it set up perfect and I haven't really messed around with a bridge like this. I'll definitely try thicker strings next time.
    6. Abolyshed
      That's weird that your 9 gauge string is better for that because it seemed like the thicker it got the worse it was for me. But ya that makes sense if chords sound in tune it should be good. I'm worried about my bridge though. Someone told me that if your bridge isn't level it can make strings break (or cause other issues), do you know if this is true? I was going to make the thicker strings higher by raising one side (trying to get rid of all the buzzing) but leave the thin side lower for comfort. I guess if that was as good idea they would make them all like that in the factory. Do you do anything like that to your bridge?
    7. Abolyshed
      Hey I'm having an issue with my RGA8, I know you have owned different RG 8's right? I though you might be able to help me.
      I have switched from the stock strings (10-72 I think) to d'addario's 10-74. I can't get the intonation on the bottom strings to be correct, but I'm not sure if it's just because of the thickness. You know how if you fret the string to hard you can raise it above the intended note which that fret should be? I can't tell if I'm just doing that or if it's actually off. It's just the 2 bottom ones, mostly the 8th, that have that issue. I can push extra hard and then release and it ALMOST hits the note dead on. I think it's just the thickness.

      Also, there's two bolts on either side of the bridge that raise/lower the strings from the neck, well I've adjusted the one closest to the lower thicker strings but when I get rid of all the buzz the top strings seem uncomfortably high off the board. Maybe lower the thin string side and raise the thick string side?
    8. TomAwesome
      Go for it. :yesway:
    9. Mattmc74
      Posted up some more pics of my build today, started the tru-oil finish!!! :hbang:
    10. Jackson12s
      Fellow programmer ;D
    11. Mattmc74
    12. skeels
      Glad you dig it man. :)
      KC has a huge backlog of good stuff.
      See now that's "progressive" to me...
    13. skeels
      Hey man. I know you play sax, so I thought you might dig this old KC tune. I llove horn- Coltrane reLLY CHANGED MY APPROACH TO WHAT LEAD GUITAR COULD SOUND LIKE! Holy Caps Lock! oops! King Crimson - Starless (HD) - YouTube
    14. codycarter
      It seems like I always end up in the same thread as you talking about lace pickups haha
      This may be a little stale of a question, but would an x-bar in the bridge of an 8 string give me a sharp and aggressive tone with plenty of treble and upper mids in a hi gain, mid boosted environment? I was planning on getting a Cepheus in the bridge and a Bass bar in the neck, but that would look stupid in a hot pick guitar, so maybe I could get by with an xbar? Deathbars seem just too scooped and bassy for me
    15. Idontpersonally
    16. Abolyshed
      Thanks for the advice.
    17. Stealthdjentstic
    18. Abolyshed
      Hey I just tuned my 8 string from F Bb Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb to a tenor tuning wich is Bb Eb Ab Dd Gb Bb eb Ab (or the low Bb can be a drop Ab). What ever gauge it is its really floppy in F, but now the tenor tuning is really tight because the 7 6 and 5th strings are a 4th higher ex: Bb way up to Eb. Do you think this tightness will damage my neck by pulling it too much and result in bad action?
    19. Abolyshed
      Ya that makes sense.. I saw a pic on here of the prestige model, so mint.
    20. Abolyshed
      Hey I was reading a post where you said you owned an rga 8 but you swaped it for an rg 8, you said the cut away wasnt comfy enough. I thought the only differences between the two models were the bridge and the eq switch. I own an RGA 8 it has Ibanez pick ups, locking bridge, one volume knob and eq switch. Is there a difference in the way the neck/body is built? And wich one is supposed to be more high end? If theres no difference in the body or neck then theyre basically the same just one has locking bridge and eq switch right?
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    Oct 22, 1985 (Age: 33)
    Seattle, WA
    Software Engineer
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