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    1. Wookieslayer
      Yeah I think I would recommend the T2 over the V2. They are indeed close, but it does have a more in your face tone, just something more present or bigger sounding? Sure you don't have 3 separate channels / EQ controls for each mode on the T2 but the T2 has the tube cleans and the V2 has the all SS cleans. Just something to think about if you care more about the cleans too.

      Yes the V2 has the graphic EQ, but what's to stop you from throwing a MXR or Boss EQ in the T2's loop? But really it sounds so good straight into the amp already!

      Now... I wouldn't hesitate to purchase a V2 if you find a deal (500 or less), but if you're not the kind of player who likes to tweak and just want the simplest plug and play amp, wait for the T2. However, I would probably take a Ninja V2 or an Archetype V2 over the stock T2, but of course those fetch for more dough and are much rarer. Now if you can find a T2HH Gus G. sig amp... I'd nab it! :)

      hope that helps haha
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