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Serial Thriller, from San Diego,CA

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Jul 25, 2015
    1. MikeH
      Never had one. We're a new band and we had a drummer lined up, but he flaked out because he said he wouldn't be committed enough to the band to play for us.
    2. Thatch
      Sweet! I'll look for some Korn tabs aswell. Started trying to learn (sic) by Slipknot by tabs tonight, the only problem is the guitar isn't down tuned (it's my dads guitar so i don't want to mess around with it) so I'm gonna go look for one on the weekend, is there any particular gauge of string that i would need if I'm going to down tune? i think the tuning for (sic) is B F# B E G# C#
    3. OrsusMetal
      The WRX is definately neat, but if I had a choice, I'd go for the STI. The WRX pushes around 230hp, when the STI pushes around 300hp. I've seen an STI and a Ferrari go at it and the STI won. It was awesome.

      I love the Euro kind of cars like Porsches and such, but I really got into the Japanese cars like the Subarus for more practical reasons. Still really fast, but better on gas in some ways, cheaper to maintain and just cheaper in general. :lol:

      I've done some racing, but none of the huge gathering stuff like you have out there. There isn't much of a race scene out here, at least that I know of. Plus, I probably wouldn't stand much of a chance with what I have versus all what everyone else would be packing. It's definately fun though. What about you?
    4. OrsusMetal
      Jesus that car is sick. And yeah, I wouldn't mess with the interior or anything on your car either. It's nice as hell already! :lol:

      What kind of cars would I like to own? Haha, LOTS! Now if we are speaking unrealistically the first thing that comes to mind for some reason is the Audi RS4. Now if we were talking about something that is more realistic for me price-wise, I really like the Subaru Impreza. The STI and WRX would both be a lot of fun. All wheel drive and turbo. :yum: I'd pretty much like anything that is closer to the cars that I used to have. I hate driving the Interceptor. It's too big, weighs a lot and just doesn't feel the same as the smaller, sporty stuff. I want a car that is low to the ground again, a manual, punchy and good on gas.
    5. Thatch
      Awesome, i love Raining Blood and also Korn's s/t Debut, both classic albums. One band that never ceases to amaze me is Opeth, just everything they do is immensely good.

      Is it possible to play Korn's stuff on a six string? or does that require a seven ?
    6. Drache713
      yea despite not having a singer we're playing as many live shows as we can
    7. Thatch
      I remember listening to one of my Iron Maiden cd's, i think it was the Edward the Great - Greatest Hits, and usually when i listen to music i end up concentrating on the drums but i was really listening to the guitars this time and i just thought "holy shit i want to be able to do that"
      I've been busy for a while but now I've found time to get my shit together will start seriously practicing in the next few days.
      what got you into playing?
    8. TMM
      I can send one to you if you want through email. Just PM me if you're interested.
    9. Drache713
      what's up dude? it's kinda hard to describe it, the most generic way is progressive metal lol. If you want to get more specific imagine mixing amon amarth, arch enemy, devildriver, dream theater, divine heresy, in flames, pantera, lamb of god, old metallica, and unearth all into one band! :lol:
    10. MikeH
      Hey man. we play kind of As Blood Runs Black Meets Parkway Drive meets Meshuggah stuff. Weird combination, I know. But we desperately need a drummer.
    11. crystalbass
      Jemfest USA will be held in Orlando July 11 & 12. They have Jemfest's all over the world...UK, Australia, etc... The one in the States is held in Orlando annually. It raises $$ for Steve Vai's "Make a Noise Foundation". There will be a live webcast...go to www.jemfest.com and Kevan the promoter will be updating the site....he is in my friend's list, too if you have any questions about Jemfest. It's going to be a bunch of shredders, etc....
    12. crystalbass
    13. crystalbass
      metal, prog rock, avant-garde, jazz, country, anything with talent!!
    14. Enemyofreali7y
      I used ernie ball regular slinkies, threw out the low E it included, custom ordered (from MF) a 3 set of .54 and .68 for my B and E. I can get my action as low as it can go, because the increased tension from those two strings helps fret buzz.
    15. crystalbass
      thanks! no downloads yet. We will be playing at Jemfest though in Orlando in a few weeks....you going?
    16. crystalbass
      Hi dude, do you have a myspace site? thanx for inviting me to your awesome page. Would like to hear your chops :)
    17. Enemyofreali7y
      Thanks man!

      Yeah dude, the guitar sounds about as heavy as you can get it. When I put the huge-ass strings on, it made it even better. I recommend it.
    18. Emiliano
      i've bought it in a shop, but i didn't have the time to test it deeply, i'm gonna try an older HM boss pedal, maybe tha could satisfy my need of heavy gain drones with a bass :yesway:
    19. Thatch
      Started and still am on a DXP 5 piece that Ill probly have for a while (might post a pick 2moro), don't get to play much because I'm not allowed to when my parents are in the house so 1-2 hours max a week. been playing for maybe 2 years but none of it has been serious really.
      apparently i "play too hard"

      So yeah i thought since i have a couple of free hours after work why not learn guitar XD found the cord that plugs the guitar into the amp so i can start learning now!
      might try to get some slipknot tab books.

      so how long have you been playing guitar ?
    20. OrsusMetal
      I bet man! I'd love to drive your car. My 944 was lots of fun, but I doubt it was anywhere near as cool as your's, even with upgrades. Besides, it wasn't the turbo version. :/

      The Interceptor isn't nearly as fun because it's an auto and it guzzles gas. But it can still be fun. It's not as fast as the Porsche in first gear, but once it hits second and third, it really starts to pull. It accels pretty damn fast in the 40-100mph range, but once it hits around 105 it starts to slow down a bit. It tops out around 120-ish.

      What are you having done to yours?
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