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Serial Thriller, from San Diego,CA

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    1. adamgiroux
      nope not yet.. we've been working on trying to get some stuff recorded properly a lot lately but no luck so far.. hopefully soon though.. all we have is our ghetto video camera recordings.
    2. Emiliano
      hum.. digitech sounds are not bad, i had an older pedalboard that sounded pretty good! i started to seek distortion out of the amp, instead of the pedals, maybe you can use some kind of low gain booster to give a new character to your amp distortion? tube screamer? boss od? the jobo modded ts is a great option, everyone will give hint toward this little bit of marvel, it seems a base ingredient for djent and uber br00tal distortion :wavey:
    3. Tiger
      Hey thanks for listening.
    4. Oogadee Boogadee
    5. Josh Lawson
      Josh Lawson
      So I am your two hundred and first friend....Nice!!! Right on dude!!
    6. Lankles
      Whoa, thanks! This was the last place I expected to get any props.
      We have album recording dates locked in for September with a probable December/January release. I'm sure some copies will find their way into the USA. ss.org will of course be notified. :D
    7. moshwitz
      Thanks for the props man.
      I wasn't even sure anyone from here even went to check it out as no one posted if it sucked or was decent or anything.

      That song was a hard one to get mixed up just so, but it has seemed to have a good response so far,,I'm glad ,,,and relieved the people who have heard it so far are diggin it though,,Ive been mixing it alone for awhile and was not sure if it was gonna go over ok or not,,...the band didn't even get to hear the finished mix until last weekend cause i had sooooooo much editing and re-amping and re-trigering,,and tweeking,etc.. to do, hell,,,i think the solo was the easiest thing to do about the whole song,,, and it took me 3 months to write the damn thing :lol:

      I guess as soon as i get the other 2 tunes mixed they are gonna release it, then i start on the other 3 to put together a proper disk.

      We are trying to find an artist to do the covers now. we are talking to one but I don't know how thats gonna turn out.

      Thanks for scoping it out bro:hbang:

    8. kristallin
      Well, she's just moved to NYC, she's had a residency in London at the Blue Note for years. Her name's Angie Mack. I've known her for well over a decade, we used to DJ the same club circuit in the UK in the early 90s. You know Samantha? I know Mark pretty well - rarely get to hang out with him these days cause he's insanely busy, of course
    9. Thatch
      Cheers man I'll be getting some of those once i get a guitar.
    10. kristallin
      Me and the singer, who's got a bit of a reputation as a DJ already, are both from the UK, so we've been letting people believe that the band is from the UK - and we're not correcting them!
    11. kristallin
      We're producing the demo right now, actually. That track is going to be on it. You'd be surprised as to how far you get in NYC when you make people believe you're from the UK :lol:
    12. kristallin
      Thanks man! Yep, that's pretty much what we sound like minus vocals, guitars and viola. The kind of stuff you can only get away with in NYC ;)
    13. MF_Kitten
    14. MF_Kitten
      thanks! :)

      we play something along the lines of bulb/tesseract/deftones/meshuggah. lots of other influences, but meshuggah and deftones are the biggest i think :)
    15. Marko
      Whoa, someone has actually checked it out - thanks a bunch man :) ! We're supposed to begin the album recording in a few days... when it's all over I'll send you a promo or something ;)

      thanks again!
    16. Childofshred19k
      I am looking to join a Progressive Black/Death/Viking/Celtic/etc....
      metal band.
      I am audtioning for Meyvn soon sometime this week
    17. NegaTiveXero
      Not yet. We have the live songs, but no real studio demo. We are working on making that happen, however.

      I'll be sure to let you know the second I get one.
    18. NegaTiveXero
      Thanks for voting, man. As for anything you can do..tell your friends about us! Help spread us out.
      Thanks for the support!
    19. thadood
      Hey, thanks for taking a listen! We've got a demo available to order online through this site: http://kunaki.com/sales.asp?PID=PX00OXLRME

      Nothing to download right now, but once our next demo gets finished up (few months), I'm probably going to throw the previous demo online for free.
    20. OrsusMetal
      I personally wouldn't do the NOS in any car of mine. I just really wouldn't feel safe with it or using it. Now depending on what the parts are I'd use them, but I'd keep a few other things in mind. Will doing these modifications void your warranty? Take away from your gas mileage? Shorten the life of the car? These would be all things I'd take into consideration before installing them. Main reason I think you should is think about it is because that's a really expensive car and a really nice one stock too.

      If you don't want to install the parts after all and your friend is willing to pay you for the parts, why don't you do that? Get some extra money for guitar stuff. :) Or you could just sell the car and get something even faster stock.
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