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May 31, 2008
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Serial Thriller, from San Diego,CA

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Aug 30, 2018
    1. inflames1919
      Thanks alot man.
      Yeah ive found the damien series to be a really good value for money guitar.
      If you get a chance go try one out but they are great as a backup guitar
      and even come up well on recordings.
    2. Zak1233
      yeh man its totally shit :( oh well maybe one day uk tv will come to their sense's and broadcast it one day :lol:
      i gotta go man fallin asleep here haha
      talk to you tomorrow bro!
      take care man:)
    3. Zak1233
      haha that would be sweet :lol:
      its shit they never really broadcast grand slams in the UK :/
      maybe they do on sky sports etc, but i dont like sky lol
    4. Zak1233
      man i'd love too see nadal play in person :lol:
      nope i've never been to a tennis match though i'd love to see wimbledon one day
      have you??
    5. Zak1233
      for me nadals defo my favourite too, overall he's just an amasing player imo in everyway
      frederer is amasing too off course but nadal is alot more speedy and some of the shots he can pull off is just amasing
      i love his serves too!!
      couldnt belive the match lasted 4hr's + today :lol: they must have been so tired :/
    6. Zak1233
      yeh man he raped frederer's arse :lol:
      fingers crossed he'll play the same way as he done in this years wimbledon, from the first match he's stayed strong which is great, such a great player
    7. Zak1233
      haha sweet :lol: yeh man i love tennis, my gran got me into it when i was like 6 lol
      but yeh someone had to post something stating nadals victorious win :D
      i like the fact that off court nadal and frederer are great friends, it sorta adds to the excitement to teh matches they play against each other xD
      cant wait for wimbledon next year hehe
    8. Lankles
      Nah CoB were pretty much absent from our surroundings until they played. Probably at their hotel while we waited and got hyped for the show.
    9. MF_Kitten
      thanks, man! :)

      don´t have anything particularly new, unless you haven´t seen my new thread in the recording forum yet? it´s with my other band :)
    10. Emiliano
      try to see if some other pedal do that kind of things too, if ather piece of gear behave the same way your problem is not the pedal, how much gain are you using?
    11. Ze Kink
      Ze Kink
      Yeah, we've got 2 new songs finished, both are about 10min long. I don't think we are going to record anything yet though.
    12. inflames1919
      Hey dude
      thanks heaps...
      My damien 6 is great.
      Before i got my hellraiser it was my main guitar and held up really well on recordings.
      It has a really chunky rhythm sound.
      The only criticism I have of it is that the clean sound is quite dull...
      Are you looking to get one?
    13. arktan
      you've got a lot of...., no no, lemme just get it right, A FUCKING LOT OF DAMN FINE GUITARS, dude........ could you feed us with some pics? :yum:
    14. sakeido
      The tour is over man, they are back in Europe now. they played I think about 20 shows across the states and a couple in eastern canada.
    15. sakeido
      It sure is, I have seen a bunch of copies up here at a few different stores. I got my copy through Amazon though.
      Well we havent even got our EP pressed yet so as of now its not out there anywher but soon hopefully. ADD us and we usually post bulletins when we do anything that people may want to know about. Thanks for checking it out.
    17. KaLeVaLA
      Nah, i used to have a full setup with 2x Technics 1210 Mk5 turntables, and Pioneer CDJ 1000 cd players and stuff. But as said...i play on clubs every weekend...so i dont need to have equipment at home. So i invested in studiocomputer instead , and i do not regret that at all :)
    18. KaLeVaLA
      yeah man, ive been djing since 1997...or was it 96?..dont really remember...hehe, still do it every weekend at a club!
    19. Emiliano
      like a high pitch humming? maybe some kind of ground issue?
      i'm happy if i can help you!
    20. amonb
      Nothing yet bro... just bad recordings. Hope to have smething soon tho and will let you know when I do! :metal:
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    San Diego,CA
    Primary Seven:
    K7APEX1 Munky Signature
    Main Rig:
    Peavey 6505
    Real Name:
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Both Munky signatures Apex1&Apex2,K7 Head signature,Ibanez RG2228 prestige.
    Other Guitars:
    MTM1 mick thomson signature,dean v 255,ibanez RG350DX,ESP LTD M-50.
    peavey 6505+headw/6505 cab,2 mesa boogie triple rectifiers w/marshall vintage 1964 4×12 cabinets
    Effects & Pedals:
    digitech xp-100 whammy pedal,dunlop uv-1 univible pedal,electro harmonix electric mistress,electro harmonix big muff distortion,electro harmonix small stone,boss rv-3 reverb/delay,DOD FX-25 envelope filter,ibanez bi-chorus pedal,ibanez ts-9 tubescreamer,A/B switcher box
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    mainly peavey
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    tascam DM-4800,tascam MU-1000 meter bridge,Boss BR 1600CD,AKAI MPC4000,Digi 002
    I play guitar when I can I also drum.

    Playing guitar,going to concerts, being with my girlfriend.


    C'est la vie "By the ticket, take the ride"
    Hunter S Thompson