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Aug 30, 2018
May 31, 2008
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Serial Thriller, from San Diego,CA

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Aug 30, 2018
    1. crystalbass
      hey K, I posted a bunch of pictures on the chronicles thread....
    2. Childofshred19k
      is that your buss?? and you infront of it???
    3. Childofshred19k
      um I have a horse and have been around horses for 16 years...
      and I love to Airbrush art work I am airbrushing my guitar
      and putting an dragons eye on it,...
      surffing sounds wicked but im from Houston
      we dont have waves here :(
      we just have twisters and stuff.....
      no fun...
      watch the stars at night and tell silly stories doing dumb ass gooffy stuff lol oh and I love to go fishing and if I owend a ATV
      I would totally ride it all the time...
      I love that kind of stuff....
      neways I mostly practice now and hang out with friends
    4. Childofshred19k
      bro that sounds wicked.!!!
    5. tie my rope
      tie my rope
      yeah its a sick giutar, obviously it sounds brilliant but as im sure you aware the neck is vastly different from your K7. Now the necks arent unplayable like alot of people make out, i actually find it really comfy, its just thicker than an ibanez. thats all.

      some people complain about the quality control on them but im sure that was only an issue when they were first released, but saying that, i got one from the first batch and it was almost flawless.

      they neck feels unfinished and this makes it feel really fast, they eventually gloss up (ive had mine for about 11 months) but the neck still feels VERY smooth and quick.

      tuning stability isnt really an issue because of the OFR/Grovers etc but if your one of those people who cant stand their guitar going even the teeny tinnest bit flat or sharp then invest in some sperzls :yesway:
    6. crystalbass
      Hi K7 thanks for asking. Jemfest was a BLAST!! I posted videos on my site...do you have myspace? If so, do a friend request for me....I have it on my personal site...will be uploading more on my band site as well as pics...it takes so long to upload this stuff, especially for 2 sites!! haha it will be up there tomorow some time
    7. Childofshred19k
      um well me trying to put a band together is allot harder than I thought ugh...
      eh well...
      how are you??
    8. LordOVchaoS
      The band is called iwrestledabearonce
    9. mnemonic
      just a toneport (using big bottom model) and some drums in dfh in ezdrummer, thats it!

      i think i programmed some crappy sounding bass in there too, haha.
    10. Hypothermia
      I got the regular C-7 and the only difference between the guitars is the pickups. People that bought the hellraiser seems to be really satisfied. I bought the C-7 cause it was lefty, and a cool color. Then i realised that the sound rocks aswell
    11. crystalbass
      hi k7, jemfest was a blast! this was the first night, so I was not performing tonight, just watching....I perform Saturday night @8pm .....I will be doing sound check @ noon tomorrow, then more rehearsing in the room, then get ready , and go downstairs and take more pictures with guitars!!!! And then play!!!!! I posted a bunch of pics on the chronicles of jemfest thread.... thanks for asking, and talk to you when I get back to Miami .....it will be a long day tomorrow, and probably doing room jams afterwards, so might not log on right after....we'll see how tired I am!
    12. Axel
      Weird I had no idea this friend thing even existed. hehe I guess I've been gone a while ;)
    13. Hypothermia
      aight, cool. Are you going for the regular C-7 or the hellraiser/blackjacks?
    14. B Lopez
      B Lopez
      Damn, that sucks. I'd look at the Surftech Tuflites, I've dropped mine, run into the jetty, and other rocks and it hasn't had any significant damage.
    15. cataclysm_child
      Thanks a lot dude. If you mean other covers you can just go to www.GuitarMichael.com, if you mean originals, well, yeah, I ahve some, but Im not happy with them. It's with mididrums and midibass and just sounds aweful, but I'm truing to put together a little homerecording studio these days, that's what the mac pro in the bleed video are for ;) And I'm going to get DFH as fast as I get some money, but first I ahve to pay back the money I owe TIL and stuff like that, then I will start making decent sounding originals =)
    16. crystalbass
      Hi K7, thanks so much, that's very nice of you to see how I'm doing.....my finger was throbbing a few minutes ago when I took the bandaid off...I'm letting it air-dry right now....I still have 3 days for it to heal partially!!! Thanks again C~
    17. ridealot100
      hey man! thanks!! Heres an updated version of that riff! Im actually working on a full song right now with it.
      I have it all mapped out on tabit and i should have the drum track done soon, and then im recording it with my pod!
    18. B Lopez
      B Lopez
      Nice. I got *CLEANED UP* today LOL. When I get the pics I will.
    19. B Lopez
      B Lopez
      Are you getting any waves right now? Today was KILLER, got some pics I'll have to get from my friend too.
    20. cyberwaste6996
      Yeah it's myspace.com/thesilencebroken
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    K7APEX1 Munky Signature
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    Peavey 6505
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    Both Munky signatures Apex1&Apex2,K7 Head signature,Ibanez RG2228 prestige.
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    mainly peavey
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    tascam DM-4800,tascam MU-1000 meter bridge,Boss BR 1600CD,AKAI MPC4000,Digi 002
    I play guitar when I can I also drum.

    Playing guitar,going to concerts, being with my girlfriend.


    C'est la vie "By the ticket, take the ride"
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