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May 31, 2008
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Serial Thriller, from San Diego,CA

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Jul 25, 2015
    1. s_k_mullins
      Thanks bro... the Schecter sounds great, I have no complaints, especially since it was only $600.. its got Seymour Duncan JB/59 pickups, plus a 5-way switch to split the coils. it has some nice single coil sounds.. And it has a 26.5" scale, so you can downtune the shit out of it! lol
    2. s_k_mullins
      Well for 2008 they updated the MTM1... it now features the new Seymour Duncan Blackout humbuckers, since Mick Thomson recently became a Duncan endorsee.. also, i noticed the MTM1 is available in red or black now, and they came out with the cheaper MTM2... the only thing that throws me off from the MTM1 is the "seven" inlay
    3. B Lopez
      B Lopez
      you back yet?
    4. s_k_mullins
      thanks for the request dude.. i'm new to the site.. i was checking out your gear and you have a bad ass collection of guitars! How's that MTM1? I've been seriously interested in the new model with the Blackouts.
    5. JoryGriffin
      Thanks a lot man

      All the time pretty much, record every thursday though

      rest of the time spent writing and bouncing ideas off each other
    6. raginkjinn
      Hey dude thanks for the kind words. The band is just getting started right now. So not a lot going on yet. Just shopping to labels and what not.
    7. dougsteele
      No cd no more, check out the sinister sam shit as well.
    8. Emiliano
      formatted pc :( it's ugly man, let me tell ya :) and tomorrow i'll go on holyday and i'll be without connection :( so it's bye bye for about a month! then i'll be back with some serious forum surfing!!! take care man!
    9. madmurphy13
      Cheers dude. We just posted up a new song now but still no vocals, we dont have any way to record them sounding good on my comp so we just threw the song up without for now. Didnt even know you could do messages on peoples profiles lol hence its taken like a week to reply.
    10. crystalbass
      Hi K, Glad you tried out the shakes...I just refilled yesterday, with the Strawberry!! They rule!!!! Yummy Yes, I have 1 gig booked so far for August...still scheduling a few more....also have several rehearsals booked, too at the studio. We have a new drummer, so have to work out our songs with him first before we perform live!! LOL
      But he's very pro level, so shouldn't be a problem. You gigging too?
      So do you compete in surfing? Just like me with fitness? Cool!!
    11. Ryan
      Nah, dude. I just record whenever i get a minute and it's not too in the way lol
    12. B Lopez
      B Lopez
      I meant pics of the board :D
    13. B Lopez
      B Lopez
      Pictures dude, pictures. Of course now I can't find the article about board burning. Go figure. I wouldn't worry about it though. IIRC, it was only in the mega-populated beaches though.
    14. B Lopez
      B Lopez
      Nice. There should be some good waves there over the next week and then some. Did you pick up a new board? Just watch where you surf because some places you're not allowed and I hear the po-po will take your boards and burn them if they catch you.
    15. Progmaster X
      Progmaster X
      Hey k7, Yeah I'm into muscle cars but i dont own one right now. if i where to tell ya what kind of car i own, you would laugh your ass off! LOL
    16. True
      Good luck with your gig!

      Yamaha Stage Custom, orange fading into black, with an extra snare, double kick pedal, bongos, a paiste ride, paiste crash, sabian high hats, sabian crash and a mounted tambourine. I'd like it to be bigger and with more cymbals, but I have to spread my instrument money between drums, guitars, bass and keyboards so it can be hard :p
    17. True
      Pretty good man, just listening to Graveworm and drinking a lot of water. Drumming makes me dehydrated!

      Whats up with you bro?
    18. klutvott
      Thanks alot! I will upload the new songs when our bassplayer is done with the mixing.
      We were actually going to record a pantera cover this time but we didn't have enough time to do it. Maybe next time
    19. crystalbass
      congrats on your surfing gig, sounds fun! I use Lean Body by Labrada....my fave flavor is Vanilla, but the chocolate and strawberry, as well as chocolate lovers (peanut butter, choc mint, etc) is also awesome!!!!! They have the best protein profile, low in sugar, fairly low in fat, and good fiber!!!! Try those, I'm sure you will like it. I also like Champion Nutrition Whey Protein....chocolate, cookies and cream, and tropical are the best flavors.....
    20. klutvott
      Thanks! Glad you liked it! I uploaded a zip file with our latest demo including a sepultura cover on yousendit https://www.yousendit.com/download/TTdFNHAxaTF0d0ZFQlE9PQ The quality isn't to great but it's our best so far.
      It's under another bandname. We changed to the current name because of 3000 other bands called Hordes. We have just finished recording another demo with rerecordings of the songs i just uploaded and three new ones. If you want i can upload it when it's done. :)
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    San Diego,CA
    Primary Seven:
    K7APEX1 Munky Signature
    Main Rig:
    Peavey 6505
    Real Name:
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Both Munky signatures Apex1&Apex2,K7 Head signature,Ibanez RG2228 prestige.
    Other Guitars:
    MTM1 mick thomson signature,dean v 255,ibanez RG350DX,ESP LTD M-50.
    peavey 6505+headw/6505 cab,2 mesa boogie triple rectifiers w/marshall vintage 1964 4×12 cabinets
    Effects & Pedals:
    digitech xp-100 whammy pedal,dunlop uv-1 univible pedal,electro harmonix electric mistress,electro harmonix big muff distortion,electro harmonix small stone,boss rv-3 reverb/delay,DOD FX-25 envelope filter,ibanez bi-chorus pedal,ibanez ts-9 tubescreamer,A/B switcher box
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    mainly peavey
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    tascam DM-4800,tascam MU-1000 meter bridge,Boss BR 1600CD,AKAI MPC4000,Digi 002
    I play guitar when I can I also drum.

    Playing guitar,going to concerts, being with my girlfriend.


    C'est la vie "By the ticket, take the ride"
    Hunter S Thompson