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Jun 29, 2013
Jul 27, 2008
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Dec 16, 1976 (Age: 41)
sinsi ohio
compression engineer for a pharmaceutical company

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Jun 29, 2013
    1. Saber_777
      Love that 7420! Maple top. Sexy
    2. Adversor
      Fuck yeah, GG Allin the sickest, most decadent shock rocker of all time.
    3. vampiregenocide
      Damn. :/ I might be getting an RGT from someone on here but if you were up for it I'd trade with you. We would have to cover our shipping costs that is all.
    4. vampiregenocide
      I may be able to get a neck thru Ibanez to trade, but trading across such a distance might be tricky. And I haven't yet man.
    5. vampiregenocide
      Tha's cool man :) If you do decide to sell it, let me know.
    6. vampiregenocide
      If you were to sell your s7420, how mcuh would you want?
    7. WickedSymphony
      Yeh, I probably will. I think I should practice setting up some of my other guitars first though before I take tools to the UV

      I'm not very good with my hands if they're not on a fretboard or computer keyboard, but set ups can't be too hard right? :lol:
    8. WickedSymphony
      Unfortunately not, I guess what happened was my friend (who's the tech at the shop) didn't have the right tool to adjust the truss rod. Said it had a weird shape and none of his tools could get a good grip on it so he'd have to get the right tool for it, but he also said it should be ready to go today. Still haven't got a call though.

      And the reason it's getting set up is the neck bowed back a bit, probably during shipping, so it had a pretty noticeable amount of buzz. But if it played as nice as it did without a set up, and after playing my friend's Les Paul pre and post set up, I am really excited to see how amazing it plays when I get it back.
    9. mountainjam
    10. vampiregenocide
      Cheers for the add!
    11. Chickenhawk

      You've got a point, brother. Nice pun, too. I'm still not a fan of DM's. I need a higher cuff (next pair will be 16" climbing boots).

      To each their own :metal:
    12. Kidneythief
      I'm good I guess, a little sleep-deprived, but I'm doing okay. I'm still in training, so not really doing a lot of work. YET. :D
      Can't wait though, people are cool and nice, so that part will work out great I hope :)
    13. Chickenhawk
      Well, I listed a bunch of WORK boots, and two pair of Harley boots, and my black Justin's, which I wear with suits and whatnot.

      I have no use for garbage Docs :lol:
    14. Kidneythief
      Hey man!
      How are you doing? Long time since I heard anything of you :P :)
    15. Fred the Shred
      Fred the Shred
      Dude, all you need is to send Vinni an email and ask for that. :) He knows what I use, and those should be around 10 bucks a piece, and they take ages to die, so it's worth it (unless you lose'em like mad :lol: ). :)
    16. mountainjam
      sup dude, im looking for a 6 string atm, do you know whats up with the $2500 price tag of the RGA prestige?
    17. baconbag
      What are you playin on? It looks like your a fan of Ibanez, I hope you're not a fan of the infinity pickups haha
    18. baconbag
      Hellraiser C7 and a MIM Strat w/ a couple EMG 81's. Oh, and I'm not a wierdo btw haha.
    19. baconbag
      West Chester... Just south of 275
    20. baconbag
      Killer, what part of Cinci?
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    Dec 16, 1976 (Age: 41)
    sinsi ohio
    compression engineer for a pharmaceutical company
    Primary Seven:
    ibanez rg7620
    Main Rig:
    Real Name:
    Myspace URL:
    peavey bandit 112 (old, with scorpion)
    Effects & Pedals:
    zoom 707II,lexicon,korg,alesis sr-16
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    audacity, reaper, beatcraft, drumkit from hell, hydrogen. , samson 6 ch. mixer , revalver
    Misc/Other Gear:
    sony headphones
    donkey punch general

    guitar, rc, family, knives