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Jul 25, 2013
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Nov 24, 1996 (Age: 21)
Cleveland, Ohio United States

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JoshuaVonFlash regular, 21, from Cleveland, Ohio United States

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Dec 10, 2017 at 4:34 PM
    1. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
    2. Chuck
      I'm not sure if it is isolated or not. Isolated meaning it doesn't hum or buzz.
    3. HeHasTheJazzHands
    4. HeHasTheJazzHands
      Some free drum VSTi with some drum and kick samples I found. Sound like shit. :lol:
    5. HeHasTheJazzHands
      Well they play 25.5 6 strings so Misha can get ....ed. :rofl:

      Nah, I joke. Also, speaking of metal on a Squier, I just did this little didley.
    6. HeHasTheJazzHands
      Djent on a 6-string? What are you smoking? :fawk:

      I plan on just using it for... whatever. Always wanted a 6-string baritone.
    7. HeHasTheJazzHands
      I plan on doing an EMG S/SA/SA-loaded Strat eventually. Gonna be a Jackson SDX or an LTD ST-213FR. He also converted me. :lol:

      I wanna go EMG 81/S or Duncan SH-6/SSL-5 on the baritone Strat because I want something to handle low tunings really well. Going down to like drop F on it.
    8. HeHasTheJazzHands
      Yup. :lol: Every Strat, I get, I usually just do 2 knobs away from the bridge pickup.

      Unsure whether I'm going to go Duncan or EMG, though.
    9. HeHasTheJazzHands
      Yeah, it's going to be Warmoth. 28.5'' since that's the only scale they have, I think.

      Will end up something like this.

    10. HeHasTheJazzHands
      I'm sticking to the standard CBS ones. Just don't like the fatty stocks, although I'll let it pass on the YJM.

      This Baritone Strat idea have will make use of a regular standard stock.
    11. HeHasTheJazzHands
      That was back when I had an obsession with Sabbath. :lol: I still love that Strat, though. Basically the same setup still, but with a DiMarzio SD that I'm going to swap for an SH-5 and either a SSL4 or SSL5.
    12. HeHasTheJazzHands
    13. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      Of course! It has one of the greatest riffs ever.
    14. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      That it would be. Oh, what about "Hemispheres"?
    15. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      It's more about preferences. I actually am in a band, but I guess it's not exactly a band. The store where I take music lessons has a program where they kinda put kids together and play a show like once a year :lol: it's pretty cool, but it's impossible to do anything with them outside of practice. I'd like to be able to just jam on "Cygnus X-1" in someone's basement for hours on end and not care whether or not people will like it.
    16. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      Yeah, I get you. In my high school, there's like MAYBE 2 bassists, about 5 or so drummers, and I'd guess like 20+ guitarists, pretty much none of whom like anything heavier than Zepplin. And I don't go to a small school, either.
    17. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      The Mistake by the Lake, right? :lol:
    18. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      Junior. What colleges are you thinking of going to?
    19. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      Ha, knew it was "Crystal Mountain"!
      No, I'm still in high school
    20. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      Damn, you're 17? I thought you were in college :lol:
      And also, "... that inflicts pain and fear"?
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    Nov 24, 1996 (Age: 21)
    Cleveland, Ohio United States
    Primary Seven:
    Schecter Loomis
    Main Rig:
    Real Name:
    Joshua Murray
    Looking to start one
    Other Guitars:
    Fernandes Ravelle Elite, Reverend Sensei 290, Gibson Les Paul Studio and Fender CE-60 Acoustic
    Eganater Vengeance Blackstar Artisan 100 watt Head and a Marshall 15MGFX
    Effects & Pedals:
    TC Electronics Nova System, Way Huge Green Rhino, Dunlop Cry Baby, Richtone Fuzz
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    BlackStar Series One 4x12
    A young musician who loves music and looking to start a band

    Playing guitar, bass, keyboards, working out, video games, and watching movies



    Stronger than any faith

    "Now matter how much of a buttf*cking cockass f*ckhole you are, you can't say no to good food."


    "I could lasso Pluto with the boner I have right now"

    -Some guy on Youtube