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May 29, 2012
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BUTTS LOL, from Halifax, NS

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Apr 19, 2019 at 2:43 PM
    1. diagrammatiks
      show me your skervesens...
    2. steinmetzify
      Dude I just wanted to hit you up and let you know that your last FS thread was boss as hell.....usually you see a title like that and stuff is like $4 cheaper. You did NOT f*ck around AT ALL.....good luck in Canada!
    3. Beehive
      Hey man! Here's Martin aka Beehive on the forum. You've been in contact with old friend of mine according to a Suhr 7 custom.

      The guitar is mine - as far as I do not have that strong feedback here on this forum, 4eyes put it up for me this time. Hope it's not a problem, nor confusing. You can find this add under my nick on various other forums (rigtalk, hri, racks rock..)

      Anyway, to the business.. are You still interested? If Yes, please let me know asap, as I have a guy whos willing to grab it, but I'd like to keep this wdeal ithin the US mainly because of shipping/insurance.
      I see You're from MA! Where exactly are You located? I used to live on a Cape Cod for som time.

      Anyway, here's my email in case You're still in -

      Thanks again! Take care martin nemcek aka beehive
    4. celticelk
      Happy QC-niversary!
    5. kchay
      Dude, I love your work off QC!
    6. DavidLopezJr
      If only only you would had put that KxK up for sale two days ago I would be sending you the payment right now :lol:

      Good luck on the sale man!
    7. Zeno
      I just noticed your butts disease has spread to SSO, too.

      It also seems to be contagious. I caught it a mild case, and a friend of mine has it pretty bad.
    8. tacotiklah
      Just wanted to say that your comic is awesome and thank you for adding Claire! :D :wub:
    9. epsylon
      Just realized you were the guy from QC. I love your work ! Cheers.
    10. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      Hey Jeph, just wanted to say I really like QC. You should stop by chat more often! Take care.
    11. Valennic
      Hey man, wanted to fanboy gush. I read QC every day, its a morning ritual for me :lol:. Neat to see you on here, had no idea you were into ERGs.
    12. SilenceIsACrime
      It's awesome to see you on here, Jeph! Been a huge fan of QC and your music for ages and always thought you'd be a cool fit for this forum. Happy to have you aboard, good sir!
    13. Zeno
      Welcome to sevenstring, my man. I'm sure you'll find quite a few Deathmole/QC fans on here. And we'll all be in awe of the fact you can afford all the fancy gear by simply writing QC. I know I am.
    14. celticelk
      Awesome - love your work! Welcome aboard!
    15. jephjacques
      Yep that's me
    16. celticelk
      Are you the Jeph Jacques who writes *Questionable Content*?
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    Home Page:
    Halifax, NS
    Primary Seven:
    KXK 713
    Main Rig:
    Axe FX II -> Logic
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Mayones and Jacksons
    Other Guitars:
    Mayones and Jacksons
    Another mindless AxeFX zombie
    I do a webcomic about kissing and farts



    "It's just frustrating seeing a guitar one might otherwise want ruined with dicks."
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