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Nov 15, 2016
Oct 1, 2010
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In a van... DOWN' BY THE RIVER!

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Pretty wisdomous, from In a van... DOWN' BY THE RIVER!

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Nov 15, 2016
    1. Gothic Headhunter
    2. highlordmugfug
      The best part is that you basically have to tell people, or he'll come back and do it again! What a social-standing ruining bastard!
    3. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      I figured you'd like this.
      Mass Effect 2 - Great / Funny Moments - YouTube
    4. highlordmugfug
      I know about him :lol:
      The "what what up the butt" ghost :rofl:
    5. Jakke
    6. highlordmugfug
      I always anti-neg if I see stupid neg rep. I am the uplifter!
    7. highlordmugfug
      I don't geeet eet.

      And thanks for the anti-neg. :yesway:
    8. highlordmugfug
      Thank you sir, good to be back! I want to thank my family, god, satan, aforementioned mud god, Zeus, and the berenstein bears, for their ill advised attempts to teach me lessons as a child. :bow:
    9. highlordmugfug
      Somebody negged me with 'sheeple.' on that thread about TDKR shooting. :lol:
    10. highlordmugfug
      Are you out exploring or something? Haha

      Only knowing one language is boring and limiting.
    11. highlordmugfug
      :lol: Anytime. Talk to you later.
    12. highlordmugfug
      Other people noticed too, and brutalwizard posted about it, so I'm sure others have reported him too. Hopefully we'll be rid of the asshole for good by the morning.
    13. highlordmugfug
      Not much. Some guy, username is Van, just posted a gif of a dog being beaten to death in the "Why are you happy thread" and is trolling a bunch of other threads and being a dick to a new member in another. I reported him and I'm hoping a mod takes care of it soon.
    14. highlordmugfug
      :cheers: Good to have you back. Even though I can easily reach you on facebook anyway, haha.
    15. highlordmugfug
      I was in the boy scouts when I was younger, and I always loved camping. Hopefully I'll be going camping with my amazing friend sometime around then (it'll be the first time we've been able to actually meet up in real like despite being friends for like 6 or 7 years, and I reeeeeally like her so I'm looking forward to it tremendously).
    16. highlordmugfug
      :yesway: S'all good.

      I want it to be September so I can go camping already.
    17. highlordmugfug
      Not bad, not bad. Showed up for work 3 hours early so now I'm just relaxing at the house and waiting to go back, listening to lots of Death Grips.
      (Sorry, didn't see your last post because it was on your wall instead of the convo :B I do that all the time).
    18. Jakke
    19. highlordmugfug
      Oh man, I can't rep you again yet, but that last post with the mustache bit has me rolling. :rofl:

      The only reason it bothers be (because seriously, there's no chance of me going into the red at this point :lol:) is that there's a red (or even grey) mark sitting in my little sea of green on my profile. Haha
    20. Jakke
      I'm not really a neg-repper, I usually engage people instead:lol:

      Aaaand as of now I got another neg rep, I think that might be somebody who did it earlier today. Apparently it's wrong to not join into the collective outrage over Skervesen not being tarred and feathered over making a Blackmachine tribute:rofl:

      The thing is that I am actually such a sad human being that it do sting a little:lol:
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    In a van... DOWN' BY THE RIVER!
    Primary Seven:
    Ibanez Universe -10
    Main Rig:
    Peavey Valveking
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    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Ibanez Universe
    RAN Crusher
    Other Guitars:
    Epiphone Les Paul Elitist (Duncan pickups)
    ESP LTD ST203FR with Duncans
    Cheapo Aria semi-hollow,
    Ibanez Artwood Acoustic,
    No-name nylon string acoustic
    Peavey Valveking 212 (Celestion V30's)

    Peavey Vypyr

    A small 18 W Kustom
    Effects & Pedals:
    A lot of Ibanez pedals
    Reading books, watching movies, music



    Member of the Injustice League with Pooluke41, -42 and BrainArt

    I am Dr. Disappointinator, after an accident with a radioactive school teacher I now possess the ability to instantly crush all hopes and desires of any individual at any given time

    Emotions are for women, and gay children