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Nov 15, 2016
Oct 1, 2010
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Pretty wisdomous, from In a van... DOWN' BY THE RIVER!

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Nov 15, 2016
    1. Fat-Elf
      Super! You know, I need help like shit but I really can't make up my mind how. It's just the education system here. All we do is fucking around with the "grammatik" but what we really would need and want is how to actually speak your everyday Swedish.. But I willl contact you if I run into any major problems. :)
    2. Fat-Elf
      *dålig. I'm not going to pass my next Swedish course. :squint:
    3. Pooluke41

      Ignorance never pays!

      *Injustice team flies out*
    4. Pooluke41
      I think he was banned. :lol:
    5. highlordmugfug
      Colin could probably help you. When we get our project going, maybe me and him can get the rockstar bit going too. :P Well, hiphopstardom.
    6. highlordmugfug
      That'd be sweet. We do doom/grungeyish music anyway, so we'd put on an interested and varied, while still making sense, show! :D

      Being multilingual is good for just about any job, and if you know enough you can just do (like you said) translator work or something and your JOB can be to know more than one language, which is awesome haha.
    7. highlordmugfug
      :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
      Sweet. My band hasn't been able to practice in forever and we sold our amps to pay for rent and food, so I'll probably just be making noise music for a while.

      That sounds awesome.
    8. highlordmugfug
      They're strange, pretty things that smell nice and go out and do fun stuff with you. :lol:

      Nice, what genre are you guys playing, and what are you working towards? I need to get back in school.

      Pearl Jam is good.
    9. highlordmugfug
      Not bad I suppose. Haven't really had much of a reason to get on here :lol: I've been playing Boderlands 2 a ton, needing to get another job soon, hanging out with my girlfriend (since mid september), doing stuff with my roommates.

      Same old, same old. What's new with the Jakke?
    10. SenorDingDong
      Just want you to know--your choice of location is perfect. I always loved Chris Farley's Matt Foley character.
    11. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      That thread is golden, I can see myself re-reading it on a rainy day when I have nothing to do.
    12. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      Great, now I need to find out what wasn't correct lol
    13. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      Ah, I get it now! Thank you my Swedish friend!
    14. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      So the oscillation of the atoms is what effects the lenght of the chemical bonds, which effects the overall frequency of the molecule, giving it more energy?
    15. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      I am just a little confused, are the atoms or chemical bonds oscillating?
    16. Gothic Headhunter
    17. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      I can see that lol. Is there anyway you could explain that a bit more? I might not be very smart, but at least I like to learn stuff like this.
    18. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      Yeah see to me, that was just a huge mindfuck.
    19. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      yeah, but I don't know shit about Einstein, so I couldn't call him on it. I'm not much of a scientist, probably more of a philosopher, thanks to carlin lol.
    20. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      yeah I kinda figured that out, lol
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    I am Dr. Disappointinator, after an accident with a radioactive school teacher I now possess the ability to instantly crush all hopes and desires of any individual at any given time

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