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Nov 26, 2006
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Northern Virginia
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SS.org Regular, Male, from Northern Virginia

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Jul 14, 2018 at 7:22 AM
    1. themike
      haha nice! Enjoy your glory now - for I am about to initiate a project to end all projects ;)
    2. themike
      It's still available in his eBay store. Im going to "BUY IT NOW" so that he has to sell it to me over you since feedback is on the line with me ;)
    3. themike
      Just want to point out how I think it's bullshit that I have to wait to find out what this new purchase is hahaha :wub:
    4. BTFStan
      dude, what's that 7 string ibanez you have in your axe fx 2 thread pics? is that just custom paint on an rgd? looks SICK dude
    5. themike
      I know - I've seen you trolling the underworld for something new! haha P22?
    6. themike
    7. TheProgWay
      Its in Edmonton Stealthdjentstic
    8. Stealthdjentstic
      Damn, well have fun! There's the only S7 dealer in all of Canada in Calgary I think, so you might as well try some out because I know s7 is your favorite brand and the extra spacious cavity routes are your favorite feature!
    9. Stealthdjentstic
      I you'll be in vancouver, we will go drinking and ill round up some other sso crew!
    10. Stealthdjentstic
      Youre coming to canadia!!
    11. engage757
      throwing this out there. If you "come across" a Blackmachine for sale? Then you should buy it. I will trade you something that is faded blue denim and cash for it. ;) Just saying.
    12. wowspare
      I just wanted to say, your avatar is awesome :D
    13. JamesM
      Did your compressor burn out on you or something? Sucks man.
    14. yellowv
      Yeah I mean it's not like I'm itching to get rid of the Morse, but the JP's are more my thing. If I was to let the Morse go I would miss it without a doubt. It's a kickass guitar. I wish I had cash a few weeks ago when that one dude sold his JPXI7 for like $1800. I almost had him sold on a trade for the Morse, but I guess he wanted the money more.
    15. zimbloth
      My pleasure man. They sound great. I really appreciate the business as always. I have a 6-string set available too if you want.
    16. nojyeloot
      My reply was too long hahah, check your PM!
    17. soliloquy
      indeed. dont know much about jarrett guitars. i guess nows a good time to look into em
    18. soliloquy
      you made a point about this a while ago. but here it is again:
      9. The Biggest Guitar Building Myths, Busted - YouTube
    19. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      Do you mean I look like your cousin or I look like you? :lol:
    20. Joose
      Donating to a Forza addict would be my suggestion. Haha... I kid, obviously. I want a setup like that so, so, so bad. But every time I have that kind of money to spend, I end up putting it toward paying my actual car off lol. Out of curiousity, how much are you wanting?
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    Northern Virginia
    Systems Engineer
    Primary Seven:
    Parker Fly 7 Custom Shop
    Main Rig:
    Real Name:
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Parker MaxxFly 7 Custom Shop Lime Gold (Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Satin Black w/ Gloss Black SD logo Ceramic Pegasus Bridge and Sentient Neck)

    Schecter 007 Masterworks CS Koa (NAMM ‘08 build, Lundgren M7C’s)

    Jackson USA Broderick 7 Hardtail (Transluscent White Quilt, NAMM build)

    .strandberg* OS 7 (Red, Lundgren M7C), OS7 LE (Purple, Fluence Modern7)
    Other Guitars:
    PRS: Private Stock SC 594, CU24 AP, Holcomb x 2 (H-Burst, Bengal Tiger), CU24 WL, SE 245, USA Angelus Cutaway AP, SE Angelus Custom

    Jackson: Juggernaut HT6 "Bulb Edition" x2 (Laguna + Silverburst Sparkle), USA Broderick HT6 Hardtail

    ESP: USA M-III One-Off Fade

    Suhr: Modern 80's Neon Drip MKII, Antique Classic HSS Firemist Gold LTD

    Charvel: Satchel Bengal Sig
    Custom Audio Electronics/Suhr PT100, Fortin 1959SLP 100w Jose Mod, Mesa JP-2C LTD #013, Mesa Dual Rectifier Multi-Watt Blackout, Fractal Audio Axe-FX 3, Kemper Rack, Fryette PS-2 Power Station
    Effects & Pedals:
    Fortin Zuul, Fortin 33, Horizon Devices Precision Drive, Rockett Holdsworth OD/Boost, ProTone Bulb Sig OD, Seymour Duncan Vise Grip, Bodenhamer Bloody Murder, TC Hall of Fame Reverb and Flashback Delay
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Mesa Boogie Traditional Slant 4x12 cab
    Port City OS 1x12 cab (Scumback M75 100w speakers)
    Mojo 4x12 cab (4 - Hellatone 60's [broken-in V30's])
    Cameron 4x12 cab (“X” pattern Hellatone 60’s and Creamback 65’s)
    KRK PR8 G2 (pair)
    KRK K10s (powered sub)
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Scarlett 2i2
    I like custom guitars.

    Small luthier builds and nice gear! :)


    Guitars: PRS, Parker, Suhr, EBMM, Jackson, Thorn, Carvin, .strandberg*
    Rigs: Suhr PT100, Kemper Profiler, Mojo 4x12 cab, Port City OS 1x12 cab

    Missing my NGD's? Posting my new stuff to my Instagram account these days, feel free to follow if you'd like! :D

    Welcome to HighGain510's Instagram Page!