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Jul 14, 2018 at 7:22 AM
Nov 26, 2006
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Northern Virginia
Systems Engineer

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SS.org Regular, Male, from Northern Virginia

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Jul 14, 2018 at 7:22 AM
    1. Michael
    2. Edroz
      awesome! yeah, i'm digging my A5 Warpig 7 alot in my Carvin. super thick sounding and a surprisingly nice clean sound. the bass response of it reminds me alot of the X2N7, huge and round. sounds incredible in the middle position with the Cold Sweat too, it's thick enough to clog an artery :lol:
    3. ohio_eric
      You know you want to buy me aJP7..:wub:
    4. ohio_eric
      Alder = Mahogany

      Get a Warpig they have lots of ass. :metal:
    5. ohio_eric

      Buy a JP7, no fancy inlays please, load it with a BKP Nailbomb set and sell it to me for a deep discount price. :D

      You know you want to. :wub:
    6. JJ Rodriguez
      JJ Rodriguez
      As long as we beat some hookers with dildoes.
    7. Michael
      Nothin' really. That girl I was going crazy over went back with her ex-boyfriend, so eh... :erk:

      Had any progress with those arp's? Sorry for not making that vid I promised you. :lol: Ryan showed me the one he made you and I'd only be repeating what he said, so I didn't bother hehe. But I'll second his advice. :yesway:
    8. FortePenance
      Clinging to the edge of my seat. :)

      Hope you get another brunetti too. :D
    9. FortePenance

      Whatever happened to your Sherman? It's been yoinks innit?
    10. FortePenance
    11. Groff
      If Eric doesn't take that powerblock... I may be interested... :D
    12. Michael
      Naww, don't have a Wii. :(
    13. ohio_eric
      Gonna tweak the Loomis and look for a Crate Powerblock and 2x12 for my GT-8. :D
    14. ohio_eric
      word home skillet
    15. ohio_eric
      I'm a tweak geek. I can never leave presets alone. :lol:
    16. ohio_eric
      Nada, I have a GT-8 and really dig it. I love the versatility of it. I would like to check out the GT-10 though. But I wanna get Blackouts and a Tremol-No for the Loomis first. :D
    17. ohio_eric
      Sup gear whore?
    18. Ryan
      Wait, I thought the janitorial staff had to wear denim jumpsuits... :lol:
    19. Michael
      Sure man. I'll whip something up for ya. You have Powertab yeah? I'll tab out a few simple licks when I get home tomorrow. :yesway:

      She's actually moving into a house with my brother and his girlfriend soon, so I'll be seeing a bit of her. :D She knows I play guitar, and she came to my bands gig last year, but I sucked that night, so I need to show her what I'm really made of. :flex: :lol:
    20. Michael
      Nothing has happened yet. : p Haven't seen her since Friday. I'll probably be seeing her tomorrow though. I'm just a wimp with these kind of things. :lol:
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    Northern Virginia
    Systems Engineer
    Primary Seven:
    Parker Fly 7 Custom Shop
    Main Rig:
    Real Name:
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Parker MaxxFly 7 Custom Shop Lime Gold (Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Satin Black w/ Gloss Black SD logo Ceramic Pegasus Bridge and Sentient Neck)

    Schecter 007 Masterworks CS Koa (NAMM ‘08 build, Lundgren M7C’s)

    Jackson USA Broderick 7 Hardtail (Transluscent White Quilt, NAMM build)

    .strandberg* OS 7 (Red, Lundgren M7C), OS7 LE (Purple, Fluence Modern7)
    Other Guitars:
    PRS: Private Stock SC 594, CU24 AP, Holcomb x 2 (H-Burst, Bengal Tiger), CU24 WL, SE 245, USA Angelus Cutaway AP, SE Angelus Custom

    Jackson: Juggernaut HT6 "Bulb Edition" x2 (Laguna + Silverburst Sparkle), USA Broderick HT6 Hardtail

    ESP: USA M-III One-Off Fade

    Suhr: Modern 80's Neon Drip MKII, Antique Classic HSS Firemist Gold LTD

    Charvel: Satchel Bengal Sig
    Custom Audio Electronics/Suhr PT100, Fortin 1959SLP 100w Jose Mod, Mesa JP-2C LTD #013, Mesa Dual Rectifier Multi-Watt Blackout, Fractal Audio Axe-FX 3, Kemper Rack, Fryette PS-2 Power Station
    Effects & Pedals:
    Fortin Zuul, Fortin 33, Horizon Devices Precision Drive, Rockett Holdsworth OD/Boost, ProTone Bulb Sig OD, Seymour Duncan Vise Grip, Bodenhamer Bloody Murder, TC Hall of Fame Reverb and Flashback Delay
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Mesa Boogie Traditional Slant 4x12 cab
    Port City OS 1x12 cab (Scumback M75 100w speakers)
    Mojo 4x12 cab (4 - Hellatone 60's [broken-in V30's])
    Cameron 4x12 cab (“X” pattern Hellatone 60’s and Creamback 65’s)
    KRK PR8 G2 (pair)
    KRK K10s (powered sub)
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Scarlett 2i2
    I like custom guitars.

    Small luthier builds and nice gear! :)


    Guitars: PRS, Parker, Suhr, EBMM, Jackson, Thorn, Carvin, .strandberg*
    Rigs: Suhr PT100, Kemper Profiler, Mojo 4x12 cab, Port City OS 1x12 cab

    Missing my NGD's? Posting my new stuff to my Instagram account these days, feel free to follow if you'd like! :D

    Welcome to HighGain510's Instagram Page!