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    [MEDIA] Al Dimeola was an animal when he was younger

    Dec 16, 2017 at 5:59 PM
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    A bucket list axe acquired, gentlemen. Photos first, naturally: [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] An Original...

    Dec 16, 2017 at 5:56 PM
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    They know. Their goal is to pretend to not know.

    Dec 14, 2017 at 3:18 PM
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    ^^^ For me, Rocka-Rolla always had a sort of "wintery" feel to it... fits the chilly grey skies quite aptly today.

    Dec 14, 2017 at 12:58 PM
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    Dec 14, 2017 at 12:55 PM
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    Decided since my guy at Sweetwater was able to hook me up that I’d snatch up one of these! I already have a black set of Hipshot tuners...

    Dec 13, 2017 at 8:15 AM
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    Couldn't resit this one, made me drool back in the days on the guitar world adds ;) Really good condition, it's more purple than blue....

    cikljzodzj8ip02cwgbt.jpg Dec 13, 2017 at 8:12 AM
  8. High Plains Drifter replied to the thread Thinking about getting some kind of magnification for close up work... Recommendations please?.

    Maybe schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist if possible. If that's not something you want or feel the need to do, I've found...

    Dec 13, 2017 at 6:32 AM
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    NGD! I just got it yesterday and put a pickup in it and got it up and running. It's still in very rough shape (the board :rant2:) but...

    Dec 10, 2017