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    1. XEN
      Sounds like way too much fun. Are they still letting those units grow facial hair to "blend in" a little? I have pics of a friend of mine in a special forces unit there - full beard, afghan scarf, AK - almost looked like fun... almost.
    2. XEN
      Cool thanks man! I'll join up. Afghanistan eh? Make sure you take your R&R leave and don't let them tell you that a 9 month tour isn't long enough to qualify for it.
    3. XEN
      Hey bro, I was active duty a while ago, but now I'm civil service. Thanks for pointing out the group!
    4. Desecrated
      OOOO shit, bork me.
    5. Desecrated
      Cheferize ?
    6. aeronaut
      good shit. let me know how shit works out yo.
    7. aeronaut
      afghanistan. that place is an f'in shit hole. lol. the medical training team sounds like a dope job though.
    8. aeronaut
      i am currently stationed in maine but am currently surged out until june.
    9. aeronaut
      i am active duty navy.
    10. ohio_eric
      Soon you the ways of the Force will be wise in you young one. :yoda:
    11. ElRay
      Oh kewl. If you hit "View Conversation", it collects all the parts. Didn't catch that.
    12. HighGain510
      :lol: I just saw your reply on here after I got the reply on my page. The way it's "supposed" to work is that you leave the reply on my page, at least that's my understanding of the system! :lol: Yeah man, my brother is a very cool guy and I'm sure would be more than happy to email you once he gets in and settled. :yesway: PM me your military address and I'll have him send you something once I hear from him... his plane got delayed so he's not going to make it in until late tonight. :( At least he'll be home though! :wub: How long do you have before you ship out? Be safe over there, I'll keep you in my thoughts bro. :hug:
    13. soldierkahn
      no i didnt, THANKS. HOOAH!
    14. ElRay
      Not much and too much at the same time. :lol:
    15. ohio_eric
    16. ElRay
      I hit the MOB site at the end of May. Should be in Afghanistan around the beginning of August. Congrats on the homecoming. We're part of embedded training teams. It will be a lot of outside the wire work. Basically, if they sleep in the dirt, we sleep in the dirt. If they're eating the lamb and rice, we're eating the lamb and rice. Several folks have suggested that we claim to be lactose intolerant and stay away from the dairy from the get-go.
    17. HighGain510
      HUUUUUUAH! :) How long do you still have in the States man? Stay safe over there dude! My brother finally comes back from Afghanistan (TOMORROW! YAY!) so I can't wait to see him again. Here's hoping you get to spend more time behind a desk than outside over there dude. :wub:
    18. Durero
      Not able to rep you at the moment so just wanted to say thanks for posting that Gamelan X vid :yesway: Really enjoyed it.
    19. ElRay
      CPT, but The Adminshredder has declared all of Ss.o to be a no-hat, no-salute zone. :lol: I don't know where my team is heading except somewhere in Afghanistan. There's one team being sent to each of the main areas. We're embedded training teams, so we'll basically be shadowing our ANA counterparts except for periodic returns to the nearest FOB for resupply, etc.
    20. friendforafoe
      thanks for the heads up man! actually are you enlisted or officer? i dunno if i should be calling you sir or not :lol: so are you heading out to bahrain?
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