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Apr 6, 2018
Dec 19, 2007
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WWSD?, from Maryland

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Apr 6, 2018
    1. Arminius
    2. Arminius
      They do have that really tough "I don't give a fuck" attitude thta I find pretty attractive.
    3. Arminius
      Usually just your usual stuff, but sometimes when I get in a special mood....
    4. Arminius
      I've honestly never had too much of a problem with that decision. What KIND of porn is the question.
    5. Arminius
      How you durin :D
    6. Arminius
      I was going to write something witty here but got distracted by your rig >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      That's pretty cool :lol:
    7. E Lucevan Le Stelle
      E Lucevan Le Stelle
      Was in hospital for a while thanks to some stupid bint in a SUV hitting me, then busy with catching up all the uni work that I missed... back now though :)
    8. -mouse-
      yeah, and I hear they're a little more eco friendly... That green horse of yours let out some HORRIBLE fumes.
    9. -mouse-
      y'know... I know where you can get some more....<.< >.>
    10. -mouse-
      wait what horse... you mean that green one? I sold him for crack. sorry. ._.
    11. -mouse-
      hello sir

      how are you this fine day
    12. Groff
      YouTube - oozenater unintentionally funny comercial

      The black kid seems to enjoy it way too much xD.
      A young Drakkar perhaps?
    13. budda
      ballin'. I need to sell the JSX, cuz i really want a car *sigh* FML? :lol:
    14. budda
      i forgot about the fooked-LOC blood drive.. gonna sell all of those as well? I need to sell my reverb cuz then that's an extra few bucks towards a car, which im finding i would like more and more whereas before it was like "a car would be nice" now its like "i want a goddamn car by christmas, fuck this" haha.

      you should get on msn :yesway:
    15. budda
      i'd be a lot more tolerant of the JSX, original EHX 12AX7's and 2 good and 2 useless JJ KT77's and a faulty footswitch if i had another speaker cable to use my RV-5 to run the heads in stereo.

      want to buy an RV-5? makes some delicious reverb sounds!!!
    16. budda
      recession: great for buyers, supershitty for sellers. my roadster is less then a year old, and i got it for almost $1K less then it cost new - and probably more than $1K less than it would cost new right now.
    17. budda
      its bad that im only drinking in the hopes to sleep better when i pass out later, because im so stressed out that i feel like i dont have the energy to do anything good about it - i already went for a walk.

      I've never sold anything on ebay, only bought - so mine hasn't seen ebay yet. I may relist on kijiji soon though.
    18. budda
      no :(

      but i do have rum and coke and am mixing them together, so i guess it could be worse.
    19. CrushingAnvil
      Dude did you shave your head? lawl.
    20. CrushingAnvil
      I can't believe we weren't on eachothers friends list before today LOLOL.
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