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Jan 26, 2011
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East Texas
Graphic Design/Web Progamming, Software Engineer

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5 7s in 4ths, from East Texas

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Feb 19, 2018 at 10:11 AM
    1. OmegaSlayer
      Yeah, I'm pretty scared they're getting hard to find LOL
    2. OmegaSlayer
      I have my eyes on a second hand one available for € 1100...from a while.
      At the moment is a bit out of my reach, but I'm saving for a new guitar and unless I find a mint signature I'm looking for (PGM100, yellow FGM100, JPM) I think I will go for the Apex1.
      I'm very looking forward to try that tremolo bar LOLOL, I'm sure it opens up the playing with WILD solutions ^____^
    3. OmegaSlayer
      How does the Apex1 plays/sounds?
      Strong gas for it ^___^
      Thanks in advance
    4. FredRipper
      Awesome collection! <3
    5. Daf57
      Hey I may have to look into the Blaze Custom! Thanks!
    6. UV7BK4LIFE
      Same thing here. I was especially curious if an Alder body would balance out the extreme scoop of the Blaze, but apparently the hollow sound stays. In my Greendot there's to much bass in addition to your findings. I replaced it with a Blaze Custom which has a flatter response.
    7. UV7BK4LIFE
      You're welcome and thank you too! I have a question, what is the DiMarzio Blaze like in that alder body of the Apex? I never liked it 100% in my basswood Universe
    8. tmo
      Hi, sorry for the delayed reply to your friend ship request... Cool collection!
    9. larry
      hello. friend. :)
    10. matt397
      Holy shit, nice collection of 7's
    11. Zombie13
      Profile pic = D A M N !
    12. Chuck
      Haha, wassup Daf!
    13. Mendez
      Alright got it, thanks a lot for your help man!
    14. Mendez
    15. Mendez
      Alright cool thanks! I was trying to upload the first one, but it keeps telling me incorrect file extension...Guess I'm doing something wrong?
    16. Mendez
      Definitely the one with the korn doll, that one looks sweet! lol
    17. Mendez
      Hey dude, I like the texas SS.org sig on the thread, but I prefer yours. Any chance you can help me out get the one you have?
    18. crg123
      No problem! It really helps, I was a little skeptical when I read up on it but it definitely improves it. There are other options for tubes but this is the best one for getting a tighter metal tone. It's not going to change the character of the amp but it will refine it.

      What kind of pedals do you use with it. This amp responds super well to an OD. I use a Maxon 808. Also I'd recommend investing in an EQ if you don't have one. I never shut mine off haha.
    19. crg123
      Hey man,

      Here's the tube I used. Amazon.com: Tungsol 12AX7 Tube: Musical Instruments

      Really easy to install just be sure your unplugged for about an hour before hand and try to avoid touching the power tube.

      If you want to be over the top cautious use latex gloves when touching the tubes. Some people say the oils from your hands can damage them but I didn't bother just washing my hands before.

    20. shadowlife
      Cheers for the request- nice to meet you!
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    East Texas
    Graphic Design/Web Progamming, Software Engineer
    Primary Seven:
    Ibanez K7
    Main Rig:
    Blackstar HT-5R
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    yeah right!
    Primary ERG:
    Ibanez Apex 100
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    2001 K7
    2007 Apex 1
    2012 Apex 2
    2011 Apex 100
    2014 EAL207E 7 String Acoustic
    Other Guitars:
    2010 MIA Strat (Olympic White)
    2011 MIA FSR Strat (Dakota Red)
    2007 MIM Classic Player 60s Strat (Sonic Blue)
    2010 GE Smith Tele (Dakota Red)
    2010 Fretless Jazz Bass (Black)
    2009 FSR Jazz Bass (Natural)
    2006 Exotic Wood Ibanez Acoustic (Curly Maple)
    Line 6 &
    Blackstar Ht-5R
    Effects & Pedals:
    Typical stomps by Joyo, Boss, Digitech, Behringer, etc....
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    ProTools, Scarlett 2i4, tons of plugs!
    Ah just a guy with a few too many guitars. :)

    Guitars, Women, Motocross, Mountain Biking, BMX, Guns, etc....


    Hello beastie.
    7s: '01 K7 FB, '07 Apex 1, '12 Apex 2, 2011 Apex 100, '14 AEL207E Acoustic