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how do i delet May 27, 2017

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Jul 18, 2018 at 7:45 PM
    1. bulb
      We used 2 Blackmachine B2 guitars.
    2. Chuck
      Hey Misha, I was just wondering which 6'ers you and the boys used on PII, thanks in advance :wub:
    3. Theodata321
      im sure youve already seen these but Greenfield Guitars theyre amazing fanned-fret acoustics and they integrate "negative neck angle" some pretty cool stuff!!
    4. zgov
      Whats up man im sure people tell you this all the time but youre an amazing musician and have absolutely been a big influence on the way I currently write songs. Keep doin what youre doin man people can talk all the shit about djent they want im always gonna love it and youre a huge part of what the djent genre is today...I consider it a genre because its grown to be more than just one sound people do with their guitar. Its ambient, groovy, heavy, and technical...much better than the constant blast beats and guitars too distorted to understand notes lol. at least it is for me I obviously cant speak for everyones tastes. Anyways I just wanted to say hey and let you know that im a big fan and you have really inspired a new way of writing in me...you and Marc Okubo are absolute guitar gods to me
    5. Xardoniak
      Hey Misha!
      Check out Northlane, theyre an Australian progressive band.
    6. JosephAOI
      I have no clear idea what you were trying to say but thanks for the rep, Mish! :lol:
    7. bulb
      I think walnut and other dense woods don't bring out the sound that I look for in a guitar personally, I like to stick to lighter density woods.
    8. jakozimm
      Hi Misha

      What is your thoughts about Walnut body guitars. I know you have had a "testdrive" on Darren's Prototype 1, how is its tonal signature like, does walnut body perform well for metal(djenty shit).

      Would really like to hear what you think;o)
    9. guvnor
      hey, guvnor from france here :) obviously a big fan of your band Periphery and your solo work. I wish i could come to one of your gigs but work is a bitch and i barely have time to compose my own music :( (maybe i will in the near future).

      Rock on! :metal:
    10. Rook
    11. Rhyooski
      Hey man; you probably won't see this but I'm coming to see you 2/10/12 in Wolverhampton and wanted to know if you'd be hanging out before the gig. Hit me up on the day on my mobile 07412627378 if you're up for it. Looking forward to the gig.
    12. CannibalKiller
    13. Rafty
      Hey man!

      I bet you get shit loads of messages similar to this one, but anyways all I have to say is that the new album fucking rules!! Additionally: I've made a cover of the song "Have A Blast!" and tought maybe you might be interrested to check it out.

      Anyways, here's the link: Periphery - Have A Blast // Guitar Cover - YouTube

      Keep it rocking and greetings from Finland!

    14. RagtimeDandy
      (Your inbox was full :( )
      Hey man, I probably should've sent this when I said it, but sorry for being a dick a few days ago wanting the album to leak. Lots of bands that I listen to don't mind file sharing/leaks, it was my bad for assuming you weren't bothered by it and I apologize. I've been dying to hear some new stuff from you guys after I saw you back in April and got a little too excited :noway:.

      So yeah, just thought I'd do a personal apology cause I feel bad about being an ass! Amazing job on the album, I find your music to be very inspirational and can't wait to hear more!

    15. MarmaladeMad
      PII is unbelievable!
    16. benguin
      hey misha! your band and your guitar playing really inspires me, i hope i can play like you one day >.<
    17. swollenpickle
      Hey Misha,Alex here
      I was wondering if the guitar I have linked below would interest you? or if you've played something simmilar and had any thoughts. I just traded my JPXI7 for it haha
      It has a swamp ash body with the aftermath set,also a mahogany neck and a Madagascar ebony fretboard

      Really I'm just striking up conversation as I'm a big fan of your work.

      Thanks :wavey:

    18. schecterhellraiserc-7
      Hey Bulb, can you go on chat to talk to 1, possibly more of your fans about gear and being a total legend.
      From someone who owns a schecter hellraiser c-7 obviously.
    19. samdaman87
      you are the key of awesome my friend! I am so glad that you shook my hand at the Periphery concert in Portland, OR. See you around amigo!
    20. Beach
      I LOOOVE YOU!!!!
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