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Apr 26, 2010
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Montréal, QC
University student and bedroom guitarist.

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ΩGJ :3, from Montréal, QC

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Sep 20, 2018 at 4:30 PM
    1. Bloody_Inferno
    2. Don Vito
    3. Don Vito
      Don Vito

      Impostor or evil twin?
    4. Don Vito
      Don Vito
      I hope he stuck with Ibanez as a musician. No other brand has that kind of pop out action.
    5. asher
      I brought it up and she'd probably consider making more, though that much yarn and stuffing actually ended up being pretty expensive ($60+) and that's without any shipping or labor. How badly do you want some? :lol:
    6. asher
      Haha thanks man!!! She actually made them, she does a lot of crochet and found some patterns to use
    7. Fat-Elf
      Dig your new avatar. :cool:
    8. Don Vito
      Don Vito
      Thanks, I was looking for that. Google doesn't know how to process "scarf guy" yet.

    9. Don Vito
      Don Vito
      It actually says ROCK, because she's a rock drummer, and musicians always wear the clothing of their genre. Wouldn't surprise me if it did say cock.. because English curse words are so kakkoii.
    10. Don Vito
      Don Vito
      [IMG]Thanks man.
    11. Don Vito
      Don Vito
      Everybody hates this game, but Megaman X6 speedruns are my favorite. It's already one of the most impossibly hard games in the series as it is..

      I'll play Super Metroid once I buy a proper gamepad for my computer. I'm about to start Castlevania: SOTN, which rips off of the stage design of that Metroid game :lol:
    12. Svava
      Thanks dude!
    13. asher
      Thanks for the kind rep sir. That all goes for you as well!
    14. Don Vito
      Don Vito
      I miss my 7 :(
    15. narad
      Well it could be misleading - I had visa troubles so I've been saying I'm about to move to the UK for like 5 months now. But this time, I mean it! Well, I have a visa and I booked housing for next week at any rate.

      Yea, the mirras are really comfortable. It's not a night-and-day difference, but I'm a computer scientist so it's easy to justify the cost of a better sitting experience. If it buys me an extra half hour of work a day, over the course of 2-3 weeks it will have paid for itself (and is going on like 5 years now). The perk is that it's extremely adjustable. The downside is that the seat is a bit too parallel to the ground. If you want the seat edge to adjust to slope down you need to get the more advanced or deluxe model. And that's a really important part if you want to be sitting in a very upright, unrelaxed manner.
    16. Don Vito
      Don Vito
      DC's. I've only played a used SC though. It was nice.

      That's one cool thing about Carvin; If you aren't too particular, they don't have the greatest resale value:lol:

      I'll probably order one direct for fancy truss rod text.
    17. Don Vito
      Don Vito
      I've wanted a Carvin for years, but have always been put off by Carvin elitist I've seen around the net. Those guys who think they're better than everyone else because they didn't buy a manufactured guitar. Once I grow up and get past that I'll get one.

      Haitian wood option coming in 2014 hopefully.
    18. Don Vito
      Don Vito
      your Carvin is giving me GAS
    19. Don Vito
      Don Vito
      its guy ferari

      creator of shrek
    20. narad
      Ha, it's not the price for floating trems, it's just the price for that floating trem, as Ibanez is the sole supplier and the fact they weren't being used on many models limited the availability of replacement parts. I think most everything else is ~ $150. Also, the nut added $100-130 to the price, which is ridiculous for what it is.
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    Montréal, QC
    University student and bedroom guitarist.
    Primary Seven:
    Carvin DC727
    Real Name:
    Primary ERG:
    Carvin DC727
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Carvin DC727 w/DiMarzio D-Sonic 7 on the bridge.
    Other Guitars:
    6-string electrics:
    - Ibanez GRG170DX w/EMG '81 on bridge position.
    - Jay Turser JT-200D w/Planet Waves Auto-Trim locking tuners.

    Classical/acoustic guitars:
    - Tatay classical guitar.
    - Cordoba C7-CE classical guitar.
    Blackstar Fly 3 w/extra cabinet.
    Effects & Pedals:
    - MXR M-108 10-band EQ pedal.
    - Maxon OD808 Overdrive
    I'm blue da ba dee da ba die

    Guitars, engineering, JKA Shotokan karate, fountain pens + related stationery, and anime.


    "Every path is the right path. Everything could have been anything else and it would have just as much meaning" - Mr. Nobody quoting Tennessee Williams