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    1. Bloody_Inferno
      I'm jealous too. I've been lurking the canta-per-me forums something vicious lately. And hearing reports of those who went and had a great time (even with Hikaru's Aria hiccups), it's somehow awesome feeling jealous. Especially for these guys and girls who'll travel the world for them. Mexico does make sense since they're big on anime, and even Eir Aoi has played there.

      Considering Kalafina's tours have been extending worldwide more and more, hell, they were doing Boston back in 09. We can only hope. I have a friend from Japan who recently established a Sensaphonics branch in Melbourne and he's already got plans to develop AR with all the Japanese labels like Avex (yeah, he's aiming high). I'm practically begging him to check if Kalafina uses Sensaphonics ear monitors just for an excuse to bring them down. :lol:
    2. Bloody_Inferno
      Thought you might get a kick out of this.

      That was just a day ago in Mexico. Direct from a phone. Unedited so no post production.

      ...and the execution was PERFECT. :eek:
    3. Bloody_Inferno
      Yeah... I need to get off my lazy ass and watch Madoka Magica (among others like One Punch Man etc), all the anime jabbing me like this..


      And since it's new years here in Melbourne, Happy New Year to you mate!

    4. Bloody_Inferno
      I stumbled into this and immediately thought of you.


      Hopefully you did well in your exams dude. Enjoy the holidays! :yesway:
    5. Grand Moff Tim
      Grand Moff Tim
      Took the quote down the other day. My mind hasn't really been in a nice place of late. :lol:
    6. Bloody_Inferno
      So since starting our Kalafina convo, I've just had Red/Blue constantly playing in the background at home. It's just pure obsession to the point that I had to revert back to Xenoblade X OST in my car in fear of getting sick of them. :lol:

      Remember when I said that Hikaru's voice was deceiving? Yeah... them high notes. :eek:

      Watching Red/Blue a few more times just makes me appreciate the songs even more. Especially from Red Moon and Consolation. 'Te to Te to Me to Me', 'Lacrimosa', 'Consolation', 'Moonfesta', 'Signal', each become a full on experience.

      So what I'm saying is, go see the Yuki Kajiura Live 2008 show so I can talk to you about it. :lol:
    7. Don Vito
      Don Vito
      That's an interesting thought..

      I feel like most of the people who were there the first time don't come to SSO much anymore, but maybe we can get some of the non-regulars and new comers in. We need some suggestions from the thread as well, because I have no idea what's going on in anime outside of Akira Toriyama's world. :lol:

      I could host it again. This time I've got 2 monitors, so I can do the stream on my main, and use the other for chat and queuing up videos. Still though, it is a pain in the ass, and I wish there was an easier way than using twitch.
    8. Bloody_Inferno
      ..actually, side Fiction for now and grab See Saw's Dream Field album first.

      See Saw was her band with Chiaki Ishikawa and most of the Dream Field album are the songs from .Hack, Noir and Gundam Seed, all are great. If there's one album that truly defines Kajiura's style, Dream Field is it.

      For Fiction, there's actually only 3 albums. 2 with Yuuka (Destination, Circus), and 1 with everyone else including Yuuka (Everlasting Songs). All are good (Destination is worth it for Akatsuki no Kuruma alone), but since you're just coming from a Kalafina binge, go for Everlasting Songs. Both Keiko and Wakana have some shining moments there.

      Hope all that helps on the Yuki Kajiura 101. :yesway:
    9. Bloody_Inferno
      With Kalafina's discography, going the single route is easy as it's pretty much all the anime songs, most I'd imagine you're familiar with.

      Albumwise, it's best to listen chronologically as it familiarises you with the group overall. IMO, due to the songwriting, the first 3 are my favorites, with Seventh Heaven topping the list. The next 2 are also amazing, though I'm leaning towards After Eden over Red Moon at the moment, due to the song calibre (some of the best songs not released as singles).

      The next 2 things dwindle a bit. You may like Consolation more than I do as it has the Fate songs, but it does have gems like Hanataba and Signal (which sounds much better live). Far On The Water, as I said before, is still growing on me. Not to say these 2 albums are bad, they're still great, just the songs aren't as strong as the first 3. IMO of course.

      For best ofs, Red and Blue were also released in CD format so there's that.

      As for FictionJunction... watch this space...
    10. Don Vito
      Don Vito
      Haha yeah it's school. Don't worry, I'm not going off the deep end yet.
    11. Don Vito
      Don Vito
      Good, just trying to make it to holiday break with my sanity in tact. :)
    12. Bloody_Inferno
      Nice avatar by the way. :lol:
    13. Bloody_Inferno
      Agreed with the band. The accordion player is also a highlight, and I didn't expect a violin through a wah pedal to be so enjoyable. :lol: The guitarist I believe is a composer in his own right as well, he's basically a mainstay in Kajiura's live band.

      Having said all that, you may want to take the Kajiura viewing in doses rather than rushing them in one big consumption. Because of her compositional nature, everything gets blurry and samey after a while. I got sick of her stuff during the height of Tsubasa Chronicles (another anime I haven't bothered watching), during a FictionJunction overload. And while the Revo/Kajiura collab was back in 2008, leave that absolutely for last. That one, like everything Revo related has too much going on sonically so you kinda have to prepare for it. :lol:

      But in the end, it's all essential viewing. Seriously...
    14. Bloody_Inferno
      What makes Kalafina special is the 3 distinct voices. Sure it's more of your typical Yuki Kajiura shtick (but ooh what a shtick), but the solid lineup as opposed to the many vocalists of FictionJunction is refreshing. Plus every song you hear each singer exercise their strengths. Hikaru's got the trebly J-pop voice down pat, but also can be very deceptive and change her tone and range often from song to song. Wakana is, well, Wakana, possibly the most well ranged of Kajiura's vocalists. And Keiko, has an amazing low pitched body and presence in her voice that I'm so in love with. The latter 2 are FictionJunction veterans so that helps a lot as well. Put the three together and it's goosebumps inducing. Sometimes I kinda wish they still had Maya just to make make songs like ARIA sound better live.
    15. Bloody_Inferno
      Glad you love the Best Blue/Red days. :yesway: I forgot that was released this year so it has songs from all 5 of their albums. Though admittedly I'm still warming up to Far On The Water. It's a bit of a slow grower compared to their first 3. Then again, I have all 5 albums in my car back to back right now so...

      Have to break this msg up. :lol:
    16. Don Vito
      Don Vito
      I just felt like saying hi. Hi!
    17. Bloody_Inferno
      I'm assuming they have too many hits to merit just one compilation so they did two instead. The Pokemon approach is genius though.

      Once you're done with those, check out Yuki Kajiura's 2008 and FictionJunction 2010/2011 (forgot which) concerts. Yuki joins them onstage, and more vocalists are on (Keiko and Wakana of Kalafina for eg) and it's all the anime favorites. Noir, .hack, Tsubasa Chronicles, you name it.

      There's also the Kajiura/Revo collaboration, but that's too overboard for me. :lol: You might like it though.

      My sister owns all of these on DVD and just borrow them. She's a massive hoarder of this stuff but has slowed down since starting a family.
    18. Bloody_Inferno
      Yo. I'm assuming you've seen Kalafina's Best Red Day/Blue Day concerts already, if not... do so immediately. :lol:
    19. Don Vito
      Don Vito
      Hehe, Touhou is one of the easier series :)

      Where are you on vacation at? Somewhere in Canada, or across the waters?
    20. Don Vito
      Don Vito

      I totally suck at guitar now. I've gotten back together with metal after a pretentious breakup, and it gives me the desire to shred for glory once again. Not for sometime though; I go to school now, which combined with my *other* interests means zero time and zero sunlight. It's not so much anime these days, but Japanese arcade games, like danmaku(bullet hell) shooters. An entirely different level of time and money wasted :lol:

      How about you? Sounds like you keep pretty busy with new shows and VN's, but you're really into martial arts right? I know absolutely nothing about that world.
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