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Today 09:50 PM
New Suffocation, Decapitated, Dying Fetus, etc.
Love Suffocation! Sadly though really not liking the drum production... (225 views, 8 replies)
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Adam Of Angels
Today 09:46 PM
21 Guitars
Bump (1,235 views, 7 replies)
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Today 09:41 PM
NHL 2016-2017: World Cup of Hockey
Doesn't matter, they won't win. (16,598 views, 576 replies)
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Today 09:36 PM
NGD: Iron Label Ibanez Goodness
Yeah I really can't complain overall haha (268 views, 11 replies)
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Today 09:32 PM
I picked this up for $340 on Reverb. Color is metallic root beer, but it tends to just mostly look black. Setup is great and it showed up almost completely in tune. A few minor dents in the body but... (7 views, 0 replies)
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Today 09:32 PM
Just bought a POD X3!! - prove to me I havent chosen poorly!
I tried some of the patches and if you disable the stock ones and use some external IRs, they sound pretty damn decent if I do say so. (627 views, 16 replies)
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Today 09:31 PM
/FT: 1990 Jackson Soloist Pro Doodle Art
Insanely cool finish (735 views, 5 replies)
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Today 09:23 PM
NGD STK S1 Custom
Dude that thing is super cool. I have the 121, as do you by your sig. Interested in a comparison if you don't mind. My 121 is the easiest playing guitar I've ever owned. (199 views, 6 replies)
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Today 08:58 PM
T.V. shows you've been watching
Good answer :lol: (18,855 views, 459 replies)
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Today 08:51 PM
G12 Celestion Vintage 30
shipping included (246 views, 5 replies)
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Today 08:49 PM
VSK Guitars Build - INSANE WOODS!
One of the coolest fretboards I've ever seen. That looks great. (5,402 views, 52 replies)
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Today 08:48 PM
Crit my hardcore song?
Agree, the guitars need an overhaul. But props on the vocals, they sound great. (169 views, 6 replies)
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Today 08:39 PM
Strandberg OS7 guitar and gig bag
Drop it to $1699 (223 views, 1 replies)
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Today 08:23 PM
How close is the Recto Recording Pre to the real thing?
I screwed around with running the 5150ii and the triple recto at the same time and it was......loud :lol: I need to get my triple back up and running. After my Axe Ultra blew up I kinda abandoned... (2,560 views, 107 replies)
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Today 08:14 PM
School me on some amps (Marshall, Peavey & stuff)
Having played both a JVM 410 and owning both a 6505 and a 6505+, my preference is still the 6505 series. But I definitely liked the JVM a lot. All three of those beat an EVH 5150III, IMO. However,... (228 views, 13 replies)
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Today 08:13 PM
What 8 string to get?
Then I recommend the M80M. Mine is de-tuned, and sounds fantastic. (259 views, 23 replies)
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Today 08:11 PM
SS Love and Relationships Thread
Well, I think it's safe to say that our relationship is over, even as friends Can't really pin where it started exactly, but I think for a while, I put off telling her because I knew that if she... (513,612 views, 12,086 replies)
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Today 07:59 PM
AC Guitars and Reiver Guitars progress and finished work.
those are some great looking limba bodies (2,779 views, 56 replies)
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Today 07:58 PM
Kemp Guitars (UK) thread
that wenge top is awesome :yesway: (760 views, 13 replies)
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Today 07:33 PM
Pickups you hated in one guitar but loved in another?
It's one of those pickups that instantly gets removed from any guitar I have had it in stock. Had it in many of my J Customs over the years and anything else that I put in there sounded better. ... (381 views, 14 replies)

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