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Peavey XXL
Published by totaluntruth
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Average 97%
Talking Peavey XXL

The Peavy XXL

The amp is the type of amp that can carry you through years of music with very pleasing results. I know for a fact that the Peavy XXL is an extroidinary amp, due to the fact i've owned one since 2005 and still use it to this day! The best thing about it is the overall sound you get from the settings you choose from. My favorite is the "Modern" sound when i have the ~edge~ up all the way -the ~body~ at halfway - and the ~bottom~ at three quarters.

Another great feature about this amp is that it is relatively light and can be
taken from place to place with a handle that will never break! A very sturdy head to say the least. I also enjoy the ~damping and power~ switches located on the rear of the head, so to keep cool tones and stay quiet if needed. I love the heads over all look also, sort of a sharks gill steeze.
Plus the channel impedance selection makes it easy too switch if i'm using someone else's cabinet at a different ohm. The foot-switch/remote switch it comes with is a cool tool to use as well. It has a ground negative and positive that can be useful to you if your near a pulse of energy and are hearing resonance through your speakers.

Ive changed the look on my head to suite my personality, so the grounds for personalizing your Peavy is relatively easy. The sub-straight is curved where the XXL logo is but its also flat, so i changed the color from the silver to a Tru-blue, using vinyl. The logo i intentionally flipped upside down to read-7XX- wich i thought was pretty gnarly. Topping it off - the effects loop is a genious invention and i use that till no end! Another additive is the pre amp in/out witch is obviously great for a boost if needed. Oh and i put a light on the face plate near the top so i can still see in the darkest of places and still be able to read all my settings a get a dose of light to see my fret-board!

I love my Peavy XXl.

By playstopause on 02-27-2008, 10:30 AM
My name is playstopause and i approve of this review.
By Soubi7string on 04-21-2010, 12:41 PM
I own this amp head and this amp head is the best solid state I've ever played
By MetalBuddah on 04-28-2010, 10:10 PM
That head is awesome! It was my first head and despite the problems I had with it since it was used...it was a very brutal SS amp. However, now that I have my 6505...I don't think I would go back
By rhythm temple on 03-22-2011, 07:33 AM
Does anyone know if this has good tone at low levels?
By masterdebradwic on 06-22-2011, 05:29 AM
This amp is amazing. I just got one myself. I can't believe the tone that I can get out of this thing! My first real amp that I could actually gig with was a Peavey Express 112 combo. I loved that amp and peavey's transtube technology is fantastic. The XXL is great because I can get the sound from a xxx to a 5150 and all points in between. I couldn't be happier with this thing. I highly recommend it. Not to mention it's SOLID STATE!!!! I love tube tone too, but solid state hardly breaks down ever! So if anyone has any doubts I assure you that totaluntruth's review is spot on!


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