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Music Theory, Lessons & Techniques Discussions on Theory, member submitted lessons, practice regimens and everything else.

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Old 03-08-2012, 05:25 PM   #1
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How to get started with Steve Lynch's tapping technique?

I really want to learn how to play multi-fingered tapping runs like this guy:

But I have no idea where to start. In particular, the lick at 0:12 is REALLY pissing me off - I can just find no conceivable way of playing it cleanly, even slowed right down. I know what frets he's playing and which fingers he's using, but I can't ....ing replicate it without sounding terrible, try as I might. My right hand just doesn't work at the minute. I get a load of string noise and some weak, ....ty sounding notes which are usually out of time, and out of tune because I've been concentrating so hard on the tapping that I've let the left-hand bend go flat.

I actually find the faster lick at the end to be easier. I can do the rest of the solo, it's just that one bit near the beginning which is an absolute bastard. I understand that part of it is going to be letting all the fingers of my right hand get used to being on the fretboard, but it's so ....ing difficult.

It also sounds like .... when I try it because the record is horribly out of tune (1/2 way between Eb and E ), and that makes it that bit more of a pain in the neck. I really want to be able to play like this, but how can I get my right hand up to speed?


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Old 03-09-2012, 12:37 AM   #2
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I'd say that before you focus on your right hand tapping, you should get your left hand bending control to a less concentrated effort. See if you can find a song/solo that has long, drawn-out bends (maybe a David Gilmour solo) and get comfortable with finding those half step and whole step sweet spots.

As for the right hand taps, you can only get more comfortable using it by incorporating it more often in practice. Learn some classical, pedal-tone style licks with your right hand, that should be a good point to gain dexterity and finger independence.
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Old 03-09-2012, 03:24 AM   #3
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Use the table tapping exercises in the warm up chapter of my book from the link below (it's in the free sample chapters) to develop strength, dexterity and independence. As I mention in the book, work on one hand at a time then both hands together in the various ways prescribed. Playing guitar fingerstyle, or at least using some hybrid picking will keep you developing most of the skills required for multi finger tapping techniques.

Another helpful thing will be to map coincidental notes i.e. those which are played at the same time as each other. Transcription with accurate rhythmic placements should help with this. Learn the left hand, learn the right hand then work out which notes are played together. When you're aware of that, it should be more like playing one part which uses two hands, rather than two independent parts at once.

Check out my book: "Playing Guitar Musically: A Guide to Creativity on Guitar & Bass"
Buy the full book here. eBook - 5. Physical copies also available.
PM me if you want to discuss it or just fancy a chat.

I also give lessons over Skype, and within the Lothians.
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You need to train your right hand just like you trained your left hand, then stuff like that will come easily. That type of tapping is a bit more complex than your run of the mill 'shred' type tapping though. Requires a lot more control.

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