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Old 09-21-2011, 11:58 AM   #1
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Pots and Switch for Crunchlab 7 and Liquifire 7?


I recently purchased an Ibanez ARZ307 and want to change the stock pickups on it as I am not satisfied with the sound. I have purchased a Crunchlab 7 and a Liquifire 7 that I want to install on the guitar. I was reading on a forum that it is recommended to change out the pots and switch on it too when changing pickups, but as this is my first time installing pickups I am not sure what kind of pots and switch to buy. Can someone help me out? Does the choice depend on the pickups, the guitar, or both? It doesn't look like the choice of switch is that big of a deal, but there seem to be a wide variety of pots to choose from. What kind of specifications should I be looking for? I play rock and metal and am looking for a tone like the one John Petrucci has. I apologize for sounding like a noob, but I am kinda lost.

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Taken from the DiMarzio website...

Should I use 250K or 500K controls?

'Regardless of what type of pickups are in your guitar, higher potentiometer resistance values produce a little more power and treble response. Whether this is a good or a bad thing is a matter of individual taste. In the early days, Gibson used 500K controls and Fender used 250K, thereby starting the single-coil = 250K, humbucker = 500K theory. Even though neither company has stuck strictly with this formula since then, the theory lives on. You won’t damage your pickups or your amp by mixing and matching different value controls, and one of our current favorites is a 250K volume control and a 1 Megohm tone control, EP1202'
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500k is standard for humbuckers, and it's kinda assumed that it's what people will use, so i'd go for that.

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For 7-string definitely 500k pots, as already said.

What switch you should buy depends on the guitar, a quick google search for your guitar model tells me you have a toggle switch on your guitar... So if you want the stratish type of sound Petrucci has for his clean sounds you'll need to have the inner coils wired in parallel, in order to achieve that you'll need another switch, a multipole toggle switch, I know Dimarzio has one, I don't remember the product name of it tho. Or you can also achieve it by having two push pull pots that splits each humbucker separately and when you have both split and are in the middle position with your main toggle switch you'll have that wiring.

Thats it, rest of his sounds are achieved by normal wiring.
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