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Gear & Equipment Discussions on Racks, Amps, Cabinets, Tube vs. Solid State debates, effects processors, etc.

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Old 03-12-2010, 05:19 AM   #1
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Overdrive pedal/Sonic Maximizer, which one for boost?

I have been reading on this forum about utilizing an overdrive pedal before the amp to increase volume/headroom, but there are a plethora of devices on the market. I will say that its gotta be under $200 for sure though, no boutique things. I've read all good things about Maxon OD, Ibanez tube screamer, and the sonic maximizer,(which isn't OD but a boost).

My question, or info-gathering, is which one? I'm using a triple recto/recto cab with an RG2228 8string with Lundgren M8

It sounds great right now, but I think it could be more clear, more punchy. I've read for the overdrives, to dial out any grit or lows/highs and raise the volume. I'm going back-and-forth as to which one would be the one.

Also, the FX loop just does not seem to function properly as long as I've owned the head, gets all quiet. I've tried, and am not going to bother anymore. So, as it is, I run all my pedals before the amp, so the OD/maximizer would be in the chain as well. Tips and info greatly appreciated!!

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Old 03-12-2010, 05:48 AM   #2
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i cant really help you with the effects loops issue, but i can tell you that you wanna stay away from the Sonic Maximizers, all they do is add alot of highs and lows, makin ur tone sound scooped and they also kill some of your warmth. the OD will give you punch, tightness, smoother treble with enhanced attack and a nice mid boost, which Rectos definitely can benefit from.

as far OD pedals go, Maxom OD9 or OD808 will prolly be your best bet. the OD808 is gonna be the smoothest of the 2 but will also cut the most bass. however with a Recto, thats not a bad thing as they have more than enough to spare and they kinda need the extra bass cut for the tightest possible low end. but honestly you cant go wrong with either of the Maxons. both are cheaper than and Ibanez TS808 reissue and sound better than their Ibanez equivalent.

another good pedal is the BBE Greenscreamer. its essentially an original Ibanez TS808/Maxon OD808 clone, but with a little less bass cut and a slightly tamer midhump. its cheaper than both of those pedals too($99) and built like a tank!!! also comes with a power supply, which isnt a big deal but definitely a nice touch!!!

and i always say this but i ll say it again, i find that the $40 Ibanez TS7's work beautifully with Rectos. its sound is fairly close to the 808 and as a matter fact is almost the same pedal on the inside. u can change 2 resistors on the board and it IS an 808!!! but even stock it sounds great with alot of amps, esp Rectos. seems to have the mid hump emphasized in just the right high mid frequencies that Rectos need the most and like the 808, cuts enough bass to tame and tighten their massive low end. aside from the TS7, i would stay away from the new Ibanez "Tubescreamers". not to say they suck because they dont, but Maxon makes the real deal Tubescreamer pedals.

there are tons of OD pedals out there and u can spend months, maybe even years tryin to test em and/or compare em. but i honestly think that between the ones i mentioned, you will find one of them that will work perfect for you. you really cant go wrong with any of them
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Old 03-12-2010, 06:52 AM   #3
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u can change 2 resistors on the board and it IS an 808!!!
do you have a link for pics and instructions? i might go with the cheap $40, and mod it. The 808 was $150, and i'm looking for the most cheap and efficient solution. As far as the bass and mids go, does this pedal just "cut out" the bass frequency and round off the mids? As I have my rec set with pretty low bass (9-10 o'clock), a dash of mids, and the treble at about 3 o'clock, low gain(of course), but not too low . Also in conjunction, an mxr 10-band eq with the bass even, the mids boosted, and the last treble bar raised almost full. Going for the djent of the meshuggah guys, I suppose. Thanks for the direction, I couldn't seem to find solid, unbiased info. repp!
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Old 03-12-2010, 11:21 AM   #4
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