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Published by DDDorian
02-10-2010 Song Of The Month January 2010 - Darkadian's "One Foot Out The Grave"

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<strong> Song Of The Month: January 20`0 - Darkadian's "One Foot Out The Grave"</strong>
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<b>Darkadian's "One Foot Out The Grave"
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Listen: (Direct Link - Myspace)</b>

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<span style="color:orange;font-weight:bold;"> Name/age/location: </span>

Matt Crawford/25/Cambs, UK

<span style="color:orange;font-weight:bold;">Who are your biggest musical influences?</span>

Iíve always been a sucker for groove. I think metal (music in generally, really) is utterly pointless unless itís moving you, making you irresistibly tap your foot, and as a result Iíve always had the greatest admiration for the exponents of that element within music.

Dimebag Darrell is a pretty obvious one. He was really the first guitar player that gave me that feeling of irresistible swing. I defy anybody to listen to By Demons Be Driven and resist slowly headbanging with a grimace. I think itís physically impossible.

Rob Flynn, Rich Ward (Stuck Mojo/Fozzy), Nuno Bettencourt, James Hetfield, Thordendal/Hagstrom, Arnold/Devries etc etc. All amazing rhythm players with enormous groove, feel, and swing. Thatís what Iím about!

<span style="color:orange;font-weight:bold;"> For those who haven't yet heard your song, describe "One Foot Out The Grave" in seven words or less:</span>

Grooviní, angry, dark, stuck in the 90ís!

<span style="color:orange;font-weight:bold;">What was the writing process like for "One Foot Out The Grave"?</span>

Bit of a weird one actually, because it was all a huge accident!

I never intended on incorporating 6-string stuff into Darkadian, but then I bought an Ibanez SA260 from everyoneís favourite simian prog-metal prodigy Chimp Spanner, and sort of needed an excuse to use it I guess. I just started riffing on it, came up with the first 2 minutes after a couple of days of having it, recorded a little scratch demo, and then sold the guitar about a week or two later!

The clip stayed like that for months, until I listened back to it and realised I really wanted to pick it up again, and perhaps start writing on a 6 more often. So I borrowed a guitar from Ryan (other guitarist in Darkadian, and ĎMr.Sí on the forum) and just finished writing it and recorded it within a couple of weeks. Totally taken by surprise at how much gusto I had for it. I guess I hit a vein of inspiration at the right time!

<span style="color:orange;font-weight:bold;">Did the song turn out as you'd envisioned it?</span>

Yeah I guess so. I mean, it was one of those ones that sort of took off on autopilot. This happens a lot with me Ė Iíll write the first minute or two of a song and get a basic grasp of its Ďfeelí, then itíll sit there for a few weeks while I work on other things, and by the time itís finished it has elements in it that I never imagined it would have after writing the first half of it, but it still manages to somehow work. I think we all do that to some extent. Itís quite a natural way to ease your way into a song without it sounding forced.

<img style="padding:20px;" align="right" src="" alt="Keith Merrow"/>
<span style="color:orange;font-weight:bold;">What gear was used for the recording of "One Foot Out The Grave"?</span>

Ibanez RGT42DX with EMG 81/85 combo > PodXT (used only for monitoring. Only DI tracks were recorded to disk) > Nuendo 3.

For guitars I used a whole bunch of VSTís. First in the signal chain was this TS emulator called Tubescreamerís Secret. Really neat little plug-in that gives a nice warm boost. Then I ran it into a plug-in by LePou based on an Engl Powerball called the LE456. Amazing pre-amp, has a very un-digital tone to it, and is a lot warmer and more "3D" than other modelling VSTís. That went into the now famous Catharsis impulses, a little EQ and voila.

Bass was recorded DI running through IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX. SVT-Pro model into Ampeg 8x10 (canít remember the mic or anything, sorry!).

Drums were Metal Foundry.

Guitars are being re-amped as I type this, through a modified Peavey 5150II and Engl Savage 120. All guitars for the album may eventually be re-amped when everything is recorded, so the tones that I use for now may or may not be the final ones. Iím still experimenting and shopping around for things! (ALWAYS RECORD DI, KIDS!)

Mastered using IK Multimedia T-Racks 3

<span style="color:orange;font-weight:bold;">Where should people go if they want to contact you or hear more of your music?</span>

You can check us out at the links below. Thanks for all your votes!

Darkadian on MySpace
Darkadian Studios official website
Darkadian Studios on MySpace

If you'd like to have your say in choosing next month's Song Of The Month, click here and nominate and/or vote for the member's song of your choice. Be sure to follow all rules/guidelines (found here) to ensure a smooth and hassle-free voting period. Rock on!
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By chimp_spanner on 02-10-2010, 10:22 AM
Fan-bloody-tastic Congrats (again) man!
By Tyrant on 02-11-2010, 03:43 PM
Congrats, well deserved man!

...., how i love that guitar tone!
By Triple7 on 02-27-2010, 01:50 PM
Congrat's dude, this song is awesome! Also much props for mentioning "By Demons Be Driven", that is definitely one of my favorite Pantera songs.
By s_the_fallen on 02-27-2010, 04:43 PM
Congrats Matt!
By wariomt on 02-28-2010, 04:08 AM
wow great job!


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