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Recording Studio Discussion on everything recording based, such as mixing, mastering, mics, monitors and other gear.

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Old 07-17-2012, 12:43 AM   #1
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: lansing,MI / sarasota, FL
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A need a Shipping list for startup userfriendly recording gear that wont suck

I know nothing about Recording, I'm ready to get cranking out tunes. What do I do? Help! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I would like to go digital on a PC or MAC.
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Old 07-17-2012, 12:58 AM   #2
Tom Winspear
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Location: Southend-on-Sea, Essex, U.K
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What are your PC specs so we can decide if you need a new one?

Programmed drums? Just guitar into the computer? Any vocals or otherwise use of microphones? Tracking multiple instruments at once?
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Old 07-17-2012, 01:00 AM   #3
Tom Winspear
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Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: Southend-on-Sea, Essex, U.K
Posts: 9,982
Thanked: 102
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Also max budget
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Old 07-17-2012, 03:45 AM   #4
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: lansing,MI / sarasota, FL
Posts: 291
Thanked: 14
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No budget issues. Basically looking to buy another pc or a MAC. To my understanding, recording drums is a serious task that I shouldn't even put into consideration until I have a pretty good understanding of whats going on. I'd prefer to learn everything with a cheap single jack interface that could later be replaced by something larger. I've heard horror stories about people trying to learn pro tools. In the past, I messed around with a free recording program on the computer called audacity, although it was simple to use, I never produced anything that sounded close to professional.
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Old 07-17-2012, 03:56 AM   #5
Larcher's Avatar
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Ottawa, Canada
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I recommend buying a POD from line 6 (I personally used the pod x3 when I started, and it was a great little tool!) This will atleast give you a decent tone, and with alot of work it can sound killer.

Secondly, get Reaper, it's got a 30 or 60 day free trial, and then you can still use it for free, it'll just pop the little window everytime you open it and say 'buy now' or 'keep trying' or something along those lines. (I've migrated to cubase a few months back, but Reaper is still a great 'newbie' DAW.)

Next on the list is getting a digital drum kit and then tabbing it in either your DAW (I personally suck at writing my drum tracks in my DAWs) or write them in guitar pro (much easier for me) and then you can import the .midi file of your drums and other .midi tracks into your DAW and from there you slap the digital instrument on those .midi files and voila, you've got a digital drum/keyboard/piano/orchestra/whatever.

You can always get an Audio interface instead of the POD, it's up to you really. Some, or most audio interface will have both the guitar jack input and an XLR input if you ever wish to record some vocals with a microphone!

Hope this helps a bit
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Old 07-17-2012, 04:17 AM   #6
ss.org Regular
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Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: Bucks, UK
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^ Agreed. Start in Reaper and get hold of some free/cheap plugins for guitar and bass to learn the basics. You can upgrade your DAW when you like and all your plugins will be transferable.

When it comes to drums, I'd suggest immediately splashing out on a decent VST like Toontrack Superior Drummer 2. (If you start with the best, it will make your initial mixes sounds half reasonable and you're only going to grow into it as you learn more.)

I use a cheapo Focusrite Saffire LE as a firewire interface and build tones in a plugin called Amplitube 3.
It's a cheap and effective solution but doing all the modelling in the mac is pretty heavy on the processor. As mentioned above, a Line6 POD will give you an excellent outboard unit to build your tones in and save your machine a lot of work.

Good luck!
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Old 07-17-2012, 09:19 AM   #7
Fear the Polo!
Drew's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Somerville, MA
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Reaper is one of the best DAWs I've worked with, in addition to one of the cheapest. It's awesome, get it now.

I've had great experiences with M-Audio interfaces in the past, though if you do go Mac I've heard that the Apogee Duet is head and shoulders over anything else in its price range in terms of conversion and preamp quality, if you only need two channels.

Superior 2.0 or EzDrummer plus a few expansion packs (here, DKFH should go without saying) will give you near-pro quality drums if you take the time to learn how to get the most out of it - the sound quality is awesome, so the only thing you lose is some of the personality of a live drummer vs sequenced drums.

As for mics, I always recommend the Shure SM57 as a first mic. You can use it on damned near anything and it's an exceptional guitar cab mic. If you can't get at least a good sounding guitar recording using a single SM57, you have bigger problems than mics.

For monitors, if you have a dedicated room to record in that's properly treated and if you really don't have a budget, go to town here. If you can't acoustically treat a room with broadband trapping, however, don't kill yourself - the KrK Rockits are a pretty good price/performance compromise for home studio use, and spending much more than that will be a waste since your room will be mangling the sound anyway.

Also, expect to invest a LOT of time.

"...and everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon."

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