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Conversation Between Wookieslayer and HeHasTheJazzHands
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  1. Wookieslayer
    03-07-2014 03:13 AM - permalink
    For sure. I just have a TS9 my dad bought me. Never needed it with the Randalls really. Made a good difference when I had the VTM (which I sold in Dec).

    On another note, today I went to GC and tried out the RVC5 Diavlo. Pretty killer distortion, very warm. Can get bright but I like dark tones so maybe it isn't that bright. Also the 110 was not as loud as I would have thought but I imagine through a 212 or 412 it would slay. Very defined gain and cleaned up OK with EMGs & Invaders
    The manager said I was the first one to play through them and they're all on clearance brand new at $249 :crazy:
  2. HeHasTheJazzHands
    03-06-2014 08:18 AM - permalink
    I may eventually get a hold of a Green Rhino. Still unsure. Won't be until way later on, though, since I'm fine with my BM.
  3. Wookieslayer
    03-04-2014 06:01 AM - permalink
    ah for sure. I was always curious about the Spark Booster & Green Rhino lol.
  4. HeHasTheJazzHands
    03-04-2014 05:39 AM - permalink
    Nah. I found the proper parts to fix my Bad Monkey.
  5. Wookieslayer
    03-04-2014 05:34 AM - permalink
    Ever decide on a new overdrive pedal?
  6. HeHasTheJazzHands
    02-08-2014 11:09 PM - permalink
    Yeah, it doesn't have a lot of mids, strangely. That's why I pan it all the way on one side, and pan something like the Lynch Box Grail or Threadplate on the other side. I think those tracks I showed you were all T2, though.
  7. Wookieslayer
    01-24-2014 02:15 PM - permalink
    Oh okay yeah I've used that a bunch too. wasn't sure it was the same.

    I did a comparison of my T2 fx send and that TH2 T2 to the same impulse a few years ago. The plugin seemed more scooped lol.
  8. HeHasTheJazzHands
    01-24-2014 02:20 AM - permalink
    Overloud th2. It has a randall t2 sim. I dialed out a lot of bass because, like the real hing, it has a ton.
  9. Wookieslayer
    01-24-2014 01:51 AM - permalink
    Dude that does sound good! The mid range thickness / roar is there for sure. What sim is that? Only thing I'm not sure of yet is the lowend. Maybe it's the impulse or I need to hear more chugging
  10. HeHasTheJazzHands
    01-21-2014 03:34 AM - permalink
    Hey, I was messing around with some Randall T2 sim, and thought it sounded really good.

    Since you're the one with a T2, I'm wondering how close you think it sounds to the real thing?


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