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Conversation Between ShadyDavey and sted
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  1. ShadyDavey
    04-18-2011 03:50 AM - permalink
    Sted - have you checked your PC for viruses lately? I've got a couple of unsolicited emails from you that had no content other than a very dodgy looking link I refused to click.

    Might be worth making sure!
  2. ShadyDavey
    02-10-2011 04:57 AM - permalink
    I'm not so bad all in all - got myself back into reasonable shape through some running/hiking/weights and although I dislike having to call on medical professionals, having thyroid hormones rather than none at all (apparently my problem was quite well advanced) has also had a beneficial effect.....just cba playing guitar! In truth I haven't played since I moved house really....just realised that whatever my listening tastes I'm such a terrible player that I should probably sell up and move on.....which is mainly motivated by a lack of cash. If I had cash for lessons I'd keep it!

    Yeah, I'd probably lose out - can't even afford to post the bugger so I would have to allow interested parties to collect it and part of me really hopes that somehow I get back into it.

  3. sted
    02-09-2011 02:07 PM - permalink
    continued...(100 character limit??wtf?!?)

    Good to see you're still kicking anyway pal, I will try and stay in touch a little better mate, you actually sound a little better in yourself too mate (If you can sound any way whatsoever on a forum!) which I was hoping for pal, I must frequent this place a little more often, its sheer size is quite scary though! lol!
  4. sted
    02-09-2011 02:07 PM - permalink
    Yeah man, gutted about Gary Moore, seems a dumb kiddie thing to say but the music and stuff was quite a big part of my life, thigs like the missus got me tickets for him one year before we were married and stuff, ah well
    Fred's a jammy bugger getting that endorsement, I picked a new Jaden S2 up the other day myself, 3 single coils! You know me, anything to be different, really like it actually, the strat has been firmly relegated since its arrival. funny when I was down that way I sam loads of signs for Bourne and thought, ...., havet spoke to Davey in a while but I guess you had a cull on the foruming, facebook etc, I was thinking you might have even abandoned this place! shoulda known better though ;-)
    do you think you would lose out on the Carvin then? I thought you would maybe do alright from it being as they put all their UK prices up? I think you would regret selling it mate but I'm the last person to preach about such things, when times are hard you make sacrifices, end of chat!
  5. ShadyDavey
    02-08-2011 04:09 AM - permalink
    Hey Sted! Aye, it's been a while - funny how not having access to a "common" forum curtails one's social life on the internet....how's tricks?

    Yeah, still got the Carvin but haven't played it since September - Fred did want to buy it but I was reluctant to part with an instrument like that and ofc now he's got that Jaden endorsement he doesn't need yet another 7! My bad....will probably have to put a sales thread up and shoot myself in the foot on the price.

    No idea what happened to SR - Dan hasn't been in touch to say he's stopped hosting it but I hadn't updated the site in a while (the last 6 or 7 updates were all from a friend who wanted to keep it running after I lost interest) and quite honestly although I did some reviews I was proud of, there were some that weren't so good and overall the satisfaction I received compared to the time and money I spent on it wasn't in any way comparable.

    Now Gary Moore's gone and died....life eh?
  6. sted
    02-08-2011 03:35 AM - permalink
    Alright Dave, long time no speak mate. I see SR has gone to the netherworld, shame that mate.
    Hows things with you mate? You still got the Carvin? I thought Fred might have extracted that from you by now! He seems to be buying every other seven on the planet!
    hope you're well mate.


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