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Conversation Between Daemoniac and Stealthdjentstic
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  1. Daemoniac
    12-03-2009 08:56 PM - permalink
    Ah, i understand.

    Yeah most (all) my kickarse tones on the X3 come from the dual tone... The single models are quite lacking IMO, but holy .... do they come to life when they're used together

    You should upgrade
  2. Stealthdjentstic
    12-03-2009 08:51 PM - permalink
    An XT..

    I can get alright tones, but I can do better with the Vox AD15VT
  3. Daemoniac
    12-03-2009 08:45 PM - permalink
    I don't think they're really made for DM... That said though, i can get some pretty good tones going. There must be sometihng wrong with you

    Are you using an XT or X3?
  4. Stealthdjentstic
    12-03-2009 08:43 PM - permalink
    I cant get good sounds out of my Pod for ..... I can get that typic "djent-y" sound sort of, but I cant get a good tone for dm out of mine
  5. Daemoniac
    12-03-2009 07:46 PM - permalink
    Well i'm going to try, either way though it just means *more* waiting I'll give the Vista drivers a go though, see how i fare there.

    I've got some very nice patches all set up on the Pod now too, the kind of sound i've been craving Dunno how they'll go in a mix, but .... I'm going to try
  6. Stealthdjentstic
    12-03-2009 07:44 PM - permalink
    That sucks

    Maybe it'll be compatible anyways?
  7. Daemoniac
    12-03-2009 07:41 PM - permalink
    Haha, fights are entertaining Last time I got in a fight I ended up throwing a kid down a hill by his head... I was an angry, angry child at high school

    Thanks as well, i still can't quite believe I got in.. The missus keeps telling me it was never a question of me getting in, but still...

    Had a fiddle on her laptop the other day too (with the .... soundcard etc.. etc..) with FL Studio 9, man the new synths and stuff theyve added are fan-....ing-tastic Definitely an improvement My only question is whether or not i'm going to be able to record guitar straight away, the laptop is coming with Windows 7, and so far as i'm aware, Line 6 haven't got Pod drivers for W7 yet
  8. Stealthdjentstic
    12-03-2009 07:33 PM - permalink
    Excellent! I got in a fight a few weeks ago, I cut the kids head up

    Funny thing is, i kept telling him i didnt want to fight him but he kept saying he did so....

    But yea thats tight you have secured necessary tools to make some moar kickass music! Grats on getting into that course too bro
  9. Daemoniac
    12-03-2009 05:21 PM - permalink
    Too right you did Hows things goin dude? I should have my laptop next week, and I have a copy of FL Studio 9 now too,so there will be a step-up in the production f my music when I start again
  10. Stealthdjentstic
    12-03-2009 02:19 PM - permalink
    i just posted on meshs wall letting him know

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