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The Sevenstring Registry
Live As Of: January 16, 2006
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The Sevenstring Registry
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Modified: 03-04-2007 Owner: Decipher | Serial Number: F0612409
Make: Ibanez | Model: K-7 | Year: 2006
Description: Firespeak Blue, Mahogany Body, Prestige K7 neck, Dimarzio PAF-7 pickups, Tuned to A, Just bouth this badbay a week ago!! Love it!! Brutallly heavy sound, and plays great!!

Modified: 03-04-2007 Owner: Decipher | Serial Number: W0407642
Make: ESP | Model: LTD SC-607B | Year: 2004
Description: Natural finish, Mahogany body, Maple 27" Baritone neck-thru, EMG 81-7 pickups THis guitar is great for really low tunings. Heavy sounding with the neck-thru design. Sustains for days.....

Modified: 10-10-2007 Owner: Dee | Serial Number: F0008519
Make: Ibanez | Model: RG7421-BK | Year: 2000
Description: Bought used for 150. Needed a major clean-up, and needs some minor work, but other than this, it's a cracking guitar in very decent shape. The neck is stamped RG7-621, and it has the bubinga stripe. Fantastic neck. This will be stripped of it's existing finish, then oiled with plenty of Fret Doctor.

As for changes to come, it will feature new pickups (Dimarzio D-Activator, possibly) in white, a set of white Elite rubber grip knobs, custom B/W/B pickguard made by Tom G at Pickguard Paradise, and maybe an upgrade to GraphTech saddles. The output jack needs replacing with a Switchcraft barrel type. Finally, light scratches and swirling will be removed with fine rubbing compound.

Modified: 03-15-2006 Owner: Dendroaspis | Serial Number: 910686 (damn! only 20 off)
Make: Ibanez | Model: UV7bk Universe | Year: 1991
Description: Completely stock, black/green version, very battlescarred with a wonderfully worn-in neck that plays like butter, lots of scuffs, scratches and no less than 8 paint chips of various sizes. Lo-pro is typically pitted and worn, paper lime biohazard symbol sticker between trem and strap pin. Has allen-key holder on back of headstock, which is apparently original (first owner said so) and uncommon on UV's.

Modified: 10-21-2006 Owner: Dendroaspis | Serial Number: F9958723
Make: Ibanez | Model: UV777BK | Year: 1999
Description: Mods: Dimarzio DS7 bridge & AN7 neck pickups, matte black pickguard w/ no mid Pup, 3-way toggle, chrome strat knobs, black tuner buttons & washers, Tremol-No installed.

Modified: 10-21-2006 Owner: Dendroaspis | Serial Number: 0034546
Make: Ibanez | Model: LACS D1 RG7 | Year: 2000
Description: mahogany body RG, 5-piece maple/walnut neck (to scarf joint) with 1-pc headstock, dark rosewood f/b with LACS' logo inlay at the 12th fret only, flat/matte black finish with matching headstock, white slash logo, chrome Gotoh machines, two EMG 707's, Gibson type 2 vol/2 tone/3-way toggle control layout, chrome Lo-pro Edge trem, old style clear knobs w/rubber grip.
Awesome guitar!

Modified: 01-16-2006 Owner: desertdweller | Serial Number: F0006621
Make: Ibanez | Model: RG7620 | Year: 2000
Description: Basswood body, 24 fret. Gray Nickel paintjob. Evo 7 bridge pickup, stock Blaze neck pickup

Modified: 01-16-2006 Owner: desertdweller | Serial Number: F9930139
Make: Ibanez | Model: S7420 | Year: 1999
Description: Mahogany body Ibanez S-series 7-string, 22 fret. Sparkle black paintjob. DiMarzio Air Norton 7 (neck pickup) and Seymour Duncan JB 7 (bridge pickup).

Modified: 03-26-2007 Owner: desertzj | Serial Number: F9934353
Make: Ibanez | Model: RGA7621 | Year: 1999
Description: Custom Christopher Woods RGA7621 Body w/ 2 - Dimarzio Blaze Neck Pickups. RG7621 Neck

Modified: 03-26-2007 Owner: desertzj | Serial Number: F9957918
Make: Ibanez | Model: RG7620VK | Year: 1999
Description: RG7620 w/ Dimarzio Evolution 7 and Blaze Neck Pickups.

Modified: 09-24-2007 Owner: Dimebag | Serial Number: F0607637
Make: Ibanez | Model: RG1527RB | Year: 2006
Description: Standard RG1527. Will be upgraded with X2N in a few days

Modified: 11-28-2007 Owner: DJ Sewell | Serial Number:
Make: Ibanez | Model: UV7BK | Year: 0
Description: black w/lime green pickups, scalloped from the 12th to the 24th fret


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