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The Sevenstring Registry
Live As Of: January 16, 2006
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The Sevenstring Registry
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Modified: 05-03-2006 Owner: | Serial Number: F0310230
Make: Ibanez | Model: UV777BK | Year: 2003

Modified: 01-25-2006 Owner: 7 Dying Trees | Serial Number: 000491
Make: Ibanez | Model: Universe UV7PWH | Year: 1990
Description: nice big dent on bottom of guitar body, chip on headstock, original edge7 bridge. Otherwise the guitar is in good shape, tonefull and the first universe where i've liked the blaze bridge pickup in it. Also has the 1990 blaze single with the non adjustable pole pieces. Low B tuning peg has been slightly drilled out to accomodate heavier string gauges. Plays like a dream as well. And pyramid Inlays rock :p

Modified: 01-19-2006 Owner: 7 Dying Trees | Serial Number: 913433
Make: Ibanez | Model: Universe UV7BK | Year: 1991
Description: Black and green with a retrofitted blaze custom in the bridge. lo pro edge7 bridge and some childrens bbc stickers on it. Quite battered with some heavy chips and scars on it (especially near the input jack cavity, ouch!)

Modified: 01-28-2008 Owner: 7 Dying Trees | Serial Number: F9955392
Make: Ibanez | Model: RG2027VV | Year: 1999
Description: The piezo equiped 2027 in vintage violin, complete with KJG wiring mod and aftermarket pickups (SD JB-7 and 59-7)

Bought guitar of someone who'd killed the piezos in 2002 and got it fixed. Piezo cable now no longer runs down the springs but goes directly into cavity to stop it getting frayed and worn down by trem abuse.

Body has slight chipping in the lacquer all the way round.

Modified: 01-05-2007 Owner: 7 string king | Serial Number: C 04042516
Make: Ibanez | Model: RG 7321 | Year: 3
Description: Evo 7 in the bridge and Blaze 7 in the neck

Modified: 10-23-2006 Owner: 777 | Serial Number: F0609494
Make: Ibanez | Model: Rg1527rb | Year: 2006
Description: Royal Blue, Few Dings(paint only), Emg 707s installed

Modified: 04-21-2007 Owner: 7even | Serial Number: no(one of a kind)
Make: Jansen | Model: custom handmade 7-string | Year: 2002
Description: White pearl finish
custom made bridge
DiMarzio Humbuckers

Modified: 04-28-2006 Owner: 7kr7 | Serial Number:
Make: Ibanez | Model: RG7620 | Year: 1998
Description: Black guitar originally had dual Dimarzio Blaze 7 pickups. The bridge pickup was swapped for a Dimarzio Tone Zone 7. Lo-pro Floyd.

Modified: 01-19-2006 Owner: 7stringninja | Serial Number: 99018770
Make: ESP | Model: M-207 | Year: 1999
Description: Gloss black left-handed ESP LTD M-207
24fret, Floyd-Licence locking trem, Duncan Design H/H
Alder body, Rosewood Fretboard, Maple Neck
Arrow Inlays w/M-207 inlay on 12th fret

Modified: 03-18-2007 Owner: 8string | Serial Number:
Make: Fender | Model: Stagemaster-7 | Year: 0
Description: Ugly as hell, sounds like ....

Modified: 08-07-2007 Owner: 8string | Serial Number:
Make: Schecter | Model: Omen-7 Extreme | Year: 2007
Description: Black Cherry body with creme binding on body neck and headstock.

Modified: 10-26-2007 Owner: 8string | Serial Number: I 061104619
Make: Ibanez | Model: RG7321 | Year: 2006
Description: Ehm, Black body, skunk stripe neck


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