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  1. Anyone willing to make mockups?
  2. Second Build - PRS Inspired
  3. Tsmith Headless 5 String Bass (buckeye burl content)
  4. Hot Rod DX10D
  5. Multi-Scale Buildx2-Birth of the Red Dragon..
  6. Setting up an Ibby Backstop for fluttering
  7. Blackwater vs Skervesen
  8. The risks of refinishing
  9. Thoughts on RAN guitars?
  10. Diy pickup covers anyone???
  11. 2014 Gibson Melody Maker
  12. Is this possible/worth the trouble?
  13. Roswell Rhoads plans.
  14. Rosewood neck blanks?
  15. Has anyone got any advice for fret dressing?
  16. Classy or pointy?
  17. Guitar Techs in Northern NJ?
  18. Pickup makers?
  19. Recent Build - L6 (pic heavy)
  20. Vapula custom 8-string build progress/gallery
  21. Setup help: Ibanez with low action, but doesnt feel 'smooth'?
  22. Diy bridge?
  23. Micro Business in Fixing Guitars
  24. Homemade Guitar Wall Hangers (kinda)
  25. Tone wood.. ordering another suhr guitar?
  26. Custom Mayones build question
  27. Tuning machines, where do I buy them?
  28. Pulling/removing RG7420 bridge posts and inserts?
  29. Multiscale tele theoretical idea
  30. Where to buy the best binding ?
  31. My Ibanez RG7321 has gone to hell...
  32. Humble 7 build
  33. Bridge Repaint
  34. Ibanez FR2620 Refinish questions
  35. Top load vs. String thru body
  36. A new neck to start a new build!
  37. Your favorite oil for fretboards?
  38. Question on control knob contours
  39. New build, neck through 6 simple but classy
  40. Just finished my first 8 string body build
  41. Schaller hannes piezo 7 strings
  42. Holoflashing a Guitar
  43. My latestn projects: 7 string baritone guitar, Blackmachine copy, SG necktru.
  44. Help choosing body wood for my new builds
  45. 1st build: Walnut/Maple Neckthru 7
  46. Ibby know it alls, I need your help!
  47. Fan fret options?
  48. Critique this finishing process
  49. Knob hole sized guitar switch?
  50. Need some help - Carved a neck a bit too thin
  51. Omen Extreme, Extreme Makeover
  52. Hipshot Grip-lock.
  53. Resurrecting my first guitar!
  54. Ibanez 7620 neck?
  55. New build: Bouzouki / Guitar double neck
  56. Someone killed a bird on my fretboard! Also, EMG 57/66-7's, Mayones/PRS bastard
  57. How to find a reliable guitar luthier/tech
  58. Hipshot bridge on Carvin
  59. Started a 6 string build...or 2
  60. Rhoads Project
  61. Adding tremolo to string thru guitar?
  62. Spots on ebony
  63. How to get this finish?
  64. RAN or Carvin?
  65. Fair price for a paint job?
  66. Mounting a pickguard without drilling into body? (Ibanez)
  67. Mahogany Wood finish question
  68. Edge-to-edge vs center-to-center string spacing on ERG nut?
  69. Bridge Saddle Screw Sizes
  70. Halo 7 string Salvus (Tele) in progress...
  71. Floyd Rose stability on low tunings?
  72. Properly drying a piece of wood?
  73. What type of glue would you use to bind carbon fiber to wood?
  74. Color options
  75. Handmade stratocaster, video
  76. A possibly difficult customization
  77. Carvin 8 string Neck through build
  78. White blotches in neck after sanding.
  79. Carvin mockup anyone?
  80. ET Guitars- can't get a hold of them?
  81. Ibanez UV777BK Neck Problem :(((
  82. First full customization.
  84. Truss rod adjustments
  85. Hipshot bass singles
  86. Stripping.
  87. Wanting to put a top on a guitar.
  88. Photoshop help please
  89. Bird's Eye maple
  90. Is there something that holds a guitar upright during setup?
  91. Siggery Guitars
  92. EBMM Factory Tour
  93. Installing a new bridge
  94. Would These Harley Benton Saddles be Good for an 8 String Multiscale?"
  95. Ibanez RG350MDX project/pickguard completed
  96. Routing for a BKP in a EBMM JP?
  97. Now I see why people like EB axes so much
  98. Glue for a cracked neck
  99. Problems with adjusting truss rod on Ibanez K-7 (not an asking how-to thread)
  100. Going to look at a used band saw - what to look for?
  101. Questions on upgrading Schecter Omen 6
  102. Bored Thought: What's classy?
  103. Affordable small CNC machine for guitar bodies?
  104. Pickup/control cavity routing question!
  105. To fan of not to fan?
  106. Anger management fan style.
  107. Ibanez Prestige neck question.
  108. Colored Binding!
  109. How to get a fret board super smooth/glide
  110. Gibson SG-X refinish & upgrades
  111. String-through bridges vs. top-loading
  112. Making a Blackmachine-like headstock
  113. Roberto-Venn project builds
  114. Anyone get a bridge from Fanned-Fret Innovations?
  115. Bending frets out - shim the floyd saddles?
  116. RG550xh sustain problems, diagnosis?
  117. Is It Worth Working With Padauk/Padouk/(However the f**k it's spelled)
  118. Has anyone used Titanium Neck bars ?
  119. Wood sickness D:<
  120. First build BM 7 attempt
  121. Low E string buzzing on RG7321
  122. Aluminum, glass and plywood (30", 6 strings, no frets)
  123. Lets try this again...but better!
  124. Portable Guitar Project
  125. Replaced my stock plastic nut with a Graphtech one....
  126. Making matte finish glossy?
  127. Anybody ever install a Hipshot?
  128. DIY burnt chrome pickup covers... help needed
  129. Bowed fretboard blank
  130. 7-String Bridge Recommendations Needed
  131. Looking for an Ideal Neck Wood (like everybody ever)
  132. nwd!! i have capslock.... beautiful roasted capslock!
  133. What wood is it???
  134. First build tele
  135. Les Paul Kits
  136. New 8 project - wood selection time
  137. NPD - White Dimarzios W/ Sub. Purple RG752FX
  138. Calling any PRS expert
  139. Advise On A Re-Finish
  140. Should I keep going with this inlay?
  141. Doubleneck Guitars/Basses. Any experience?
  142. Custom builder that will build a PRS Hollowbody knockoff?
  143. Wooden Pickup Rings (My First Attempt)
  144. Forgot how to shirt..
  145. Trend power tools?
  146. Wraparound bridge options
  147. Mod advice needed: neck adjustment
  148. Body staining?
  149. Ibanez s series thin?
  150. Is Flamed Buckeye Burl Common?
  151. Best technique for repainting back and sides of a guitar?
  152. 8 String build, with a few twists!
  153. Does placement of Truss rod matter?
  154. Truss Rod length?
  155. My first real build design.
  156. Starting first build- neck and staining question
  157. Necks for Ibby AANJ bodies
  158. Removing clear coat from side of fretboard?
  159. Not yet NGD - progress pic of my custom Jackson Kelly!
  160. Custom pickgaurd template (rough draft)
  161. Need help setting up my guitar.
  162. Pickup covers
  163. Help me please
  164. Keen to get started on my first build... but dat wood?
  165. Lesser Known 7/8/9 String Companies
  166. 3rd Carvin build: opinions?
  167. Any good ideas for piezo setups in a small control cavity?
  168. Wood at bridge screw chipped
  169. 26.5" to 25.5" conversion?
  170. Ebonized fretboard
  171. Popped fret repairs
  172. RGA 8 Nut Locks/Part Name
  173. Fanned Frets string-through bridge options? ETS, ABS, custom?
  174. Anyone keen on tackling a neck building job for me?
  175. FretsOnTheNet measurements?
  176. Any legit luthiers in the los angeles area that doesn't over charge?
  177. Where to buy sheilding foil/paint locally.
  178. Cracked Fretboard! What do i do? Help!
  179. Has anyone here ever moved a pickup closer to the bridge?
  180. Mahogany/Maple opinion
  181. Confusion About Killswitch Wiring
  182. NBD during a course at Sully Guitars
  183. Replacement Ibanez RG2228 neck?
  184. Steinberger gearless tuners on a headless
  185. Daemoness guitar quotes question
  186. Need a custom luthier
  187. Woodworking horror stories (safety tips for others)
  188. Covering fret markers
  189. Opinions/reviews of Acacia custom guitars
  190. Help with Stain......
  191. 7string Fanned fret Neck through siggi braun/avenger build
  192. I fell into a burning (pickup) ring of fire
  193. Floyd Rose in Place of a ZR Trem in an S Series Ibanez!
  194. Post your Wrapped Axe's
  195. RG Neck Pocket
  196. Guthrie Govan Signature Charvel Builder's Diary
  197. Fretboard radiusing question
  198. Teach me how to set up a Floyd rose easy, properly and professionally.
  199. Multiscale Conundrum
  200. First (semi)custom build: XEN/Rusti DC8
  201. Early work in progress shot of the first ever Goulding wooden archtop.
  202. 80's ESP "M-VI" HSH Tele prototype/one-off restoration...
  203. Pdf.'s Plans & On-Screen Measurements (Noob Question) ?
  204. Informative fret dressing step by step
  205. Need your help with some custom build decisions!
  206. Ngb (continued)
  207. Cleaning oiled guitar
  208. Neck Building: How do YOU do it?
  209. Stupid noob paint question
  210. Swamp Ash?
  211. Heavy body woods
  212. What to do with my Ibanez Artist?
  213. TNP vs IPNP vs Endurneck?
  214. Fretboard Shrinkage: What to do?
  215. Infinite Radius // 180 neck angle
  216. Korean "Original" Floyd Rose Woes
  217. Local Guitar Repair/Setup/Customisation Leeds UK
  218. Balancing out walnut with tonewood
  219. First Build: Basic 6 String
  220. Just ordered a custom Waghorn...!
  221. First build (Blackmachine-esque)
  222. B-E nut spacing off by 1/16th
  223. Made a pickguard for my RG8 - went better than expected!
  224. One piece guitar?
  225. Mayones : Regius or Setius?
  226. Tele 7 accident,
  227. Finding tools to build an 8-string
  228. Looking for a luthier to build me an Ibanez AANJ neck with an Endurneck profile
  229. First time try
  230. Sealing/protecting a "Canadian Maple" fretboard!?
  231. TK Guitars
  232. Ergo 7 (attempt 2)
  233. Custom Builder Choice Generator (CBCG; I guess that could be chord progression)
  234. Who could build me this ?
  235. Good Luthier Schools in Cali?
  236. Materials/Process for making your own multi-scale bridge
  237. Dual Scale (25.5"-34") Modified Les Paul Headless Build
  238. Multiscale 6 String Build
  239. Lefthand build
  240. Ultimate 8
  241. The Best Guitar You've Ever Played
  242. Question regarding Ibanez and Replacement bodies
  243. How to make satin Skervesen 'pop' more?
  244. Skeversen guitar contact?
  245. Sevenstring 27" baritone strat.
  246. Noob figuring out how to install DA8 onto RG8
  247. Help me pick a body shape for my walnut 8 string FF
  248. Strange Inlay Project
  249. Noob:What to use for non-lacquer finish?
  250. Quartersawn roasted maple vs multi-laminate neck??
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