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  1. Ibanez decals and pickguards for a 7620
  2. Ground issue, please help!
  3. Seymour Duncan Pegasus vs. BKP Nailbomb or Holydiver
  4. Ash or Alder Body with Mah Neck
  5. Planing a guitar build
  6. Siggi Braun Custom Build Thread
  7. Fretboard template for laser cutting machine!?
  8. Light wood alternative to maple as fretboard material?
  9. New Build! Fanned fret 8, headless... complete n00b!!
  10. Mayones vs Siggi Braun
  11. True Temperament / Evertune 7's
  12. 8 bit computer tribute
  13. 1st Full Build - ...and away we go
  14. Limit Break Multiscale! (FF7 Inlay content + FF build Story)
  15. Jackson quilted maple repaint
  16. Mayones ABM bridge question
  17. Kit guitars - like kit cars
  18. Mayones TEW Option - Takes Longer?
  19. Planning to buy a Mayones, opinions?
  20. Neck Build Class at Sully Guitars
  21. Photoshop question
  22. Bolt On Method....what's your method and why?
  23. Delete please
  24. Angled bolt-on neck?
  25. ? about natural mahogany finish
  26. My Elysian carvetop - Slime Burst
  27. Ibanez rg7321 bridge exchange
  28. Luthier or guitar repair men in east Massachusetts?
  29. Roller bridge for 7's?
  30. Should I "sink" my bridge?
  31. Soon to be Mayones NGD!
  32. Tapper design idea: extending usable scale by making more use of string length
  33. Can I commision a wiring diagram from someone?
  34. Fender 7 string Strat project
  35. Hey Everyone
  36. Help vejichan build a parts guitar! [Megathread]
  37. Multiscale Adventures
  38. Skervesen order
  39. New nut size for my rgd2127fx
  40. Handcrafted guitars from Croatia [Wreck Guitars]
  41. Schecter Demon 7 Project Guitar - Input needed!
  42. Metal body build_7string headless!
  43. Fanned frets vs regular frets
  44. Custom Tele 7
  45. RIP Fretboard, 2 neck... Can I salvage this last neck?
  46. Help achieving this finish?
  47. Fanned Fret Question.
  48. Custom shop 7
  49. Best 8-9 string bridge suggestions (Hipshot or else)?
  50. New build and first 7 string - Agape Guitars
  51. Guitar Parts Worldwide shop, experience?
  52. Is there any reason at all I should not get a Skervesen?
  53. Anyone bought from this wood supplier?
  54. Project No.4: 7FR 25.5' soloist 'May-son'
  55. Bowed neck wood and fretboard thickness?
  56. Planning to chop up a 6505 combo, advice?
  57. Brass Nut Adjustment?
  58. TeleStrat Project
  59. Designing the layout of an electronics cavity
  60. Bone-nut vs floyd nut
  61. Wooden pickup covers?
  62. The Guitar Tips, Tricks, and Hacks Thread
  63. Building Amps?
  64. Thoughts on this body shape
  65. Kiesel/Carvin factory tour video (Gear Gods)
  66. Boden OS7 refinish? thoughts?
  67. Keeping allen wrenches nearby for your Floyd Rose equipped guitar
  68. 7 String Floyd Rose routing template
  69. Truss Rods and pickup depths...
  70. Help for a first "guitar" attempt
  71. What products to use when cleaning unfinished top?
  72. Thicker string gauge doesn't fit in locking nut!
  73. Attempting to Build a Guitar For Summer Project
  74. ESP replacement neck.
  75. I need help with painting a guitar.
  76. Korea's WMI vs. FujiGen
  77. Marty Friedman Prs upgrades.
  78. Advice on powered planers and helical cutters
  79. Best 'soft' tremolo springs?
  80. Ibanez RGT42DXFX Project
  81. Nope
  82. Difficulty doing a scarf joint on a rosewood neck?
  83. Schaller hannes
  84. New fan fret 8 string build!
  85. What bridges will fit on an Ibanez AX7221?
  86. Renk - Siren7
  87. Cost when shipping a Carvin to Canada?
  88. Scared newb in need of advice.
  89. Jahn fanned 8 build thread
  90. Paint an Ibanez RG 1527 Prestige
  91. Ferrule Plates
  92. Recommend a good wood supplier for cocobolo?
  93. Best fretwire to use?
  94. Ibanez Rg8 Super Strat Body .dwg or .dxf
  95. My 2009 JP6 Restoration Project
  96. Building a Stratocaster, show me your builds!
  97. Ibanez RG 752 BKP Covers
  98. Filing Fret Wire
  99. Marty Siggery serious issue
  100. Looking for luthier suggestions, 6 & 7's, Fan Fret + True Temp
  101. What do you use for routing templates?
  102. Entering the world of light modifications
  103. ESP custom shop
  104. Im ready for the bashing on this thread but....
  105. HELP! Setting up my first ever guitar... but how?! many questions!!!
  106. Finishing wood question
  107. Repost - Question about FretFind2D!
  108. Any skerverson Users in the NY area
  109. Made my own Fretwrap. (Tutorial)
  110. What kind of stain is this? and best way to recreate it?
  111. FretFind2D
  112. Should I put a brass nut on my partscaster?
  113. Manson Inspired Build
  114. Making a flat finish glossy?
  115. Tube Amp Parts
  116. Red cedar in guitar neck?
  117. How long to let clear coat set before wet sanding?
  118. Pickup Routes for SE Custom 24 7-String (Sorry)
  119. Hipshot tuning machines for a 7-string
  120. Jackson fret size
  121. Inserts vs. wood screws for neck/pickup mounting?
  122. Anyone here proficient enough in vcarve pro (CAD program) to draw an RG8 body?
  123. Q&A Video - Tolex Glue
  124. Best Place for Guitar Refinish?
  125. Someone needs to finish a top like this.
  126. Lampshade knob will not fit
  127. Carvin SCB6/SC90 template?
  128. Help buiding a guitar
  129. 5 String, Fanned Fret, Headless Bass (Already in Progress)
  130. Thinking of ordering a new Carvin DC7X... Couple questions.
  131. Strandberg/P-90/Walnut/Maple 7-string
  132. Need advice on fixing the uneven fret
  133. Veneers for necks and bodies
  134. Pickguard on the ltd te406?
  135. Trying to figure out how to do custom wiring...
  136. Question about multi piece necks/laminates
  137. Body jointing technique question
  138. Knightro @NAMM
  139. Super Strat Partscaster?
  140. Sparkle Finish
  141. Gloss black to flat
  142. Second build, Modern/BM/super strat
  143. Canarywood properties?
  144. Threaded inserts + finish question
  145. Need help finding Samick Floyd Rose from 90's
  146. New Graphic project RG
  147. Mahogany and swamp ash (not a VS question)
  148. Headstock designs...
  149. Honduras rosewood/ Indi. Rosewood neck?
  150. Second build: Multi-scale Seven
  151. Could I put an Ibanez neck with a locking nut on a body with a fixed bridge?
  152. Let's talk about fret sizes
  153. Headless and ff hardware alternative
  154. What do you look for in a small business luthier?
  155. Blackat vs skervesen
  156. My third build (7string) Spalted Maple / FF
  157. Build # 2 / new wood day
  158. Lowering action on acoustic piezo bridge?
  159. Finding a quality neck for a good price.
  160. Nope
  161. Black metal piggy-bank is almost ready for incoming RAN
  162. How can this broke?
  163. Evertune question; yes, again, more questions
  164. Mystery Bass, who made this?
  165. GTP Tele style build and some other goodies
  166. Harness recommendations?
  167. Mark Eight- the skeels Tele
  168. 1999 Schecter Revenger (Proper pics this time)
  169. Harbor Freight tools for guitar work?
  170. Project No.3: 7FF soloist 'Capa-ones'
  171. 8 string nut replacement RGA 8p
  172. Chinese Fakemachine build thread
  173. Is it possible/easy to re-inlay a neck?
  174. The Hunter's twin?
  175. Ibanez EX 7 string.
  176. I want nicer knobs.. yup.
  177. Bulding a "live in" amp & cab case
  178. Whats so good about really thin necks?
  179. Floppy B-string
  180. Rob chappers, ghost fret prototype video.
  181. Korina for 7-string body and neck - any experiences?
  182. I know some people have an interest in wood/woodworking/carpentry
  183. Removing and replacing a truss rod
  184. Flat neck radius 6-string with floating trem
  185. What's the most drastic compound radius you've ever tried?
  186. Who knows a good chrome shop?
  187. Ibanez rg7420, mod ideas.
  188. Multiscale neck break angle
  189. Evertune retrofit on my Godin Redline1
  190. Neon Pollock Build.
  191. I've got a few questions..
  192. DIY pedalboard
  193. Shad Peters' (luthier) shop burned down. :(
  194. Do I need to replace this nut?
  195. Help choosing neck finish
  196. Skervesen 7 strings - Chambered body or not?
  197. Time for Maintenance - Tuners and Insert Blocks
  198. Fretfind issue with multiscale bridge spacing
  199. Need tolex and cab hardware in Canada
  200. 7 string tele style build help
  201. First Build Walnut, Sycamore and a P90!
  202. Jol Dantzig's advice for people looking to build guitars for a living
  203. Idea: conical sanding drum for making compound radius fretboards
  204. Ibanez RG dimensions?
  205. Double V. Skeels V Pondman build.Its not really a competition :)
  206. Which machinehead tuners to get for my LP?
  207. Question about binding and finishing procedures...
  208. First Neck Build
  209. Charvel So-Cal: Replaced the Trem bar!
  210. Mod advise: Nuts and Saddles
  211. Is it possible to do diy inlays?
  212. Custom guitar decals?
  213. Rick Toone S2 Custom
  214. Accurate plans for a Mayones Regius
  215. Worth getting a new fixed bridge body made for Ibanez 7?
  216. About Mayones
  217. Does wood affect tone, here we go again, interesting testing from David Strandberg
  218. About to order a Mayones duvell elite 7...
  219. CNC Fingerboard Radius
  220. Specs for my next guitar? Who can build it?
  221. Graphtech String Saver Question
  222. How do I lighten this guitar?
  223. Planning to have my Jackson re-finished
  224. Matte clear finish?
  225. Week of new JS22-7 bridges Pt. 2 - fixed Floyd content
  226. Steel Wooling a Guitar Neck
  227. Body wood that matches well with maple neck and maple board?
  228. Need help building thickness sander
  229. A new build - 8,9, or 10 with mango
  230. Ibanez RG Help?
  231. Anyone ever done a re-fret on an Agile?
  232. Carvin's Tung Oil Satin Neck and Body
  233. Recommendations for company/person for custom guitar?
  234. Getting some GAS
  235. Re-fretting Vs. Filing to fix Buzz/Dead notes
  236. Buy Chinese clone guitar and use it as Project guitar?
  237. Questions about Carvin and Custom Orders (Kim Se-Hwang)
  238. Suggestions for a good killswitch?
  239. Ferrules that fit a LTD MH-1000
  240. ESP Refinish -First Timer
  241. Pick up routing.
  242. Quads.
  243. Ibanez Black Replacement Bridge?
  244. Nut factory-offset in wrong direction
  245. 7 String Archtop Guitar Build
  246. RG7421 Refinish Project
  247. 24-tone Agile 7 string
  248. Nope
  249. Composite fretboard materials
  250. Questions about refinishing