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  1. Inability to rep = no ability to criticize without defending that criticism! Yeah!
  2. A NAMM subsection
  3. Section or sub-section for band/artist appreciation threads
  4. Market section - location filter
  5. When selling guitar, Required to disclose if original owner or not
  6. Location based member areas!
  7. Sorting Custom NGD's into a section
  8. A Closed thread should be closed in every aspect
  9. Should only be able to rep 5 times in a 24 hour period
  10. Marketplace rules
  11. Why can't we edit posts?
  12. Will we ever see the front page again?
  13. Fraud attempt on sso
  14. Random pics at top of sso
  15. Guitar setup thread/subforum
  16. Typo on the Spy/live posts page
  17. Site Rules: they need to go in the right place.
  18. Automotive Section
  19. Gear List in Everyone's Sig
  20. Tab request megathread?
  21. An app
  22. Rep System Gone in 2014
  23. Gear/Guitar For Sale Changes
  24. Can we get an [OTHER INSTRUMENTS] under Music Discussion?
  25. New idea
  26. Deleting our own threads in the For Sale section.
  27. Do Guthrie Govan and Animals as Leaders still need our help?
  28. Tapatalk?
  29. Twitter/FB style "Tagging" in posts?
  30. Links to source on massive copy/pastes?
  31. Can we immediately delete Sales with a Gift-Only requirement immediately?
  32. Goodbye Gear Day Threads?
  33. Name Change Thread
  34. Why was my thread moved to the "Beginner" section?
  35. Incoming NGD/Almost NGD/etc threads
  36. No like button on my tablet
  37. So what's the like etiquette on here?
  38. Not receiving emails when sent PM's
  39. Wonky search function
  40. Deleting old classifieds threads
  41. ITrader feedback problem
  42. Do we need feeler threads?
  43. Ability to close our own threads in the marketplace section?
  44. Notifications when you are quoted
  45. New Posts Link
  46. Sorry guys
  47. Mods should start following their own rules
  48. Feedback system feedback
  49. Gifs as avatars
  50. We should really suss out what does and what doesn't justify having a Megathread.
  51. Positive feedback
  52. Splitting the Recording Studio into two subforums?
  53. I have an idea for megathreads
  54. Please. A simple request
  55. Chat details!
  56. Keyword Notifications
  57. No bump option?
  58. Why did I get banned?
  59. Angry traders... no threads?
  60. Tapatalk compatibility
  61. Response column
  62. Please delete my reviews...
  63. Tags
  64. Musician Classifieds Idea
  65. Embedding Soundcloud into posts
  66. Strictly Videos
  67. Rep timer idea
  68. Spam: Solution ideas
  69. Fixing the Classifieds
  70. Mods? can i run this by you
  71. Forum slang etc.
  72. What's up with bing search?
  73. Auction section in Classifieds?
  74. Free LEGAL Downloads Thread?
  75. I was banned yesterday...
  76. GDTs (General Discussion Threads)
  77. The Rep System Should Be Terminated
  78. New Signatures.
  79. Tab, Enter after typing up a post...
  80. Phone app
  81. Band Spam Rule?
  82. How to buy your first seven string.
  83. International shipping added to FS template
  84. How about a visual que for bans?
  85. Small List of Recommendations
  86. More characters for custom user titles?
  87. How about a no bump option?
  88. List of how to
  89. Why my post was deleted ???
  90. Songwriting Subforum?
  91. Beginner/Cheap Seven/Eight String Guide
  92. Headless social group
  93. Musicians classifieds by state/countries
  94. Social Groups Reformation
  95. Post Count doesn't change ?
  96. A question for the mods
  97. Looking for feedback on deleted post
  98. Disabling the Like system?
  99. Sticky Thread in the recording section for beginners
  100. Lack of undertext for LM&C section
  101. GoTM
  102. Including Country in FS/FT/WTB
  103. Site Admin Why is my posts getting deleted???
  104. Idea about ban lifting date!
  105. How to best encourage doing searches? (and no, I have no suggestions!)
  106. Changing the way that new members conduct themselves on this board
  107. Tag Someone In a Post
  108. HELP! Not able to download patches from the library.
  109. Member-made guitars
  110. Posting in marketplace
  111. Writing Bench/Theory Discussion
  112. Missing Security Token? I cant upload pics
  113. Creating a soundcloud group for Sevenstring.org
  114. Separate forum section for member's bands?
  115. Classifieds: instead of saying
  116. Download Page Problem
  117. Subforums
  118. Misc. Instruments FS/FT/WTB Board?
  119. Necrobump?
  120. Why are some threads not found in new posts?
  121. Guides...
  122. Suggestions CHAT NIGHT
  123. Can't subscribe to threads?
  124. Completed Single or Album Releases
  125. Thanked Posts and "I'm a dumb-ass"
  126. Classifieds section
  127. Suggestion: WIKI modes for topics
  128. Possible additions forums
  129. Editing thread titles, now possible!
  130. Tool to mark all forums/posts read?
  131. Deleting private messages...
  132. Songwriting/vocalist/lyrics subforum?
  133. Random Vid Thread Sticky
  134. How about not banning your users?
  135. Bing Search Add
  136. Android/iPhone/BB/Nokia Users - Tapatalk for SS.org??
  137. I'd like a grey area ironed out..
  138. Sevenstring Apple iPhone App
  139. Guitar Of The Year?
  140. I has a question!
  141. 18+ thread?!
  142. Tube Social Group
  143. Next to FS/WTB/FT, box to put your Location in the thread title? or...
  144. Cleaning up the Reviews Forums
  145. Banning based on neg rep level
  146. Are baritones ERGs?
  147. Sticky Request
  148. Security alert?
  149. I'm not much an expert navigator of forums so I need a little help...anyone?
  150. RSS works—Kinda, sorta
  151. Post Thanks / Feedback / Reputation math?
  152. "Freebies" forum
  153. Songwriting forum?
  154. Neg rep with impunity
  155. Quick question about rep
  156. PIDF group?
  157. Neg rep regulation?
  158. Can we have iTrader ratings displayed in the Classified threads again?
  159. Can we plaese have the old "signature" style?
  160. Ability to change your thread titles??
  161. Marketplace Suggestions
  162. Isn't peoples opinion worth a shit here anymore?
  163. Probably never happen but...
  164. New GOTM nomination rule - yay or nay?
  165. The search doesnt work well..
  166. Forum quicklinks
  167. Rule proposition about the marketplace
  168. The Home Depot comp is drawing to a close - what's next?
  169. New post update suggestion
  170. CD/Tape Trade thread?
  171. YouTube videos
  172. Option to change screen name?
  173. Wanted to change th thread name
  174. Country flags in FS section
  175. FS Rules linking
  176. Vocal Section?
  177. Site Playlist
  178. Chat Rooms
  179. Post Count
  180. Motoring forum?
  181. SS.org Top Albums list
  182. Regarding Over-Moderation and Mod Style
  183. Forum Etiquette Sticky
  184. Sevenstring.org Calendar 2: THE RECALENDARING
  185. Had an idea
  186. Tags
  187. Can we separate the "guitars for sale/trade/wanted" section?
  188. Suggestion: Moar T-shurts!!!
  189. Forum Suggestions Megathread - what do you want?
  190. LARGE pictures size. Do we really need it?
  191. FS/FT/WTB section suggestion
  192. New 100k thread in OT?
  193. Group Request Thread
  194. Year old thread bumps are pretty awesome.
  195. People of ss.org, I call upon you!
  196. Different name colour for the guitar makers?
  197. Suggestion: iTrader Link In 'Dealer' Section
  198. Hot Auction thread for other gear...?
  199. Ibanez XL Group
  200. RHLC Group
  201. Possible tool for interviews?
  202. Site Store
  203. :crabwalk: or :zoidberg:
  204. Really minor suggestion: chat room button state change
  205. Quoting a bunch of pics from the same page...
  206. :edroman:
  207. Replying to spam posts
  208. Rep system
  209. Location/contact info/references form in the FS sections
  210. 7 string tabs!!
  211. Anyone concerned about the banners generating by relevant words?
  212. New Smiley??
  213. Calendar?
  214. Hot Auction Thread
  215. Combining Avatar Edit and User Title Edit?
  216. Anti-spam
  217. "The Lounge" - should it be viewable to guests?
  218. "New posts" search not working.
  219. HALP!!!
  220. Posts in OT adding to your "post count"...?
  221. :facepalm:
  222. Jeff Loomis interview
  223. :djent:
  224. Country/Continent Flag for FS/FT/WTB Threads
  225. Option for Main Sixstring?
  226. Quote function in profile/group comments?
  227. Forum index link
  228. Sevenstring.org official merchandise?????
  229. Alternative color scheme?
  230. Ban?
  231. Locking your own Classified Threads
  232. Chris! High five, buddy! (Smiley Req)
  233. Rig of the Month
  234. [idea] RigTones
  235. 7-String, ERG Music Database?
  236. Forum navigation bars in threads
  237. My humble smilie submission
  238. GOTM Suggestion.
  239. T-Shirt design site: Zazzle.com
  240. New Posts
  241. Persistant Search Error
  242. Dropdown navigation widget.
  243. Another eRep level...
  244. Feedback: References message in Classifieds threads
  245. Minor Suggestion
  246. Heavier moderation of tech advice/subjective stuff?????
  247. Thread Closures
  248. Online Deals Forum?
  249. Feedback: Multiquote.
  250. Friend notifications, message notifications
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