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  1. May I have some assistance with EZD2 please? :)
  2. Just wanted to say (video included)...
  3. EZ Drummer Metal Machine
  4. Superior Drummer 2.0 Hi Hat Pedal Automation?
  5. Superior 2.0 tips (Cubase 5)
  6. Messing with miking some cymbals.
  7. Neal Peart's Kit
  8. In case you were wondering... (An honest review of Aerodrums)
  9. Cymbal help
  10. Recommendations: Comfy, Soft Drum Throne?
  11. Advice for a drum kit
  12. Pintech e kit
  13. New original song with my brother (Drum video)
  14. Rock Warehouse SDX
  15. Drum kit for a newbie?
  16. Help me choose ezdrummer2 midi banks
  17. Kurt Ballou's New Drum Library
  18. Superior Drummer 3.0 announced?
  19. Classic Rock is fun to play (original stuff)
  20. Need drum advice on this mix!! help!!
  21. Drum programmer needed
  22. Drumming.exe
  23. Tool - "Triad" Drum Lesson (drum nerd content)
  24. Superior Drummer preset help
  25. A couple of new videos (one session and one Meshuggah cover)
  26. Superior Drummer feedback
  27. How do you "practice" your drum programming? (EZD)
  28. Travis Orbin "Project" EP
  29. Fear The Angels
  30. SSD4 question
  31. Terry Bozzio on Touring the World's Largest Tuned Kit
  32. Session drum video II
  33. New Seraph Drum samples available now!!!
  34. Upgrading my pedals, opinions needed.
  35. In search of some songs to cover
  36. Benny Greb DVD Indigogo
  37. Session drum video (original song, soft material)
  38. SSD 4 EX Sampler Installation Issue
  39. Does anyone know how to update superior drummer?
  40. So some ideas
  41. Check out my kit!
  42. Motherlover
  43. How on Earth do I get the punch Misha has in this video?
  44. EZdrumer 2 - keyboard shortcuts ??
  45. Room Sound Drum Samples Vol. 2 On Sale!
  46. Timing
  47. New drum video (original song)
  48. Help with double bass speed
  49. Meshuggah - "The Demon's Name is Surveillance" Drum Cover
  50. Steven slate trigger - fat snare sounds?
  51. Going to convert my acoustic kit to ekit....module???
  52. Korg Nanopad 2 and Superior 2.0 I need help
  53. Learning to durm- tips on excercises
  54. NDD! The Journey Begins
  55. Looking to hire drum programmer
  56. Advice or tips for creating drum beats with Superior
  57. Drums for a beginner! 11 year old boy.....
  58. Enstride - Simple Curiosity (Multi-cam drums)
  59. Looking for feedback on Axis E-Kit Triggers
  60. Is anyone on here an actual drummer?
  61. Help improve my drum mix?
  62. NDD! Edrums are fun!
  63. Need microphone adapter for drum rack
  64. I need help identifying this cymbal
  65. Yet another person looking to start drums.
  66. Bongos???!
  67. My setup.
  68. Recording electric drums into Reaper
  69. Meshuggah - "Shed" Drum Cover (plus an original song)
  70. Looking into Drum Samples, Have a Couple Questions
  71. Guitar Pro 6 midi drums into EZdrummer Metal Machine?
  72. Superior Drummer w/ Nolly's Supraphonic Sample
  73. Toontrack Ezdrummer 2 (May 6 2014)
  74. Where to start?
  75. All That Remains - 'This Calling' Multi-Cam Drum Cover (look at the footwork!)
  76. Electronic drums as sample pad?
  77. I need someone to program drums
  78. Reprogramming midi notes??
  79. Jamming over a track!
  80. Gaga Alert...
  81. Animals as Leaders - I love Matt.
  82. I posted a drum cover with my new mics woohoo
  83. Check out my drummers playthrough video!
  84. First drum set?
  85. 27" scale 6 string F# standard strings
  86. Cheap electronic drum kit?
  88. How does this not have more views? (humorous content)
  89. Started playing with polyrhythms
  90. Gorod Introduces new drummer 2014!
  91. Meinl Byzance Trash Crash!!!
  92. Portable guitar project
  93. Drum Forums?
  94. NDKD: New drum kit day...Matt Halpern? (Pic heavy)
  95. Best method for learning self-taught drums
  96. The Black Dahlia Murder snare from Nocturnal test
  97. Midi drum loops for hard rock/metal?
  98. GP5 Drums
  99. Toontrack best drum expansions/midi drum loops etc...
  100. Anyone know Drum Exercises?
  101. Machine Shop drum tone
  102. Need drummer for my rock/metal song!
  103. NEEDD: New Ersatz Electronic Drumkit Day
  104. New drum video (original music)
  105. Drums Studio report from my updoming album FANTASIA production sessions.
  106. Something to complement my current set of cymbals
  107. Sabian B8 super cymbal set
  108. Drum sticks!
  109. NDD Pearl Reference
  110. NBDD(New Bass Drum Day)
  111. Newb question(s)
  112. Yamaha VS Roland
  113. Maschine Mikro - What Am I Missing?
  114. LUDWIG drum purchase
  115. Can someone explain paradiddles?
  116. Any of you guys want to help me write for this track im working on?
  117. Angel Vivaldi's Drummer Bill Fore
  118. Help needed!
  119. Addictive drums or superior drummer!?
  120. MIDI drum kit flange/clipping/velocity issues
  121. New to drum programming... need serious help
  122. NDD! Fernando Drum Set w/ Zildjian Cymbals
  123. Drums for recordings done in jamup pro?
  124. Drum software?
  125. Mainstage for sampling?
  126. Cymbal stacks
  127. How can I strength my drum sound?
  128. NDSMD (New Drum Sound Module Day)!
  129. Sensory Amusia - "Introspection" drum playthrough
  130. Rem-O-rings, studio rings, etc: how to transport them?
  131. Programming polyrhythms?
  132. When the top choice just isnt for you...
  133. I suck at programming drums
  134. Quiet Drum Recording/Triggering
  135. Price of Superior Drummer
  136. I NEED CAPZ
  137. Alright guys, I've been wondering about this
  138. First Drum Set!!!!
  139. Thinking of upgrading Edrums for recording
  140. How do you make midi drums sound realistic?
  141. Playing Guitar + Drums
  142. Help recording ez drums in cubase
  143. Roland TD-30KV and Superior Drummer question
  144. E-Kit with no samples included?
  145. Korean Drummer Does It His Way
  146. Best small/minimalist kit?
  147. EZ drummer in cubase, need help
  148. Electronic drums I have no clue hallpp
  149. Using electronic drum kit just as a controller
  150. Drum programs
  151. NDD! Korg Nanopad2
  152. NDD: MEINL Blackriver Rope-Tuned Djembe
  153. Beginning drummer
  154. Pedal Help
  155. Korg Nanopad2 reviews?
  156. Elec. kit for beginner drummer?
  157. Electric Drum Kits
  158. PLEASE help! installation probelms with Superior Drummer...
  159. Drum Sampling Plugin?
  160. Systems- Drum play through
  161. Need advice on exit patterns from random time signatures.
  162. EZ Drummer tone crit?
  163. First Attempt at Programming Drums
  164. Help/Suggestions on EQing Custom Electronic Drum Kits
  165. EP Drum video
  166. Toontrack EZ Drummer for cheap on amazon!
  167. Hickory, Oak, or Maple?
  168. Whitechapel - Section 8 cover
  169. Custom Snare Samples
  170. Snare straps
  171. Cymbal Bags
  172. Roland TD kit for use with Superior drummer
  173. Help choosing buying first acoustic drum kit.
  174. Amazon Ezdrummer Metal Machine D(ST)EAL!
  175. Tracking a song in the studio (Prog death)
  176. Someone to program drums?
  177. Doom Metal Loops?
  178. F.E.A.R. (Twelve Foot Ninja Cover)
  179. Help with programming drums 2 songs
  180. Current Goals for Cymbal Set Up
  181. Can I use metal machine with superior drummer?
  182. Noob question about sticks
  183. PA for drum trigger?
  184. My drummer covers Twelve Foot Ninja!
  185. Backbone by Gojira
  186. Cymbal Question
  187. Chris Lucas - A Superior Multi-Out/Stem Printing Tutorial
  188. Beginning drums?
  189. Superior troubles D:
  190. Tool - "Triad" Drum Cover
  191. Ezdrummer DFK or Metal Machine? Which do you prefer?
  192. Drum take comping
  193. Trying to decide on EZDrummer
  194. An reasonable electronic drum kit
  195. Looking for some advice
  196. Drumcore No Sound
  197. PA for drummer
  198. Zendrum WTF?
  199. Mixing/Humanizing Drums
  200. Hat midi - pedal velocity?
  201. Double-tracking & panning drums
  202. Samples **NEED HELP**
  203. Not able to edit velocities..
  204. Midi hit translation in Reaper?
  205. Cubase or Sonar for drum programming
  206. Slate Drums 4.0 or Superior Drummer 2.0?
  207. A little E-Kit help please?
  208. Hard 'gabber' kick?
  209. Custom Snare Drum
  210. Need help finding good drums.
  211. Drums Programming
  212. How do I assign specific drum hits from EzD to my midi keyboard
  213. Longboard pedals vs. regular ones?
  214. Suggestions for my drums(ez drummer)
  215. Need advice on my drum sound!
  216. Drum EQ (murder construct/love sex machine)
  217. Sampling kit?
  218. New kit day! (Video inside, Tesseract content)
  219. Troy Wright's "Koloss" album medley
  220. Drum Play Through
  221. Roland TD-4KX2 for recording?
  222. EZ Drummer help
  223. Hey anyone who can program drums, quick favor, born of osirs esq drums?
  224. Tenor/Timpani/Taiko Sheet music?
  225. EZ Drummer users(mixer settings)
  226. NDD (Belated) Christmas Orange Content
  227. Animals as Leaders-Behaving Badly(drum cover)
  228. NDD!!! TD-12
  229. Programming questions..
  230. VST Drum plugins that use a step sequencer
  231. Expanding Electric Kit
  232. Drum mixing/programming guide for guitar players!
  233. Electronic Drumset Recommendations?
  234. 20" floor toms rvle. (my refurb/coversion)
  235. My drummer covers....Justin Timberlake? (Multi-Cam vid inside)
  236. Original track on drums (Sonor SQ2)
  237. Guitarist trying to program drums
  238. Looking for gear advice!
  239. New beast kit day!!
  240. Opinions on the Alesis electronic kits?
  241. Budget Electronic Kit that works?
  242. Do these drums sound programmed to you?
  243. Afordable 20" or 18" bass drums?
  244. New Box Day!
  245. Decent trum triggers
  246. NDD! Tama Starclassic Bubinga
  247. Need help buying a drum set for a kid.
  248. The Drummer in Me
  249. Drum software advice...Ez drummer vs SD vs SSL etc
  250. Maple or Birch?
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