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  1. NBD: Kiesel Vader VB5
  2. Looks like Rondo has a new bass in the pipeline.....
  3. Please Recommend a 35" Scale Budget 5 String
  4. NBD! Amazing Value!
  5. (delayed) NBD: ACG Finn R Type Singlecut 6 String
  6. NBD: Ibanez BTB 7, just kidding, Conklin GT-7
  7. Twiggy bass tone in drop F
  8. Nope
  9. NBD: Dingwall ABZ5
  10. Not so new basses day.
  11. Decent cheap bass to replace Zombass 3?
  12. Bass tone to cut through a mix?
  13. How to solve thin sound on higher strings?
  14. NBD: Squier 60s Vibe Jazz Bass
  15. NBD: Warwick Thumb 5 BO
  17. Silly question, but do bassists also palm mute when the guitars do?
  18. Rondo Brice multi-scale 6!
  19. Is genzbenz shuttle 6 too much amp for a peavey 18" black widow cab?
  20. Brice (Rondo) 6-string fanned-fret bass
  21. NUBD Ibanez BTB405QM
  22. Squier Jazz Bass neck replacement
  23. Squier - Made in <insert name here>
  24. How much tension is too much?
  25. New to bass; could use some guidance
  26. Budget 5-6 string bass for downtuning (down to F#)
  27. What basses have the narrowest neck?
  28. Floating or anchored thumb?
  29. NBD: obnoxious Dingwall content
  30. Best amp sims for bass guitar
  31. NBD Legator ninja 5
  32. Recording 5-string Bass with 8-string guitar
  33. NBD: Japan+Jazz+Aerodyne= Sexual Healing?
  34. New to bass. Darkglass B7K question
  35. Ibanez SR305 Bridge Broken
  36. Need an amp
  37. Tuning a 5 string to drop C
  38. NBD - Ibanez BTB1605e
  39. Bass string gauge for drop tuned 8-string guitar DADGCFAD
  40. Researching my B. C. Rich Warlock Revenge bass
  41. NBD - LTD content
  42. Bass amp for home use - how many watts?
  43. Ibanez GSR206 or Cort Action Bass VI ?
  44. Yamaha bass stage 150
  45. Delineation between bass and guitar?
  46. Rocktron 300 Velocity with 8x10 cab *need advice*
  47. NAD.... Combo content...
  48. Belated NRD
  49. Kiesel multi-scale bass coming soon.
  50. Brice Defiant with Dingwall NG-2 Mods.
  51. Acoustic Bass String Suggestions
  52. Bass Soul Food
  53. Another new bass: Spector NS5CR
  54. Drop E bass amp suggestions
  55. NPD! Boss ODB-3
  56. Coal Chamber/Rayna Foss bass tone
  57. NBD: Ibanez BTB675 aka Pale Rider
  58. NBD - Ibanez btb406 deep blue
  59. NCD!
  60. Kalium Strings, Guitario, 24 string bass, 40" sub-bass, .266 gauge G#00 (Namm video)
  61. Kelly Bass, anyone?
  62. My arrangement of Tourniquet by Tesseract for bass
  63. Keep or return? Few issues with new bass
  64. Blah. This is why I only like buying used guitars from GC
  66. Just got a B7K. I just wanna see how everyone uses theirs.
  67. Darkglass Electronics Microtubes 700
  68. Discontinued Ibanez EU Bass Models
  69. I can't decide on how to tune my bass to compliment an 8 string guitar (sound clip)
  70. The search for warm bass tone.
  71. NGD, First Bass! Help Identifying?
  72. Jamiroquai -Time Won't Wait (BASS COVER)
  73. Bought my first bass: Sterling Sub 5
  74. Moving into the world of 5 or 6 string bass:
  75. Jauqo III X New Interview
  76. SUB Ray5 vs Ibanez SR505?
  77. Late NBD: Wolf 7 String
  78. The 1" is really matter by B tuning?
  79. Which bass guitar to buy from these?
  80. 5 string recommendations?
  81. Bass with active preamp and no passive tone
  82. NBD Zon Sonus Special TJ 6 Fretless
  83. Recording Bass - An interview
  84. Testing a theory
  85. Conklin Groove Tools 7 string or Brice multi scale 5 for Sub bass? E0
  86. Daddario NYXL Bass strings Beta Sample Demo
  87. Pedal board for dummies
  88. Best six string bass for tuning really really low?
  89. NBD: Ibanez SR1405e
  90. NBD Carvin LB76
  91. Tesseract-ish bass tone
  92. Are Japanese Tobias Basses Worth my Time?
  93. Which ibanez bass guitar should I choose?
  94. New Bass Day: Hartke WK-5
  95. Jauqo III - X Trioplocity : New CD Available Now
  96. 170+ gauge strings for 37" scale.
  97. Bass players! Christmas gifts under $100?
  98. Custom Brass Nuts
  99. Have a 5 string bass and play a 7 string in Drop A. How should I tune the bass?
  100. Kiesel / Carvin Vader Bass! 30" scale available!
  101. Hard shell case for BTB7
  102. Kalium strings : which length to choose for my bass
  103. .160 string for B0
  104. Moon Bass JJ-5 Customshop
  105. NBD: Yamaha TRBX174EW
  106. NBD: Ibanez fanned fret
  107. Bass pedalboard
  108. Jauqo III - X Trioplocity. Coming Soon
  109. Alex Webster's Extreme Metal Bass
  110. NBD - Dingwall Combustion
  111. Reggie Wooten's 12 string ERB
  112. NUBD: LTD (zero-octave content)
  113. What am I looking at here? (Kijiji ad, unable to identify)
  114. Dingwall NG-2 (Old NBD)
  115. Short scale basses..
  116. New bass pedal day (sansamp content)
  117. Rotosound Drop Zone+
  118. Help buying a bass for recording (5 string or no?)
  119. Old NBD: Warwick Corvette Pro 5 Ash Passive
  120. NBD fretless rondo content
  121. NBD! Schecter Stiletto Custom 5
  122. Upgrading my Bass Rig?
  123. BASS choices and tuning dilemmas
  124. 5 String drop Ab string sets?
  125. Confused about the battery in my ibanez sr375f
  126. Any experience with these basses?
  127. New compact double neck
  128. Good strings for extended scale basses in Europe?
  129. [NBD] Warwick Corvette Bubinga
  130. Darkglass Super Symmetry - Compressor
  131. String sizing for Drop C
  132. Installing Monster Strings in a not Slot-Loading Bridge
  133. NBD: Gibson SG Ebony Faded
  134. Orange OBC212
  135. Late NBD: MiA Jazz V
  136. Discussion on 5 string fretless tech death tone
  137. Darkglass B7K questions
  138. NBD! Carvin content.
  139. NBD: el cheapo Peavey Mellenium
  140. NBD: Purple is oh so delightful!
  141. What gauge for A/Ab standard on 35" bass
  142. Markbass cab help
  143. NBD: Dingwall NG-2 (Laguna Seca Blue)
  144. Help with Pickups/Amp Heads needed
  145. A question on what would be a good trade for my bass
  146. NBD x2! Dingwall content! Oh.. And a Yamaha. That too.
  147. Tips for writing/playing bass-only metal?
  148. NCD - Barefaced Bass Big Twin 2 Gen 3
  149. Maxon OD808 for bass?
  150. NGD: Yamaha TBRX 305 Candy Red
  151. What string gauge should I get?
  152. NGD: Sterling S.U.B. Ray 5
  153. Drop G tuning for Bass. G1 or G0?
  154. It exists: Rondo/Brice Defiant 7 string
  155. Decent fretless 6 string bass under $800?
  156. Brice Defiant 53437 Review (F#/Gb tuning with clip)
  157. Drop G Tuning Bass
  158. NBD : Bongo bingo !
  159. NBD! Warwick Fortress One Masterman
  160. Need help choosing a bass for recording
  161. NBD Jazzy and 70s
  162. Kalium Strings - Stainless Steel vs Nickel Hybrid (With A/B Clips)
  163. Single string bass
  164. Sandberg - what's with the body shape change? AKA Post-your-Sandberg-pics thread
  165. Trilian VSTi to drop A# or just in C standard?
  166. Replacing Ibanez SR305 bridge (Will this one fit?)
  167. Anyone Have Experience with Squier Mike Dirnt Bass?
  168. TC Electronic RH450 VS Aguilar Tone Hammer 500?
  169. Which octave for 8 string playing
  170. Hip Hop Bass playing
  171. Fanned Fret Bass Crowd..
  172. Help me pick a new bass - Fender Jazz V vs Carvin x64
  173. NBD: Pawn Store Stiffi
  174. Looking for a bass for a home recording project. Clarify me some issues
  175. Best YouTube series for learning Jazz bass?
  176. Really sore left hand from bass
  177. Bass + Strings Recommendation
  178. Late (NBD)!
  179. Tiny Bass amp?
  180. NBD Musicman Bongo 6 Stealth Pearl
  181. New bass and rig questions
  182. NBD Dingwall NG-2: Korosensei
  183. NBD - Dingwall NG2
  184. Black metal bass playing? (I know, I know, it's an oxymoron...:)
  185. Lakeland JB4??
  186. Do bass pickups matter?
  187. NBD Epiphone Accu-bass MiK (my first bass)
  188. Help me think about my first bass amp
  189. [NBD] Ibanez SR800 MiJ 92'
  190. Most transparent compression pedal for bass?
  191. 6 string fretless
  192. EQ pot replacement
  193. NBD: Gettin' the Grind on
  194. Ibanez sr800 or ltd surveyor?
  195. Reggae Bass
  196. Sandberg bass with Darkglass B7K video
  197. Bass Strings - Old vs New Comparison
  198. Talk out of buying this bass (LTD B-5E)
  199. Recording Bass parts...
  200. Pedal preferences for "doomy" bass
  201. How to get a "biting" bass tone?
  202. Best Bass Heads for $1k or less
  203. NBD: Brobinga Fanned content
  204. New Rig Day
  205. NBD Fame Baphomet 6 Fretless!
  206. Ibanez SRFF805 vs Brice Defiant 53437
  207. Just a dumb question but...
  208. Got my tax refund today! (SRFF805 content)
  209. NBD - a five-string, at long last!
  210. NBD: Maruszczyk Instruments ELWOOD L 4a-24+ "Amazaque" Lefthand
  211. New Cab Day
  212. What string gauges would you recommend?
  213. NBD: MM Sterling Ray34
  214. 7 string fretless bass song/video
  215. Bass Cab Options
  216. Opinions on Music Man Sub Basses?
  217. Hybrid fret/fretless bass?
  218. Need info about this Warwick.
  219. Bass amp for drop tuning help!
  220. Agile Septor bass?!
  221. Slapping the .... outta my bass live :D
  222. Getting better at bass again
  223. Bass tone help
  224. Can I run a Bass through a guitar amp?
  225. NPD Bartolini 59J in and SX Ursa 5
  226. Can someone recommend me a gauge for my bass?
  227. NBD Joining the fanned-fret club
  228. NBD! Warwick RB Corvette 5 (with a soundclip)
  229. Cheap and really long plain steel strings for ERB
  230. Appropriate string-set
  231. NBD: More bass, less space... apparently
  232. NBD! Harley Benton BZ-6000, lotsa' bass for little money.
  233. ALERT: stolen Thunderbird IV pro MD area
  234. NBD: Anime nerdyness Content
  235. Some guys on Talkbass are making a pedal based on the GK "hitting the rails" sound
  236. Looking for a bass. Get a good one, or add pups?
  237. Aristides 050 and POD HD500X Metal Bass Tone Test
  238. Ibanez SRFF805 vs floor stock BTB1405e
  239. Five strings or four?
  240. "Fanned fret" neck on regular body?
  241. New Ibanez SR300B-WK Vs. B-stock Squier Jazz Bass '77?
  242. NBD - old Ibanez SR305 __DEAL__
  243. Gonna get a new bass.....
  244. X2 NBD!! Upright and Phoenix content!
  245. Another one of these bass threads
  246. Ibanez SR505- not a bass for B standard?
  247. Optimum scale length / string gauge for F# ?
  248. NBD - Ibanez BTB686SC Terra Firma
  249. Bass backing tracks to jam with
  250. Need help with bass tuning.