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  1. SO I'm looking for a bass....
  2. New pickups
  3. NGD - 2008 Carvin LB75F
  4. Anyone had any luck with the Pod HD Pro Bass Model?
  5. Pink Floyd PULSE bassist
  6. If you play bass you need to check this out!
  7. Can someone help me identify this bass?
  8. The favourite basslines thread
  9. Axe-fx bass patches for Axe-change? Trying to achieve certain tone
  10. NGD Squier Vintage Modded Jazz Bass
  11. Ibanez gsrm25 - 5 string mikro
  12. What bass amp gives me this sort of tone?
  13. Anesthesia Pulling Teeth
  14. NBD: All hail the 80's bass!
  15. Educate me about bass?
  16. Gibson Bass
  17. What did Leland Sklaar use in this video ?
  18. BC RICH Innovator 5 string
  19. Pictures of a Schecter bass tuned to A or lower with Cirkle K strings on it?
  20. Finally, a 5er Premium ATK
  21. Looking for a lefty 5 string bass for prog metal. All help is appreciated!
  22. I'm new here, so I'd like to share a playthrough
  23. Not a Bass Guy - But Need a Specific Bass..
  24. HELP!
  25. NBD .. Dingwall ABZ 5
  26. Is this bass good for recording metal?
  27. New Bass Rig - Dingwall Combustion + Ampeg
  28. How to get this tone?
  29. NBAD - 4 digit wattage content
  30. String Gauges
  31. 8 string guitar ideas?
  32. Guitarist disguised as a bassist (Part II).
  33. Good bass tone with Axe Fx II
  34. String gauges for multiple tuings
  35. Thoughts on 18" driver for bass
  36. Mesa Boogie or Ampeg cabinet?? help needed
  37. Which ampegs are still US made?
  38. NBD: Blue Luthite Goodness
  39. BEAD on a jackson Ellefson CB-X?
  40. Jackson JS Kelly Bird
  41. J&D luthiers?
  42. NBD: Mexican P-Bass Content
  43. Unknown amp company puts out bass VST!
  44. Finally a virtual bass builder.
  45. Help upgrading rig and new bass!
  46. Detuning 4 string bass
  47. My (extremely late) NBD. + Adorable Kitty Content
  48. Help ID'ing some EMG bass pickups please
  49. NBD: Not your everyday Warwick
  50. My Woodo B5...
  51. Amazing bass player
  52. Crate Cab opinion.
  53. Bad ear for tone? (pics)
  54. Looking for a good used 5 string <$500
  55. Which 6 would be best?
  56. Help me Identify this Bass?
  57. Bridge for Subcontra bass
  58. My friend wants to spend money on effects.
  59. 5 string drop E
  60. YO, tips on getting this tone?
  61. Brice bass and circle k strings
  62. New Bass Day x2 (Decently good deals content)
  63. My sisters brother is actually santa(Bass Amp)
  64. Another Side Of The Blues/Featuring Fretless Sub contra Bass
  65. Amt Bc1 bass crunch or darkglass b7k
  66. NBD: Old School John Myung Content
  67. NBD: Orange flavored Carvin goodness
  68. NBD! (quilted Dean content)
  69. Three basses and no amp is getting a bit silly. (help?)
  70. Playing Around with My Fretless... (Video w *decent* audio content)
  71. NBD Schecter Studio 5
  72. Some Fretless Sub contra Bass
  73. Schecter Bass String Gauge Need Help!
  74. Carvin 6 or Dingwall Combustion?
  75. Zoom B3? BASS Amp Modeling & Effects ($200!)
  76. Ibanez SR525
  77. Enke Designs.
  78. Does this make me a fool or a good guy?
  79. Whats your Favorite Bass
  80. Buying My First (6 String) [Need Help]
  81. NGD - HB BDI-2000 (pics!)
  82. Squier P Bass
  83. Please check out my play through vid
  84. Searching for a realistic bass guitar VST
  85. Sub-contra bass...
  86. Jazz bass style pickup for a soap bar emg sized pick up hole?
  87. Help choose a bass rig. Head and Cab?
  88. In honor of my NBD, I now have a new project.
  89. NBD Ibanez SR506 (Also NCD Ashdown ABM810)
  90. Padauk Ibanez K-5 Scale Length question
  91. Modelers for bass?
  92. NBD!! Ibanez SR505
  93. Bass OD Help
  94. Help- Nolly's Strings on his Combustions
  95. 12 String Bass Video
  96. Help with my first bass setup.
  97. Swapping pickups on my bass, advice please
  98. Ambient 7 string fretless bass
  99. I need some rig help
  100. Bass Speakers for G0
  101. NBD: Fan Fret Action
  102. A performance to stun, Michael Manring fretless bass - Selene
  103. Neck Hump?
  104. NBD: Ibanez GWB35 Fretless 5-String (lots of Photos)
  105. What bass string for c standard?
  106. Piezo only bass - thoughts?
  107. Help me choose one of these 5-stringers
  108. What's the worst bass you have ever played and why?
  109. All fifths tuning on Bass
  110. Making the switch to bass
  111. Super Bass Double Keytar Performance Demo
  112. Help me get a friend a new rig!
  113. Which bass players should I be listening to? [Death Metal]
  114. NBD Dingwall fanned fret 5 string
  115. Who makes extra long scale basses >35"
  116. Can a bass pre amp be runned by a guitar power amp?
  117. Prometeus guitars 8 string fretless
  118. Bass string gauge help
  119. Ridiculous 11 yr old bassist
  120. Budget rig game
  121. Sunn sound
  122. Guitarist disguised as a bassist?
  123. De-fretting my 5 string!!
  124. New rig of doom for a so so bass player
  125. For all you Flea fans: His rig rundown
  126. Drop F on a Fender P-Bass
  127. Sunn Bass Head
  128. Tour TKO® 115?
  129. NBD - Ibanez BTB content
  130. From guitar to bass, any tips regarding playing position?
  131. TC Electronic's newest bass combo, the BG250. Toneprint enabled.
  132. I need help buying bass.
  133. Crazy handmade custom NGD and a neat story (my bassists)
  134. Flatwound strings for 6+ string bass
  135. Overloud Mark Studio 2 Review
  136. Meet Joe Dart (Vulfpeck)
  137. NBD: Ibanez Prestige SR1005 EFM
  138. NBD: My first bass (Orange Content, 56k, NOT all hope is lost)
  139. Need help with serial number
  140. NGD! Stellah Guitars 6 string bass | Review (56k etc)
  141. Need help, replacing pups in a Jay Turser bass
  142. Jaco Pastorius Radio Documentary - BBC Punk Jazz
  143. Gallien Krueger Bass Amplifiers?
  144. Sterling RAY35 vs Schecter Stiletto
  145. So let's talk double-thumb...
  146. Musicman OLP 5 String
  147. Ibanez SR 300 bridge swap
  148. NBD!Mayones Exotic Be 5
  149. Rondo Music Basses
  150. New bass and cab for around 1500-3000 each - help
  151. Deciding on a 6-String
  152. Sage Guitars
  153. Brice (Rondo Music) B-stock basses
  154. What is your reaction to this?(New Fender Content)
  155. Full Mix Test- Darkglass Electronics B7K
  156. Ibanez SRT900DX-opinions?
  157. NBD! Steinberger Spirit XZ-25! Fretless and MOD suggestions?
  158. NBD USA Peavey!
  159. NBD - ESP LTD B-206SM
  160. 6-string bass help
  161. N(U)BD (used) Spector 5 string!
  162. NGD! - Warwick 5-String Corvette FNA Jazzman
  163. I had a bit of an epiphany this evening
  164. Recommend string gauges
  165. Circle K bass strings review - Clips! (F# content)
  166. Pickup recommendation for 6 string low tuned bass
  167. My first recorded song on my 12 String Bass.
  168. Question for those who have 34" string-thru basses
  169. In the market for a new bass head, point me in the right direction!
  170. NBD! crappy cell phone pics ahoy!
  171. 6 string Bass on a 600 dollar budget
  172. Ho-lee crap! My new favorite "Diva"
  173. NFBD New first bass day
  174. Tuning bass G# and recording
  175. Cleaning matte finish?
  176. Should I get? Spector
  177. Slap bass enthusiasts, assemble!
  178. NBD & NCD! ($25 GIO fretless conversion picstory!)
  179. NCD (80s randall content)
  180. Videos of C00 8Hz and C000 4Hz organ pitches
  181. Anyboday tried one of these basses? Bulldog bass
  182. 210+118 (a 8 ohms each) powered by 700 watts @ 4 ohms = ?
  183. POD HD vs. POD X3 for Metal Bass.
  184. Looking for a new bass for 80s metal
  185. NBD-Carvin 6 content (Bitches don't know about my Claro Walnut)
  186. NBD Warwick Corvette $$
  187. Warwick xtreme 5.1 Bass head
  188. Ibanez Ergodyne 5, thoughts?
  189. Dingwall Combustion
  190. C#0 recording with Circle K Strings .244
  191. Colin Marston (Dysrhythmia, Behold... The Arctopus, Krallice, Gorguts) - Bass Tone
  192. Post Hardcore Tone
  193. Dilema choosing betwwen SR506MF vs BTB676M
  194. Ibanez Grooveline
  195. Anyone tried the DR DDT bass strings?
  196. Anyone interested in a Jerzy Drozd 5 semi hollow?
  197. New Mark Day (with purple shoes)
  198. Guitar strings that are long enough for bass?
  199. Conklin 14 string bass (dual course)
  200. New Carvin Bass - Claro Walnut Content
  201. Admittedly odd...but...
  202. NBD - Ibanez SR305
  203. Just wanted to show off my build
  204. Getting the natural wah tone on a bass
  205. Recommendations for a New Bass Amp
  206. NBD! First bass content.
  207. NBD (Ibanez Natural Content!)
  208. Warwick Corvette $$ - would this be a good bass for BEAD?
  209. Curiosity strikes me....
  210. Shopping with £400 budget (info inside)
  211. Pros and cons of 6 string vs 5 string
  212. Tell me about bass stuff!
  213. Bass amp size question
  214. NBD: Jackson Content
  215. So this is new
  216. How to make up for rhythm guitar?
  217. NBD: Ibanez Soundgear SR5005E-OL Prestige
  218. MTD Basses
  219. Prometeus Guitars' multiscale 11 string
  220. Stuck Between 2 Fretlesses
  221. Good bass for recording metal?
  222. Getting my first bass (5-string)...help me choose strings (tension geeks, come here!)
  223. New Dingwall Model...smexy
  224. Baritone 5 string bass? Low F or so? F 0....?
  225. Rock, Funk bass on a budget?
  226. Chthonic's bassist Doris Yeh's new ESP signature bass
  227. NBD! -94 Warwick Fortress One
  228. NBAD: Ampeg PF-500/B410HE!
  229. How do you install flatwounds?
  230. Galveston 8-string bass mods in progress
  231. Anyone know anything about ESP Horizon basses?
  232. Budget bass rig suggestions
  233. Anyone at Musikmesse see the new Dingwall model?
  234. Is the ibanez SR5005E a decent bass?
  235. Solo 7 string fretless bass
  236. Axe-Fx bass tone thread
  237. Lightweight tuners or mod to headless?
  238. 7 string bass questions
  239. Ibanez SR305 DX Help.
  240. Yves Carbonne's 2nd 12 string bass (single course) by Jerzy Drozd
  241. De-fretted and Mirror coated my bass!
  242. NGD Dingwall ABZ5 F# w/ Afx2 bass clip D:
  243. I picked up a Warrior bass for cheap!
  244. Need help with bass Strings
  245. Another 12 string bass (single course) in a tiny padded room, video
  246. Moon Bass Guitars
  247. KxK Custom Bass
  248. Tuning
  249. NBD: the mysterious Ibanez Soundgear bass
  250. Ax-FX for Bass?
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