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  1. LGBs now protected under federal employment law
  2. 80s Metal Fans turned out fine as adults and better than peers, study says
  3. Wins for fewer teen pregnancies, no work-provided birth control... and then the truth
  4. Freedom from comment and criticism?
  5. Selling merch with the confederate flag
  6. Nicola Sturgeon is the most influential woman in the world.
  7. Designer stages African themed fashion show with no Black models.
  8. Same Sex Marriage now Legal in entire United States of America
  9. Justice System
  10. Technocracy
  11. FIFA officials arrested on corruption charges (related to 2022 Qatar WC)
  12. Copyright Laws, Disney, and 2018
  13. Motel 6 gives guest lists to police
  14. So... another 5 years of Tory government for the UK.
  15. Police Abuse : This is nuts.
  16. The US is safer than ever — and Americans don’t have any idea
  17. Study finds that US is an Oligarchy, not a democracy...
  18. Death penalty
  19. Baltimore
  20. Veteran Turned "Model" Interrupts Protest on College Campus
  21. Good job, Boston Jury
  22. Why the media doesn't talk about the massacre in Kenya?
  23. Iran nuclear deal
  24. And Your First Potential 2016 US Presidential Candidate Is!!!!
  25. Trying to raise awareness
  26. VICE News Obama Interview
  27. US Senator Tom Cotton confused about basic geography
  28. Vladimir Putin is MIA
  29. China’s Tensions With Dalai Lama Spill Into the Afterlife
  30. I was watching a movie featuring cultists...
  31. Planet Fitness Transgender Locker Room Controversy
  32. U.S. Territories (John Oliver)
  33. College hosts public lecture against critical thinking. That's not a typo.
  34. Queen of tax fraud
  35. The Gangsters of Ferguson - Ta-Nehisi Coates on the DoJ's Ferguson Reports
  36. You need to comply with *my* sacred religious oath! Don't even talk to me, you women!
  37. Chicago Police Secretly Detain, Abuse Americans at Domestic 'Black Site
  38. The Silk Road as a Libertarian Case Study?
  39. Implanted microchips = Mark of the Beast
  40. The War On Science
  41. Are there actually any independent long-term studies about the safety of GM crops?
  42. Obama vetoes the Keystone XL pipeline bill
  43. Should multiple false stories about war zones end Bill O'Reilly's career?
  44. ISIS bans schools from teaching of that threat to faith, evolution
  45. Neil deGrasse Tyson wins Censor of the Year 2014!
  46. Oliver Sacks will be dead in a few months
  47. "Food Babe" Vani Hari condemns dyes in food, but not in products she sells
  48. Anyone Short of Completely Left Wing is Actually Mentally Handicapped Megaultrathread
  49. What's going to happen when all the conservatives die?
  50. Gary Owens (voice of Space Ghost) died today at age 80
  51. Why vote against science, and its positive effect on the US economy?
  52. Atlantic article - Waiting for the Conservative Jon Stewart
  53. A Most Unlikely Arrest
  54. Interesting Navy weapon systems in development
  55. Now... vaccine denialism for pets!
  56. Unknown lifeforms hiding in New York!
  57. Stupidly but unsurprisingly, AL chief judge declares state law trumps federal law
  58. If Bruce Jenner completes his sex reassignment before sentencing-> women's prison?
  59. ISIS Releases video of Jordanian pilot being burned alive
  60. Should you be able to sue someone for damages arising from their unvacinnated child?
  61. Nebraska lawmakers recognize same-sex marriage... but only on issue of gun ownership
  62. Should the LIE Ruin Brian William's Career?
  63. Ben Carson - only GOP presidential hopeful with unqualified YES on vaccine science?
  64. NC Senator: Food workers shouldn't have to wash hands after dump because freedom
  65. FL Supreme Court asked to redefine statuatory defintion of sexual intercourse
  66. Fundamentalist Christian antics - Ken Ham upset by Superbowl evolutionist advertising
  67. Literal Adam & Eve must be true, or no need for Jesus! Recent furor against science
  68. Iceland to build first Norse temple since the Viking age.
  69. Kid suspended for "threatening" to use LOTR's Ring of power. Lord have mercy on frodo
  70. In wake of terror threats and cancelled theaters, "The Interview" now on Netflix
  71. Woman destroys Satanic display: protecting other faiths is attack on Christians
  72. Why 2014 Wasn't the Hottest Year on Record, and How we Knew Before 2015
  73. Oklahoma state Republicans trying to stop same sex and atheist marriage certificates
  74. Bakery agrees to bake cake but not cover it with obscenities, Christian educator sues
  75. Life discovered which does not rely on the normal exchange of gasses
  76. Gun Nuts Simulate Paris Shooting, Get Shot by Simulated Terrorists
  77. Boko Haram are creationists!
  78. Religious extremists kill more than 2000, world instead focuses on 29 in France
  79. Religious fundamentalists removing female world leaders from world news photos
  80. Girl, 17, Forced to Continue Chemo for Hodgkin's Lymphoma Against Wishes
  81. Interesting piece about long history of Islam-related terror violence
  82. Speciation events and evolution since the supposed Biblical fall
  83. Food for thought
  84. Azealia Banks calls TI a coon, goes in on Iggy Azalea & white America
  85. More states have a waiting period for getting an abortion than for buying firearms
  86. Shooting in France
  87. This put a smile on my face!
  88. Brilliant idea for crime deterrence
  89. Florida couple 'trapped' in unlocked closet for two days
  90. Putin freezes the price of VODKA!
  91. Ken Lively being sued for human rights violations by Ugandans for Kill the Gays law
  92. Methane on Mars
  93. Million Mummy Cemetery Unearthed in Egypt
  94. US and Cuba resume diplomatic relations
  95. This is getting so out of hand. :(
  96. Not another Bush
  97. Cop pulls people over...gives them gifts like TV's and Xbox One
  98. White Power Tattoos at Work
  99. President Obama hosts The Colbert Report
  100. The kiss of love protest in india
  101. The Pirate Bay knocked offline after police raid
  102. Game reviewer contacting mothes of boys who sent her rape threats
  103. Homegrown non-Muslim US terrorist act hospitalizes 19
  104. Value education? Sign this petition!
  105. Man uses McChicken as a weapon
  106. Grand Jury Does Not Indict NYPD Officer Who Killed Garner With Illegal Choke Hold
  107. My Parents Open Carry
  108. World condemnation of Israel... but shameful apathy about China colonizing Tibet?
  109. Opposite World Ferguson
  110. Thanks to Hobby Lobby, Supreme Court opened door to FL Capitol Satanic Xmas display
  111. Interesting article by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  112. It begins with a question.
  113. Israel = Jewish State, officially
  114. The Caucus Room Conspiracy
  115. In Texas Textbooks, Moses Is a Founding Father
  116. Crazy bills the house passes.
  117. Obama to Announce Executive Order RE: Immigration Reform Thursday Night
  118. Glenn Beck has chiropractors "reboot" his brain because it "made me look crazy"
  119. Governor calls in National Guard ahead of grand jury decision in Ferguson shooting
  120. More Guns, More Crime: Stanford Study Updates the Numbers on Right-to-Carry
  121. Orange County FL school board now banning religious material in schools because SATAN
  122. Declared dead, woman wakes up 11 hours later in funeral home
  123. Modern conservatives should really take a page from the writings of our founders.
  124. Some actual good news on climate change!
  125. War on drugs / Legal Cannabis
  126. Science, f*** yeah!
  127. Zoboomafoo lemur passed away Monday :(
  128. Southern pastor sent to Scandinavia
  129. Republicans to take over the senate...
  130. Ken Ham's Ark Park wants public funds for religious discrimination practices
  131. Jillian McCabe Accused of Throwing Autistic Son Off Oregon Bridge
  132. Putin Valdai Club speech, strong critisism of US/Western powers.
  133. Apple CEO Tim Cook comes out as gay
  134. Casual harassment
  135. Pope Francis says evolution & big bang are right.
  136. The Post-Corporate economy.
  137. Political ideology and objective truth?
  138. A bunch of little kids cursing in the name of feminism...
  139. Gunmen Attack Canadian Parliament
  140. Where there's smoke... why does George Zimmerman keep triggering 911 calls?
  141. Ministers running a for-profit business sue to overturn anti-discrimination law
  142. Does being an unabashed bigot make you a bad person?
  143. Are you *entitled* to a job where you will refuse duties based on your religion?
  144. German economic slow down? What does this mean for the rest of Europe?
  145. Nancy Grace appreciation thread!
  146. Another government shutdown threatened over health insurance law... a year later
  147. "Arab Idol" viewers demand MBC remove Israel from map
  148. Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate: IUDs are a form of abortion
  149. Any actual Christian schools which "teach the controversy" about creationism/ID?
  150. What would a child have to do to make a parent stop loving them?
  151. Pagan Prayer At Public Meeting Ticks Off Republican
  152. My Adviser on Restoring the Chestnut :)
  153. Christian Conservative Republican homophobia on open display
  154. Yet again, US Christians protest freedom of worship by other faiths!
  155. Soldiers response to this is a win
  156. This Gathering isn't Magic
  157. If some want schools to "teach the controversy," why remove it from US history class?
  158. 2014's Most and Least Happy States in America
  159. Hobby Lobby decision now used as a shield for child labor violations
  160. Raids thwart IS-linkd terror plots in Australia
  161. Scottish independence referendum.
  162. When offense to Muslims becomes a tool to silence scientific discussion
  163. IS/ISIS leader better choice for Islam talk than victim of Islamic practices
  164. America how racist are your police?!
  165. Irony, thy name is Fox.
  166. Joan Rivers dead at 81
  167. Which of these two photos are closer to reality? (conservative viewpoints sought)
  168. FBI investigating alleged iCloud celebrity hack
  169. Today commemorates the death of the very last passenger pigeon
  170. Does this asshole actually have a good idea?
  171. I don't understand the ramifications of this verdict
  172. Nine year old girl accidentally shoots & kills firearm instructor with UZI
  173. Yet again: Intelligent design could be taught with Common Core’s repeal in Ohio
  174. More lost revenue for the U.S.A.
  175. Can I ask a few questions about Christian symbols?
  176. Global warming deinial not just based on junk science from Big Oil! I was wrong!
  177. Highest ranking officer since Vietnam killed in combat, Obama played golf.
  178. American police must be doing something wrong...
  179. Lauren Bacall dead.
  180. Maryland assault weapons ban upheld in federal court
  181. Robin Williams Found Dead
  182. More Death Threats from Christians Against Somebody Standing Up For Their Rights
  183. Tony Stewart involved in incident causing fatality
  184. Baptist leader in Missouri arrested for seeking sex with animal
  185. U.S. airstrikes on Iraq.
  186. Christians make death Threats against Illustrator of Bible Passages
  187. Ebola infected doctors being brought back to the States
  188. Science minister supports homeopathy, and other hilarities from the UK
  189. Congressional Republicans expose Pentagon as part of global conspiracy!
  190. House analyst:Most frightening candidate in 7 yrs interviewing congressional hopefuls
  191. Kidnapped For Christ - Documentary
  192. Man fired over homophonia: words which sound the same "make the school sound gay"
  193. Republican climate scientists to Congress: global warming is real, caused by humans!
  194. Study: Children Exposed To Religion Have Difficulty Distinguishing Fact From Fiction
  195. Metalhead elected President of Indonesia
  196. Ken Ham calls to end space program because, "aliens are going to Hell anyway"
  197. Malaysian Airlines shot down over Ukraine/Russian border
  198. Comments on Open Internet NPRM ends Tuesday
  199. Reparative Therapy for homosexuality, long discredited... but not for the GOP!
  200. Genocide in Gaza. Shame
  201. Republican: Climate Change A Hoax Because Earth And Mars 'Exactly' Same Temperature
  202. The Hardest Places to Live in the U.S.
  203. More Acceptable Lying and Law Breaking by Willfully Ignorant Christians
  204. Cop Blows Up On Kid….who kind of deserved it...
  205. Baby Cooper Harris
  206. Browser plugin for money role in congress
  207. Supreme Court Rulings: Strikes Down Warrantless Cell Searching and shuts down Aereo
  208. Netflix documentary: Inequality for All
  209. NE US shrimp population crash, due to phytoplankton die-off caused by ocean warming
  210. What was the point of going to war with Iraq?
  211. Hobby Lobby Fined over $220,000
  212. GOP leader Eric Cantor loses in shock Tea Party defeat
  213. 70th anniversary d-day
  214. Guaranteed Income...Interesting...
  215. A conversation about natural versus normal (Asperger's, asexuality and more)....
  216. 2 12-year-olds charged for with murder... because of Slenderman
  217. GDP and GDI shrinks
  218. Facebook Mobile App to listen through our phones?
  219. Facebook Mobile App to listen through our phones?
  220. University of Cincinnati student found dead after days of searching
  221. EU Elections 2014
  222. 2014 Isla Vista murders
  223. Being against premarital sex = good reason for same sex marriage? Why or why not?
  224. Michael Sam reality show
  225. Data on why Tea Party is a lazy term
  226. How to spot a satanist
  227. Does Using phrase "judicial activism" always mean "against civil rights"?
  228. Sick veterans put on waiting lists
  229. "NFL tramples Christian community and Christian values...." WTF?
  230. Gandhi Used His Position To Sexually Exploit Young Women
  231. Ok. What the hell is going on in Idaho?
  232. On the accuracy of Whitehouse rape stats
  233. Abiogenic oil - do people think that Earth continuing means humans also survive?
  234. Officer helps out Kid in Need
  235. Alabama justice says the First Amendment only protects Christians
  236. Supreme Court upholds town on violating separation of church and state
  237. VICE Did a Segment On The Guy That Tells Me I'm Going To Hell All the Time
  238. It's nice to know that the Satanic Temple and Christianity Today agree on something!
  239. GOP lawmaker to docs: tell Supreme Court no gay marriage because butt seks!
  240. NC churches sue, say ban violates their right to perform same-sex marriages!
  241. Sara Palin: waterboarding how "we baptize terrorists," Christians call her out
  242. If you don't discriminate, you're bullying Christians!
  243. Malaysian Flight MH370 + Jacob Rothschild
  244. Occupy Unmasked - what did you think of this documentary?
  245. You won't discriminate against gays! Then my sponsored child can starve!
  246. Iran rape victim bound for gallows unless she changes story of sexual assault
  247. Special Ed kid sent to Court for recording Bullies
  248. Mississippi "religious freedom" bill approved
  249. More incentive for voter ID
  250. Animals fleeing Yellowstone. Eruption time approaching?
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