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  1. Bass Player looking for some project/colaborations
  2. Seeking vocalist for completed album
  3. Looking for talented musicians for online collab (prog metal)
  4. 5 string bassist?
  5. Vocalist Seeking Band or Online Project
  6. Guitarist looking for online project - Post-rock / Djent / Progressive
  7. UK, London Based - Looking for Drummer & Bassist
  8. Bakersfield Band Inertia - Alternative Metal Band Seeks 2nd Guitar / Bass
  9. Bassist wanted for UK BASED heavy rock band...
  10. Metal in La Crosse, Wisconsin?
  11. Looking for singer for post hardcore / djent collab
  12. Music Gear Repair in Arizona
  13. Do drummers exist anymore?
  14. Bassist and backup guitarist up for any project
  15. Seeking 8-string guitarist - Portland, OR
  16. Vocalist offering for online band
  17. Song in need of Vocals
  18. Any drummers in Sacramento?
  19. Guitarist Wanted for UK death metal band
  20. Northern Michigan longshot....
  21. Looking to create online band (math rock, metal)
  22. Converge, Norma Jean, Baroness etc or anything heavy and honest. Need some jammin'
  23. [Germany] Looking for a bass player & drummer
  24. Looking for Bassist and Guitarist (NW Ohio/ SE Michigan)
  25. LA-area Metal band looking for singer
  26. Drumming or drum programming needed
  27. Looking for a partner!
  28. Looking to start an instrumental Bulb cover band in Michigan
  29. [UK] Metal Drummer Wanted
  30. Guitarist looking for online project!
  31. Drummer Wanted for Melodic Death/Doom Metal Band in Austin, TX
  32. Vocalist needed to finish a single for Spring/Summer release!
  33. Uk melodic black/death metal band looking for drummer!
  34. Decent Guitarest looking to record for experience and credit
  35. Looking for Experienced Vocalist (Tech Death)
  36. Oh, Cruel Fortune is looking for a singer who can do cleans.
  37. Salt Lake City musicians Sound Off!
  38. Bassist available for free recording, etc
  39. Lets make super groove/post/doom/whatevs
  40. Online Mixing and Mastering
  41. Metal drummer wanted. Must be able to record over guitars.
  42. Progressive Metal (Djent) Band Seeks Clean Vocalist in NY/NJ Area
  43. Vocalist searching for Deathcore/Progressive metal project via online
  44. Looking for a band or to start one that has Invent,Animate and Northlane in mind.
  45. Looking for Possible Vocals - Metal
  46. Any drummers in Seattle?
  47. Mixing engineer in Brooklyn, NY. Service offered.
  48. Freelance singer available
  49. BELGIUM: Looking for a vocalist for electronically influenced metal
  50. Vocalist Needed for Online Thrash Project
  51. URGENT - Edinburgh/Scotland based band DarkFall looking for drummer and bassist!
  52. Charlotte, NC - Bassist Needed
  53. Looking for lead guitarist (metal), Birmingham UK
  54. Sydney metal band LF guitarists.
  55. Looking for Guitarist to Collab with Los Angeles,CA
  56. Metalcore/Deathcore VOCALIST wanted for online EP / Project
  57. Brasil - A procura de banda ou músicos
  58. Do you need a bassist to record? Look no further!
  59. Seeking Novice Students in the San Diego area
  60. Seeking Country/Rock Musicians in Atlanta, GA
  61. Guitarist Looking to Jam in London
  62. Archspire Looking for a new bassist
  63. Vocalist/lyricist needed
  64. Swedish Vocalist in learning looking for metalband!
  65. New to the (Los Angeles) area looking for local metal/rock shows to attend
  66. Chimera Audio - Mixing, Mastering and Session Musician Services
  67. UK Guitarist looking for project
  68. New rock band looking for a vocalist/drummer! Details inside
  69. Female Vocalist is needed into a Pop/Rock/NewAge collaboration
  70. Anybody want to do some vocals?
  71. Bass Player and/or Drummer - Baltimore, MD
  72. Metal Band looking for a drummer (UK)
  73. Nope
  74. Play bass for my band's first single! (Djent)
  75. Doom/Sludge guitarist/drummer available/looking for members as well
  76. I want to mix your band.
  77. Looking for vocalist Deathcore/The Acacia Strain style
  78. Online death/proggy guitarist available!
  79. Amsterdam/Netherlands-looking for guitarist and vocalist
  80. Post Rock/Indie/ Dreamy type thing (Soundcloud link)
  81. Looking for a Vocalist for heavy material (SoundCloud link & Drum PlayThrough inside)
  82. Black Heart Heroes seeking bass and drums
  83. Seeking Vocalist and/or 2nd guitarist for metal band in St. Louis area.
  84. Seeking deathcore drummer (Maryland)
  85. Experimental/Djent band looking for Vocalist (clean/grunt)
  86. North Carolina Bassist Needed
  87. Seeking bassist/vocalist in northern Kentucky/southern Indiana for prog metal band
  88. Greensboro, NC and surrounding areas...wanna collaborate?
  89. Looking for guitarist for online project
  90. Requesting Assistance from a Vocalist
  91. Looking for someone to help me write. Vocals would be a plus.
  92. 200 BPM drum track needs guitar, metal.
  93. Cincinnati OH, Brutal Tech Death band?
  94. Canadian Drummer looking for Online Collaboration
  95. Melechesh auditioning drummers for US/Europe festivals/tours in 2015
  96. Guitarist Seeks Prog/Djent metal band South East UK
  97. Progressive/death metal based in Huddersfield (UK)
  98. Pop-punk metal band needs members. UK Birmingham
  99. Des moines tech metal?
  100. Singer needed (Watch the video)
  101. Queens/Brooklyn NY Est. Band Seeks Guitarist
  102. Looking for a talented online vocalist. (prog metal)
  103. Looking for Guitarist in SLC!
  104. PIQAIA in search of vocalists
  105. Online drummer needed, or any other player NJ USA
  106. Drummer needs band in Berlin
  107. Michigan City, IN based alternative metal/hard rock band looking for a drummer!!!
  108. Oberlin, OH (Cleveland Area): Existential Animals seeks bassist/guitar (tech-death)
  109. Looking for vocalist for online project band!
  110. Sydney, Australia, need band (and friends)
  111. People to jam with in San Antonio, Texas
  112. Looking for musicians , Melbourne, Victoria
  113. Looking for jam partners in I.E. California and/or online
  114. A serious guitarist looking for a serious band in Melbourne, VIC
  115. VOCALISTS! Signed England rock metal band
  116. Guitarist looking for online project
  117. Need Singer for Online collar.
  118. DC Singer/Keyboardist Looking for Metal Band
  119. Bass Player Looking for online band
  120. Boston based hard rock/metal project seeking a vocalist!
  121. Looking to be in a band.
  122. Need a vocalist! Metal-ish songs
  123. Looking for a clean vocalist.
  124. Looking for a second guitarist. prog metal. Link with demo.
  125. Hey how's it going. Online project. Looking for fun.
  126. Guitar player in need of a circus (online collab)
  127. I'd like to mix your project for free!
  128. Looking for a guitarist for online metalcore project.
  129. Need a driver for tour! (Van, UK, prog metal, URGENT)
  130. Drummer/2nd guitar needed
  131. Jamming partners in Northeast Ohio?
  132. Need a Girl vocalist (online, guest song)
  133. Looking for a vocalist!
  134. My band needs a vocalist
  135. Anyone From Paris ? (prog/ djent )
  136. 8 String Death Metal/Deathcore band in Metro Detroit
  137. Hardcore/crustcore/noise/doom in Chicagoland
  138. Seattle: LF Doom drummer
  139. Seeking Four Vocalists For Online Project (4 Cover Songs)
  140. Prog Rock / Metal guitarist available in Glasgow UK
  141. Let's stir some .... up
  142. Guitarist looking for online, Tech/Brutal Death Metal
  143. Rock/Space/Metal band looking for vocalist
  144. Milwaukee/Chicago guitarist
  145. Band in Oslo or someone to jam with?
  146. Anyone in LA looking to start a band or jam out!?
  147. Vocalist for Monuments/Periphery style needed!
  148. Chicago Suburbs - Melodic Death / Thrash / Prog Metal
  149. Dean O'Selly Instrumental Rock Tracks
  150. South Jersey/Philly area, looking for band or just casual jams
  151. Looking for some people for an online collab!
  152. Vocalist (Screaming/Singing) looking for band in Austin, TX
  153. Anyone into intervals?
  154. Looking to start a band! Arizona
  155. Philly and surrounding areas - metal/jazz/grooves/rock and ....ing roll
  156. Australia, NSW, Hunter valley - post-rock/metal, Shoegaze, Alternative rock
  157. Guitarist WTB Collab-partner for Metal and/or Ambient stuffs
  158. Guitarist looking for members for a tech prog band.
  159. Looking for post-hardcore vocalist for recording LA Dispute cover
  160. Established local band looking for BASSIST - Northern NJ
  161. New band looking for bassist in the Denver area
  162. Interesting proposition...and deathcore.
  163. Anyone interested in melodic hardcore metal?
  164. Does anyone want to write some music with me just for fun? (Online project of sorts)
  165. Guitarist from glasgow looking to jam with fellow musicians
  166. METAL MUSICIANS... WANTED in Kansas City Area for original band
  167. Metal vocalist seeking online project.
  168. Session Drummer available (VIDEOS included in description)
  169. 2nd guitarist needed in SLC Utah
  170. Anyone looking for a guitarist in Denver, CO?
  171. Online project : Narsis
  172. You like hardcore punk,play bass & live in nj? Kingpin needs you!
  173. Looking for Drummer for Louisiana Prog Death Metal/Deathcore
  174. Online "Djent" project, seeking guitars, bass and drummers
  175. Deftones Mascara Cover
  176. Orlando, Central Florida Musicians:
  177. Online Project?
  178. Looking for members from new jersey!!! Prog Metal
  179. Guitarist needed for European Tour
  180. Band/guitarist iso...
  181. Nashville Vocalist
  182. UK/England - Brighton Guitarist [videos included]
  183. Seeking vocalist for online/recording project
  184. Northern Orange County guitarist looking for a alt. metal band..
  185. METAL bands near charlotte/concord NC looking for guitarist?
  186. Looking to write progie stuff with someone across the US?
  188. Vocalist looking for Online Project
  189. Service: Mixing & Mastering specialized in Metal/Rock/Hardcore
  190. Youtube vocalist looking for vocal cover collab
  191. Vocalist looking for online project
  192. UK (Salisbury, Bournemouth, Southampton) guitarist looking for band
  193. Looking for a vocalist and a bassist!
  194. San Francisco Bay Area's Raiju In Search Of Killer Guitar Player
  195. Session Drummer Available
  196. Need vocalist/bass/2nd guitarist for metal/hard rock band in concord nc
  197. Looking for a Sax guy with recording gear
  198. Searching for a female or male vocalist (online possible), style hardcore/death
  199. Looking for session drummer
  200. SOR (Tech Death) Seeks 7 string guitarist
  201. BELGIUM - Looking for Metalcore band members
  202. Rehearsal Space Available To Rent For Bands, Long Term/Short Term (Old St, London,UK)
  203. Vocals for online project
  204. Skilled Toronto bassist for melodic progressive metal band (relocate)
  205. Birmingham Area UK - Metal Guitarist available
  206. Bedfordshire, UK Guitarist
  207. Central Florida guitarist
  208. GERMANY: singer and guitarist looking for members. style:whitechapel, acacia strain..
  209. North Carolina - Experienced Vocalist Needed
  210. Vocalist wanted for online project, music samples inside!
  211. Bassist wanted: OH
  212. Aversions crown vocal cover
  213. MALAKI - Los Angeles band looking for FRONTMAN - LEAD VOCALIST!
  214. Looking for other metal players (near savannah Ga)
  215. Minneapolis metal band in need of talented drummer
  216. North Carolina - Experienced Guitarist Needed
  217. Connecticut/Westchester - Jam?
  218. Chicago musicians Lincoln Park/Logan Square/general
  219. Drummer/Bassist needed for established band By Crimson Light in Manchester UK
  220. Looking for vocalist for SoCal Nu Metal/Alt Metal band
  221. BERLIN - Drummer wanted! Serious djent/groove/progressive project!
  222. Any South Jersey/Philly musicians into stoner sludge?
  223. Sol 2183 wants members! *TECH*
  224. Deftone Vocals?
  225. Looking for vocalist in Atlanta, GA
  226. Guitarist Looking for Drummer/Bass for Collaboration (Online or otherwise, non-metal)
  227. NJ/NY Guitarist needed for established band
  228. RUSSIA!Looking for vocalist in Moscow or ready to make online project.
  229. SoCal Bass Player Wanted for Melodic Hardcore band
  230. Online vocalist wanted (fast)
  231. Black/Death Metal band, seeking Drummer, and Guitarist/Vocalist - Atlanta, GA
  232. Ottawa -- Looking for 2nd Guitarist
  233. Vocalist looking to contribute to online projects
  234. Production, Recording, Mix, Master {Engineer for hire}
  235. LF Vocalist for online project
  236. Wanted: drummer in London (online also ok)
  237. Seeking a Vocalist for hire
  238. Band in Ohio/Michigan looking for vocalist and drummer.
  239. Vocalist needed online prog project
  240. Melodic metal in buffalo, ny?
  241. (SF Bay Area, CA) Prog Metal Bassist & Guitarist looking for fun.
  242. Oreskah needs drummer and bassist (melodeath)
  243. Deathcore vocalist seeking band/knoxville tn
  244. Lexington KY Deathcore band seeking members.
  245. (EU) Guitarist looking for band
  246. Members for online metal project
  247. Metal Vocalist LF online Project
  248. Vocalist looking for Guitarists in Toronto-Canada (Online or in-person)
  249. Death/Grind/Thrash band looking for members San Francisco, Bay Area
  250. Systems needs another Guitarist
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