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  1. The skybar this friday.
  2. Condensors for live use?
  3. Balducci, Weiner, and Vernon Reid 12/29 in NYC
  4. If you're in the Portland, OR. area tonight... 12/15
  5. PICS: 12/08/2006 Dimebag Tribute show
  7. For the love of God w/ Orchestra
  8. Live Periphery Videos of our show at Sonar!
  9. For all you jerks in the Seattle area...
  10. YEAH! My band is opening for Zero Hour!
  11. Feb. 24, 2007 Charlie Drown @ The Royal Bear
  12. S.R.V. performed by Flothru
  13. Live Sound?
  14. Woohoo! I have a band again!
  16. Drowning out
  17. Jan. 20th - Jar Of Flies (AIC Tribute) @ The Cedarwood!
  18. Our band Live performance Video
  19. Noob Question
  20. New tune
  21. DIVISION on Itunes
  22. My music on itunes store
  23. A quick gig!
  24. First 7-string gig \m/
  25. BX3 Tour....a must see!
  26. Jar Of Flies (AIC Tribute) in Bremerton, WA TONIGHT!
  27. Help us name our band!
  28. My Cowboys From Hell cover.
  29. Season of Mourning show (Jerich's band) kicked ass!!!
  30. The Japanez gets it's first bar gig on Super Bowl Sunday
  31. First 7string song
  32. Feb 10th in Seattle. JAR OF FLIES (AIC TRIBUTE)!
  33. My Band Is Dead
  34. ATTENTION: Michigan Metalheads
  35. Some Promo Shots
  36. G3 '07 visits Cincinnati
  37. Southwestern PA venue
  38. Early May
  39. Help JUSTDEFY open for EPICA! 4/27/07
  40. Save the dates!
  41. My band in Decibel Magazine..
  42. Boston-area metal bands....looking for a 5th band for a show this friday
  43. My band's first show, feb. 23 in boston
  45. JUSTDEFY in Warren, MI 3/9/07
  46. Decapitated
  47. Instrumental band performances
  48. To-Mera in London
  49. Short tour starts today
  50. LIVE PERIPHERY VIDEO! (Fletchers 3/11/07)
  51. Deftones Today!!!
  52. TONIGHT! Charlie Drown VS. The Jet City Rollergirls!
  53. March 16 & 17 - The Smoking Lounge
  54. So for all who've ever wondered...
  55. TONIGHT! Jar Of Flies (AIC Tribute) in Bellingham, WA
  56. Randy Ellefson band
  57. Organical LIVE in Toronto: April 6, 2007
  58. To-Mera/Interlock/Linea Sphere Tomorrow
  59. My band playing live
  60. Recommend a PA?
  61. Eight. , band from France
  62. For those in gigging bands.
  63. Play other band's songs without vocals.
  64. Massholes, Go see my friend's band.
  65. April 7th - The Smoking Lounge in Enumclaw!
  66. Show Calender: The Smoking Lounge
  67. Show Calender: Jar Of Flies (Alice In Chains Tribute)
  68. My band is doing an Irish tour tomorrow!
  69. Horse, Number 12, Light This City
  70. Aghora Live II
  71. How to improve my vocalist's stage presence??? help!
  72. Live Mix recording
  73. Just got back from Porcupine Tree...
  74. Immanis - Edinburgh Metal
  75. JUSTDEFY 4/27 @ IROCK in Detroit, MI
  76. Going to see Vader this saturday \M/
  77. Son of Science & To-Mera @ Camden Underworld
  78. Tomorrow I will go see Days of the New
  79. Awesome Instrumental
  80. Cinco De Mayo w/ Jar Of Flies (AIC Tribute)!
  81. Vai in Van!
  82. Anyone tried ejamming?
  83. My band playing LTE's Acid rain
  84. DEFAMER - Death Metal from Brisbane, Australia
  85. Epic heavy shred tune just finished!!!
  86. Jar Of Flies (AIC Tribute) invades Portland TONIGHT!
  87. Saw Pain of Salvation last night
  88. Open back 2x12 cab with 7 string?
  89. JUSTDEFY @ Moonlight Lounge, Lapeer MI
  90. TONIGHT: Jar Of Flies & The Smoking Lounge
  91. Division Shows
  92. Pimping my band's new site!
  93. This Friday, Charlie Drown in Seattle!
  94. 5/25 - Jar Of Flies (AIC Tribute) in Tacoma, WA
  95. Symphony X at BB Kings last night!
  96. Couple cool pix from last night's show
  97. PERIPHERY PLAYING @ SONAR (in baltimore) ON SATURDAY (June 2nd)!!
  98. A band I've been playing with: Matron!
  99. Upcoming Organical shows: Toronto and Burlington
  100. New JUSTDEFY Video!
  101. All Shall Perish in Charlotte, NC Monday 6/4!
  102. Did my first live mixing
  104. For Buzz: JUSTDEFY @ The Ritz tonight!
  105. TONIGHT - Jar Of Flies plays Monsters Of Rock (Portland)
  106. Robot mosh fest.
  107. ITT: Name my new band
  108. Some friends and I covering some Nevermore
  109. A video of us live this weekend
  110. Saw Division play live last night...
  111. Division Show Joke Picstory (56K, don't eat Mike's cookie?)
  112. Charlie Drown in Seattle June 14th
  113. Just saw Necrophagist Live!
  114. Eric Sardinas...
  115. Rush tommorow night in Charlotte!
  116. Live vid of my band
  117. Picstory - The Asylum live in Tempe 6/14/2007
  118. What's the problem with my brother's band live sound?
  119. Worst gigs played thread
  120. PA system noise reduction?
  121. New Englanders,
  122. Come see my grind/tech metal band on tour!
  123. What the hell?
  124. Anyone need a cowbell soloist?
  125. First live experience...
  126. Another vid, last weekend's show
  127. BEST Live Experiences.
  129. Yesterday I left my band...
  130. I'm playing out a lot in the next couple months
  131. First show advice?
  132. Mike Valley Spoken Word Performance, muscial accompaniment by Angel Vivaldi
  133. One more sleep....
  134. Metallica at Wembley Stadium last night
  135. A Funny Thing Happened to James Hetfield On The Way to Wimbley
  136. Our First Gig picstory! (56k pack a lunch, 50+ pics)
  137. Free Guitar!
  138. My band, criqitue much appreciated.
  139. Division opening for Testament this Sunday
  140. TODAY 7/14 - Jar Of Flies @ The Rocksport (Seattle)
  141. So we're Main support to Enter Shikari on sunday...
  142. Testament: Holy Crap....
  143. New tune and playing in Johnson City, Tenn. on tour tonight.
  144. Is it possible to make your "Perfect Sound" better?
  145. My various projects / playing, yada yada
  146. Everyone in Texas that likes metal!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  147. Finally posted some vids on Youtube.
  148. Bay Area...if weird spazzy tech grind + some hardcore is your kinda thing...
  149. Charlotte, NC people
  150. Some gig pictures
  151. A Video of me playing Cliffs Of Dover.
  152. 2 clips with t3h brutalzzz
  153. My band!!
  154. First review is in!
  155. Just got back from...
  156. Bay area doom metal
  157. Loomis Soundcheck Goodness...
  158. Korn effect help
  159. Me jamming with some of my cousins about a year ago
  160. Just got back from my first gig in Shinjuku
  161. Freaky Guitarist
  162. First Performance ever-Video.
  163. Fantastic new high pressure music job for church, wee
  164. Straplock advice
  165. Pics from my last (?) show with my band
  166. Organical: Toronto shows this weekend!
  167. Seattle Hempfest is coming...
  168. Aug. 11 Dream Theater show
  169. Vader live in Tampa, FL
  170. Hey, I know you don't headbang. I know this...
  171. German dates
  172. I saw Marduk last night...
  173. 8/24 - Layne Staley Tribute Pre-Show @ The Rocksport (Seattle)
  174. Seattle Hempfest 2007(56k... LOLOLOL!)
  175. 2007 Margarita Pour Off/San Antonio TX
  176. Midwest Metal Anthem Reminder...
  177. Video from my bands gig last night.
  178. Cemetary Gates Cover - How to look stupid without a guitar!
  179. My band has a show with SUFFOCATION
  180. Rain of Kings @ Crash Mansion/NYC
  181. Hey VA-types...
  182. Why does WA suck?
  183. OMG HOLY .... BOUT EFFING TIME (Periphery News)
  184. German tour
  185. First gig!!
  186. Pics from the Epica Show (56k=Go watch paint dry)
  187. Jauqo and DaLawn Live
  188. In-ear monitors for a singer???
  189. Anyone here use ear plugs?
  190. My band's first show (Videos)
  191. Behemoth Australian Tour!
  192. Metal Showcase in Taunton, MA tomorrow night (VHT content)
  193. ProgPower
  194. FELLSILENT In Milton Keynes - Showcasing New Album
  195. Attn: Yakima, WA - Jar Of Flies (AIC Tribute) this Saturday
  196. Attn: Tacoma, WA - The Smoking Lounge this Friday
  198. Idea for a song
  199. ProgPowerUSA VIII: A Review
  200. Smoking hot sub
  201. Lillian Axe
  202. ATTN: TACOMA - Oct. 12th Jar Of Flies (AIC Tribute)
  203. Absynthium - Shameless selfpromotion :P
  204. Zimbloth Live (Any Mass guys want to come?)
  205. Dino's Divine Heresy in Cleveland - 10/11/07
  206. New project, new song, feedback most appreciated.
  207. Pics from our night at the local BOTB
  208. Damnation Festival - Leeds UK
  209. Periphery playing George Mason University this saturday!!
  210. Scrim- A great local band
  211. UK: Our Tour Starts Next Week
  212. Therion and division at jaxx
  213. Radio ad for our upcoming halloween show in Tempe
  214. Playing a couple shows around Halloween (MD, WV)
  215. PERIPHERY @ the Ottobar - baltimore md
  216. Quick and dirty live recording
  217. Live sound - pod xt pro or H&K vortex?
  218. Divine Heresy in Cincinnati 11/18/07
  219. ATTN: SEATTLE - Nov. 10th Jar Of Flies (AIC Tribute)
  220. Friday Nov 9th
  221. The dont's of live performance
  222. 1st Show - Validus
  223. Opening for Dying Fetus tonight...
  224. BOOYAH! Just got my tickets to...
  225. Paradise Lost & DIVISION- NOV 18
  227. OMG, Worst guitar solo of all time...?
  228. With any luck, I may be a sound guy soon
  229. Kaptiv's first gig, complete with picstory! (56k FTFL!)
  230. Room Treatment...Kinda
  231. DaLawn Simpson live
  232. Sneak peek at what Organical is working on...
  233. Black/death band
  234. Gary Hoey Does National Anthem for Pats Game (11.25.07)
  236. Divine Heresy 12/2 San Diego
  237. I was in a Rock & Roll band once....
  238. Teach me how to sing
  239. FELLSILENT Live Video - Double Negative
  240. Dec 7th - Jar Of Flies (AIC Tribute) @ Waldo's
  241. Dec 21st - Jar Of Flies (AIC Tribute) hits Santa Clara, CA!
  242. Audition tips......
  243. I bloody well did it - hal live on guitar (video)
  244. Zimbloth's Halloween Show Pic Story (56k? You're in Sasha Mitchell's Entourage.)
  245. Alterbridge's Myles Kennedy in a guitar competition?
  246. Unearth and God Forbid
  247. Guess who I saw last night.....
  248. Divine Heresy show on 12/7(56k=get faster internet)
  249. SHOW: divine heresy, london, 11-dec-07
  250. Roughmixedness...