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  1. Introducing our new permanent vocalist :D
  2. Aversions Crown cover 2 songs
  3. Playing small shows with a very loud drummer, need advice as to not PO sound guy
  4. There's nothing wrong with a little self promotion... right?
  5. My entry for a vocal cover contest
  6. Fenrismaw - Indiegogo page
  7. 88 Fingers Edward's Detox
  8. Please critique my demo (black metal)
  9. My band playing with Sevendust - Allentown PA
  10. Using laptop as live effects for vox
  11. Best job/way of earning money to have while in a touring band?
  12. My bands first single. (not that djenty)
  13. My Band, A Distant Calm, launched a Kickstarter
  14. My Bands Demo :D
  15. Tone advice.
  16. A band that might deserve your attention! (NO-DJENT CONTENT HERE!)
  17. Stage Lighting
  18. My band's last gig - Full video / prog metal / PRS Custom 24
  19. Playing with the GoPro
  20. Vocal microphones questions
  21. No cabs, just right into the mixer
  22. Tips for a new cover group?
  23. My band's debut ep(pre production) prog
  24. Simplifying a Stage Setup
  25. Autocosmus: 7 string instrumental/ post rock /prog. Not Metal.
  26. Split screen of song "Unbreakable". feat. Nicoḷ Vese on bass.
  27. Slight click bleed on backing tracks
  28. Just finished a new website
  29. Van Java - Illogical Heart
  30. Touring US now, and all new gear!
  31. My band Bleak
  32. Multi-cam play through video
  33. First complete song
  34. HAAST - Canopy (demo song - instumental/Doom/post-rock.)
  35. Bands finished demo !
  36. My band's new EP!
  37. Instrumental metal/prog video footage
  38. THE WEIR - sludge/doom/post-hc/metal
  39. Music from my upcoming album! (Prog Rock)
  40. School talent show - death metal
  41. Your favorite live rig
  42. The Night Song - Instrumental
  43. Samson XP510i
  44. Home produced EP using AD and IRT60!
  45. Bands first DIY video!
  46. Need suggestions on which in ear monitor..
  47. Electric shock from vocal microphones when playing live...
  48. Making a 1 man metal band?
  49. Treating a two-car garage for band practice/small shows
  50. Help my band open for Within the Ruins!
  51. My bands first real gig tonight!
  52. Angel Vivaldi Ibby Showcase - A Venutian Spring
  53. Meshuggah - Demiurge [DUBSTEP]
  54. Music video- Free E.P. (polyrythms, sevenstrings)
  55. New band just starting out from LA
  56. In ear monitoring thread - doing your own monitoring live
  57. Want to start usinig PODHD500 direct to FOH. Help?
  58. My Metal Cover of Fandango's Walkout song (WWE)
  59. So my bands first show....
  60. Check out A Ritual for Two
  61. Big show at the annex wreck room for my band (mayhem festival?)
  62. Help with Power amp stereo/mono configs
  63. Check Out Broken Apparitions!
  64. 88 Fingers Edward (Me) Released Detox- Opinions?
  65. My Band's First Video
  66. Help my band get a better live sound?
  67. PA Advice?
  68. What do you think of our first single?
  69. Musicians Filtered Earplugs
  70. Dimensionless - Project Pat Break Da Law Cover
  71. King of Dragons
  72. Tiamat - Instrumental
  73. Demo finally done. Check it out.
  74. Our first live performance (video inside)
  75. My band released music video
  76. Advice on stage setup for POD X3 Bean + FBV Shortboard
  77. Progressive Death Metal
  78. Bands newest song! Constructive criticism welcomed!
  79. Playing a gig in Whitby Ontario tonight...
  80. My band needs votes to play a really important gig!
  81. My entry for the Guitar Messenger Contest
  82. Daft Punk "Get Lucky" Death Metal cover
  83. So my band got this important gig..
  84. My band released a new single Iron Giants by Beware the Neverending
  85. New song from my hard rock band!
  86. Does anyone make a combo wireless unit for guitar and in-ears?
  87. New original music from my band Bleak
  88. 6 voices arrangement of song Toy Warehouse Rescue
  89. Feedback factors
  90. Power amp newbie question
  91. Pre-recorded tracks for live use.
  92. My Band: Generation 25
  93. Diezel VH4 Master Volume question
  94. Show us the best potos you have of you playing live!
  95. Some live videos from my band
  96. Cheap 4x12 or 2x12
  97. In need of a new dynamic mic
  98. New Australian Prog Metal Band
  99. Sampling/Monitoring Live How do you do it?
  100. Concrete Icon debut album Perennial Anguish out soon... some samples here
  101. In ear monitors
  102. DAW Midi patch switching
  103. Check out my band: The Storyline - Progressive Rock/Metal from Europe
  104. My video for the All That Remains Rockfest Contest!
  105. Getting off the ground (A request for beginner band help)
  106. Holy crap. I jammed with Joe Satriani...
  107. Question about rehearsal studios
  108. Live video of my band
  109. Playing through 2 amps?
  110. My Jazz Vocal/Guitar Album Finally Released! (ERGs of course!)
  111. My bands first release! Melodeath/Gothenburg
  112. Rig Rundown - Band In A Rack
  113. Live vocal pitch shifting?
  114. Ear protection
  115. Beautiful female voice! - musical content
  116. Computer Problems Live?
  118. Considering POD HD500
  119. Looking for that perfect indie rock amp.
  120. Attn: Norwegians
  121. Beautiful voice - 432Hz content!
  122. Willard Grant Conpiracy Approach to Going On Tour
  123. Axe FX II Guitar cab/active monitor help
  124. So I gave vocals a try...
  125. I tried something new, and I think its pretty Koooool
  126. New videos available on my youtube channel.
  127. Me being an idiot at the my school's MADD night.
  128. How To: DMX Lighting?
  130. Using a Midi Footswitch to jump between songs?
  131. Music Video recorded in sub freezing temps.
  132. My new band Krokodil
  133. Live video of my band Oberst
  134. New project: Not Of Man (Stupid heavy content)
  135. Ibanez Guitar Solo Contest 2013 - Pantelis Klimis
  136. Video of my song "Dream League Raid" with my custom "baritone Ibanez"
  137. Making and using live backing tracks
  138. No Drummer, need good D.I. Box
  139. Recommendations for Active PA for jam sessions, band practice, and small shows.
  140. Bed room eq to live help
  141. What is your take on panning guitars?
  142. Axefx/GCP issue
  143. Live wireless in ear monitoring
  144. Axefx 2 guitars/2 seperate cabs HELP
  145. Help me complete my rack!
  146. Something I've noticed with local metalcore bands live.
  147. My Band's First Gig
  148. I, Vacant Art: Semi-ambient guitar instrumentals
  149. Anyone use an Alesis I/O Dock with an iPad for backing tracks?
  150. Quick ?? 4x12 cab on top of road case OK?
  151. Brand Spankin' New Demo- ANWO Band
  152. Video of my bands last gig! (Pravus UK)
  153. My bands second gig last night
  155. Moshing - Yay or nay?
  156. Statik Silence Upcoming Shows
  157. POD HD 500 to cab, what do i need to get a higher volume output?
  158. Stopping to announce breakdowns?
  159. Freight Train Theory (Aussie 7 string hardcore punk / electronic experimental)
  160. Touch of God-Weapons by Our Side (Original Song)
  161. Gots me a GoPro Hero 3!
  162. New song/recording/project! :D
  163. Need Information About Live Play
  164. How to keep your band motivated to practice effectively
  165. Hearing Protection
  166. Best Live Vocal Processor?
  167. Name My New Band? Help?
  168. Bands and backing tracks
  169. Anyone play a show that just didn't go right.
  170. My "band".
  171. Headstock Cam Solo Videos that I just made
  172. My Band - Pazuzu
  173. Live Performance Vid
  174. Volume pedal + MXR microtube booster + ts808
  175. To all bands using Windows based laptops live...
  176. So... for in ear monitoring...
  177. New mirror pickguard for Universe (Belgium)
  178. New Post-Hardcore Band from Long Island, NY
  179. Video series: Day in the Life on a Working Musician
  180. Have you ever been heckled before? What did they say and what did you do about it?
  181. Check out my new band's EP! 7 string experimental/ instrumental/ prog
  182. Sennheiser EW300 G3 = worth the cost?
  183. I'm playing at Burning Sea & Metaldays fest: Long cables vs Wireless
  184. Jazz Vocal/Guitar Album Coming Soon
  185. What do you enjoy about shows?
  186. Dismiss the Situation - Relations (Progressive Metal)
  187. Help: poor monitor sound for singer
  188. Keyboardist using midi + laptop, how does he change patches?
  189. Axe fx live, another one
  190. How do YOU find band members?
  191. A question regarding POD studio.
  192. Caseman guitars
  193. Is this possible? Midi setup question????
  194. Whole band live through laptop and interface: has anyone done it?
  195. The Obstructionists New Single. Check This Out If U Love Metal!!!
  196. My Project - metal song
  197. First show using FRFR method
  198. Searching For Solace - Metalcore/Post-hardcore-NJ
  199. Stereo out for backing track and click track, what is needed?
  200. Taster from my new prog EP, NOT DJENT!
  201. Periphery: Letter Experiment guitar and drum dual cover!
  202. Proyecto Eskhata-Kybalion, Playtrough
  203. Junkie face EQ
  204. The Tapeworm Terror - 3 brothers, 1 singer
  205. Axe Fx & Cubase
  206. Iconoclast - 8 string progressive deathcore
  207. New DMX light rig!!
  208. A Self-Suffient Live Setup
  209. Opinions and options for my 9 string guitar
  210. Live gear set up for small band
  211. Little video demo from my prog band (AXE FX 2 and harmony content)
  212. POD Farm live?
  213. How to get louder in solos live?
  214. My Band - Plague of Humanity
  215. My Grind/Slam Band, Bloody Pussy (Full live perfomance)
  216. Any sound guys out there?
  217. My entry for the Mayones/Seymour Duncan contest
  218. My new band, Iatrogenesis!
  219. Just some shit I wrote (Death Metal/Progressive/Ambidjent/Atmospheric Content)
  220. In Ft Lauderdale tonight and dig Pantera?
  221. Well this kid is awesome!
  222. Live Sequencing Question
  223. Need help with in-ear rig
  224. Need advice on an argue between my band guitarist and me (Music upload, recording)
  225. Backing-Tracks on an iPad?
  226. When bands change slot times....
  227. Brand new music video from Never Ending December
  228. Macbook backing track/Midi switching in Pro Tools
  229. My Band Here Lies Another is giving away our EP for Christmas!
  230. Lighting
  231. Me playing Bass at Groezrock this past year
  232. Some Covers (Dean, Engl E530)
  233. How to make a live light show happen?
  234. Neat ideas to help promote shows?
  235. Enoly
  236. I released a hip hop EP!
  237. Me recording drums! (Metal)
  238. My band ADAGE out of South Florida just released our debut EP TODAY 12/12/12!
  239. Help getting gigs ?
  240. Backing/Click Tracks with IEMs Setup
  241. Stage power effecting my rig
  242. Sharing of Saliva - Last Christmans (Metal) VIDEO!
  243. Finally, live footage of original stuff & the live debut of the Carvin DC700
  244. Backtracking Live
  245. Axe FX 2 & POD HD 500 -- Effects Only Q
  246. Memorial show for a fallen metal brother
  247. My band's latest performance, looking for feedback (live footage).
  248. Voodoomed - A New Rule ("Heeere's Johnny!!")
  249. New playthrough vid, showing off an Agile and Schecter C-7 :)
  250. By bands old demo!! (Prog/Trance Metal)
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