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  1. Something Slightly Different - Getting The Other Guitar Player to Change His Sound
  2. Interest of Escape
  3. XLR vs Phono
  4. How much tollerance for lazy bandmembers and how to deal with them?
  5. Have anyone tried using guitar ampsim software and a laptop on the stage?
  6. Booking shows!?
  7. New FRFR Speaker Day! Yamaha DSR112 for Kemper Profiler!
  8. Guamskyy- Progressive Metal/Electronic Debut EP w/ Tim Henson of Polyphia
  9. Guitar/Bass DI w/PA for onstage sound?
  10. Helgorithms - 8 string sludge from New Zealand
  11. The direct to desk, rig discussion
  12. Programmed drums for live use/band practice
  13. 12" Full range flat response speakers? (not cabinets, actual speakers)
  14. Endorsement/Booking/Label Thread?
  15. My first ever live show
  16. Bodyfarm (my death metal band)
  17. NRD (New Rack Day)
  18. Pod Farm/Laptop/ Speaker question!?
  19. Other bands asking to use your gear
  20. Pod HD noise gates, noise gate vs hard gate
  21. Dos and Don'ts of Flyers?
  22. In Ear Monitors
  23. Best open mic/jam nights/booking shows for music in Los Angeles??
  24. POD HD500X vs. Pro X
  25. You guys want to see a major drawback of playing live as a one man band?
  26. Syncing a live lighting performance
  27. Jam Space: 2x12 or 4x12?
  28. Guitar 12" vs monitor 12" in a 2x12
  29. Devices to play samples live? -
  30. New album!!
  31. Help me change from a "real" amp to rack for live-situations
  32. Tone for Live Playing - Tips
  33. New Mastodon is giving me the hybrid picking fever (original song)
  34. Polyphia- Sweet Tea (full guitar cover)
  35. Mastodon "Blood and Thunder" cover by Tattooed Architect
  36. What USB/DMX Interface Do I Need ?
  37. I Need Songwriting Critique!
  38. C°nstantine (Prog/Alt/Action)
  39. IEM systems, Sennheiser ew300 or Shure PSM 900?
  40. Rehearsal w. kemper powerrack
  41. Running POD XTL live
  42. Band Member Problems (Rant Incoming)
  43. Tredje Ogat Visuella
  44. Guitar Loop as Master Clock for Backing Track DAW
  45. Improvisation over a funky backing track, video
  46. Need Help Completing Live Rig
  47. Line 6 HD500X Clip: Star Spangled Banner
  48. How do you run clicks, and do any of you run your own sound?
  49. Polyphia's Muse album teaser- cover
  50. Beyond Fiction - Wasted Hopes (my band first music video)
  51. New proggy instrumental by me, 88 Fingers Edward
  52. Question about vocal amplification
  54. My Demo Ep : Melancholy
  55. Need help for Live laptop rig.
  56. Live sound help please!!
  57. Soreption- Monumental Burden (guitar solo cover)
  58. Former Joey Belladonna Guitarist New Band and KILLER Video ~ Caustic Method
  59. Guitar Idol 4 - Entry - Please vote! :)
  60. In Ear Monitors Question
  61. Guitar Cutting Out at Shows
  62. Earplugs recommendation for stage and rehearsal use?
  63. Seven string hunt.
  64. Looking for a new amp but can't decide...
  65. How To Disappear Completely: Video Interview and Song
  66. Dreamy progressive metal short!
  67. This is how i do a one man death metal band live laptop rig
  68. Soreption- Utopia (guitar solo cover)
  69. Periphery - Icarus Lives (Cover)
  70. Jeff Loomis Jato Unit Cover - Schecter Jeff Loomis
  71. POD hd desktop live?
  72. Composer from Lithuania
  73. Arms of the Abyss - Lovecraftian OzDoom
  74. Gigging solo with backing track - how do I do it?
  75. Check Out My Solo Project!! (7-string Outlaw Country content)
  76. Help me diagnose how i can achieve my recorded tone 'live' (Glass Ocean
  77. Problems getting IEM mix at last gig
  78. Siam Shade instrumental performance (2013)
  79. Live Visuals
  80. Got invited to do a show
  81. Like Zelda? Like instrumental prog? Like music videos? Well, check this out, then.
  82. Snake or multiple cables or better?
  83. As the World Weeps' debut music video!
  84. Check out "VANISH" - Progressive Power Metal
  85. Things Crowd does but it shouldn't
  86. Cloudkicker's live gear?
  87. Check out my band!: The Earth As We Know It
  88. Just a quick rant and advice to local bands?
  89. IEM Converts?
  90. Recommendations For Stage Lighting?
  91. Setting Up Backing Tracks
  92. Headstock camera fun
  93. I'm a vocalist and my band is starting to book some shows. What do I need?
  94. Usurp The King New Music Video!
  95. Final Uprising (Idahoan hard rock goodness inside)
  96. Live from Wacken Metal Battle DK (w. kempers)
  97. Mic Splitters?
  98. Made a couple of
  99. New song by 88 Fingers Edward that you don't want to hear
  100. Progressive metal from Norway, Imaginator!
  101. Instrumental shred/metal from LA
  102. Me playing a 15 second clip of new Pathways. Thoughts?
  103. Reducing microphone feedback via preamp
  104. Balancing lots of samples live?
  105. Need feedback on sound
  106. Here's some free improv/metal (sax,guitar,drums)
  107. Capture the Sun Streaming Practice on Youtube!
  108. Promoters limiting advertisement of other shows
  109. My 2nd EP in High School!
  110. My Band's New Video. Caparison content.
  111. Progressive metal from atlanta georgia
  112. Design of Destiny - "Don't Call Back" Guitar Play-Through with GoPro's
  113. Non-Metal Instrumental Song FeedbacK
  114. Differences between Kemper's profiles for recording and live shows
  115. My band 'Visions of Virtue' - Debut Ep (Hardcore, Beatdown)
  116. Meet my band!
  117. Plastic or Digipack? that's the question!
  118. Get Inf8cted
  119. New album from my prog rock band!
  120. Best way to set up this live rig?
  121. My band's DIY live music video
  122. Laptop Live Rig
  123. Slowmotion Downpour (for fans of Katatonia, StS etc..)
  124. Ashes Of Rebirth mini studio update
  125. Free download here...
  126. Misanthrope - Death Cover/Mixtest
  127. I need a 1/8" to dual 1/4" for live use with Jam up and Bias
  129. The Nordic Element (Full stream YouTube) - Melodic Nordic Metal
  130. Live Bass Drop Help Needed
  131. CD Release Party
  132. So my band is opening for Death Angel tonight...
  133. Check me out!!!
  134. My Band Usurp the King released a new track last night - listen!
  135. Shure p4m alternatives?
  136. Any Sherlock fans here?
  137. 7 string (non-metal) prog band. INSTRUMENTAL or WITH VOCALS?
  138. Idaho Falls come to a show!
  139. New single
  140. Help with Multitrack Back/Click track rig.
  141. My band's show from a couple of weeks ago. (Axe FX II/Matrix content)
  142. Longest set you've played?
  143. How should I tweak my tones (Pod HD500) for live use, going direct to the board?
  144. Weird Merch Idea... Would this be Legal?
  145. I find it quite difficult...
  146. My band is competing for Warped Tour 2014 Battle of the Bands
  147. Introduction - from Kemper owner
  148. Irish Moutarde, Celtic Punk Band new video
  149. First show with my new band. Progressive Metal/Djent from Idaho
  150. Muddy/muffled live performances
  151. In Ear Monitors
  152. New Djent/Beatdown band "I, Defiance"
  153. Criticism wanted!
  154. Eq pedals to tame high end fizz in a live rig worth it?
  155. Laptop on stage noise absorber for the laptop
  156. My new band's first show: double drum Rock+Roll.
  158. Anyone here done an European tour?
  159. New Existential Animals track (prog/tech/instrumental)
  160. My music-project "Phisanthropist" :-) (Progressive Death/Doom Metal)
  161. My band's first EP (Stream/Free Download)
  162. My Heart Will Go On (Titanic Theme)
  163. A Distant Calm - New Music Video
  164. Monitor Mixer?
  165. Great weekend!!! (DMX light rig)
  166. Need a new PA
  167. Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus cover) Tuned down and slow! :)
  168. Did "lights" for the first time...
  169. Boneyard-Creation-Demo 2014 -Melodic Death- PLEASE CHECK!
  170. Check this metal instrumental track
  171. Free E.P. just released by my band
  172. My friends last album for his project (free music content)
  173. Human Nature - Michael Jackson acoustic cover
  174. The Villain (shred fans)
  175. Wireless help
  176. Dynamite Taio Cruz acoustic cover
  177. My band beware the neverending new single "kamikazi"
  178. Sonic maximizer with PA!?
  179. Cables vs Wireless
  180. Incursions 2014 EP teaser & new song!
  181. POD HD500 and Amp Question
  182. My Friends band
  183. Finally have some live footage of my band!
  184. HD500 Live?
  185. My bands first show
  186. Little teaser track
  187. Stream my band's new song! The 'Times of Grace' is strong with this one...
  188. Help With Microphone Identification
  189. Marketing and sales
  190. Bat Country cover by our band
  191. Gaining a following in other states?
  192. Live Back Tracks - Need Help!!!
  193. Debut EP! Melodic Metalcore
  194. Skrims/Cab covers? Question!
  195. Axe Fx II > Matrix > 4x12 - What cables do I use?
  196. PA Speaker Help Needed
  197. Stream my bands EP in full (melodeath/Gothenburg) FFO: TBDM, (old) In Flames
  198. Just released my new EP. No djent!
  199. Mandatory Ticket Sales (by band) to play gig
  200. Playing without a bassist
  201. Wondering about cab placement in practice room
  202. IPad Mini to play live backing tracks?
  203. Smoke machine?
  204. Scrim/backdrop
  205. Quick question about guitars on live backing tracks
  206. Pedal Boards: Pedal Pad AXS II Pedal Board
  207. Picking sequence from my upcoming album "Fantasia"
  208. Becoming your own worst enemy?
  209. Need advice on live rack setup
  210. New 'You Win Again Gravity' song - Opinions?
  211. Ableton POD Farm Automations
  212. New Metal/Progressive/Post-Rock project
  213. Michael Lorenzo Project
  214. Guys, gals, please don't kill me.
  215. Ampless playing and in-ear monitoring - need help :)
  216. Want to Start a Cover Band.
  217. New Video by UK based band By Crimson Light.
  218. My New Project's Debut EP (Mixed & Mastered By Jonathan Carpenter) IS OUT! (12-21-13)
  219. One demo song from my band Negated. Thoughts?
  220. Local custom stencils?
  221. Post-rockish, psychedelic concept EP (helpless self promotion go!)
  222. Questions about live EQ/high pass
  223. How do I make this sound!?
  224. Guitar & Bass Playthroughs (Off My Debut EP) - Mixed & Mastered by Jonathan Carpenter
  225. Anyone wanna trade reviews? New 7 string song (Satch/Vai/Petrucci influence)
  226. Bass Compressor for live shows
  227. Just landed the biggest show of our lives
  228. Friday the 13th! (symphonic deathcore)
  229. A little help goes a long way!
  230. As The World Weeps - Worshippers Guitar Play-through
  231. Arisse - new song
  232. I programmed an automated light show to go with our back tracks with DMXIS
  233. Getting Visa's and such for a Canadian band to play in the US of A
  234. Tone difference live from a recording
  235. What a horrible night to have a curse on my pads!
  236. Echoes of a Nightmare's (Melodeath/Metalcore from Miami,FL) debut single!
  237. Tube Power Amp & Cab vs. Powered PA Speaker
  238. Satch covers live!!
  239. Did I tell you about the time I opened for Steve Vai.
  240. Any suggestions on vocal warmup/exercise tapes?
  241. Building a sort-of DI box, need assistance
  242. Black Aces - 34
  243. Black Aces of Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL: Instru-Metal & Indie Rock
  244. Fictions {New song}
  245. Pain After Death (all single coil for rhythms)
  246. My band Capture the Sun has a new song out for a good cause
  247. Under a glass moon solo - Enrico Deiana
  248. Would appreciate a listen - 8 String Sludge
  249. DI Box for use with POD X3 to House Board
  250. Progressive Instrumental Metal