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  1. No luck in improving as a player
  2. Beginning Jazz
  3. Lesson #2-long tapping lick
  4. My Enemies of Reality solo cover
  5. In depth metal production tutorials by ForTiorI
  6. Having trouble expressing myself with music.
  7. Soloing over 9th chords?
  8. Progressive metal (djent) harmonization?
  9. Visualising tension profiles
  10. Building speed and accuracy when down picking
  11. How to get started with Steve Lynch's tapping technique?
  12. How to start shredding
  13. Can't seem to write music
  14. I friggin' had it. (picking frustrations)
  15. Animals As Leaders- Earth Departure cover
  16. Help With Modes
  17. Spicing it up.
  18. I need some advice.
  19. Metal/jazz help
  20. Natural Tempo?
  21. Technique problems....
  22. Practice only from the wrist?
  23. How do YOU write music?
  24. Singing/Harsh Vocals/Screams
  25. Useful Books for Musical Theory
  26. Beginner soloing?
  27. Derryl Gabel Fretboard Intensive Training
  28. Chord trouble... I think...
  29. Comprehensive guide to Scales and what Chords they fit over...
  30. How to sound like Eric Johnson, Joe Bonamassa, and Zakk Wylde -- free lesson!
  31. QUESTION: Symmetrical Triads and Inversions
  32. Fanned frets - helps or hurts technique?
  33. Guitar teachers in London?
  34. Transposing Practice?
  35. Jason Becker tab by Ernesto Homeyer
  36. The 3 half steps 1 whole step scale (Advice?)
  37. A less common arpeggio
  38. Animals as leaders theory?
  39. Guitar to Piano?
  40. What can you do with open strings only?
  41. Breaking out of a rut
  42. Time signature of part
  43. Dream Theater On The Backs of Angels Solo Tab (GP5/PDF)
  44. Looking for and Extended Range Guitar Teacher in El Paso
  45. How to write these rhythmic changes?
  46. Having trouble transposing synth stuff
  47. Another name for this scale? (Oriental Scale)
  48. Michael Lee Firkins tabs?
  49. Lesson on Modes of the Major Scale
  50. How to Develop an Outside Sound
  51. Need help finding sheet or tab! ASAP!
  52. Question about Musician's Institute
  53. "Lick My Lick!" Free Lessons on youtube :)
  54. I'm a taker for good exercises for legato playing
  55. Ive posted before and most answers involve learning theory stuff :) so heres my new Q
  56. Bandhappy lessons with yours truly!
  57. How good is the ICMP(London)?
  58. Where is a website that displays notes you input on a fretboard?
  59. Any one know where i can find arpeggios!!
  60. Solo practice
  61. I feel like im stuck...
  62. Vocal tips?
  63. Song structure
  64. Tuning by 5ths?
  65. Sweeping practice
  66. How did -you- come up with your band name?
  67. Getting faster at sweep picking
  68. Tips on scales to use/things to study over?
  69. Need Halp With Riff
  70. TesseracT style idk what you call it....
  71. Houdini
  72. Time Sig question
  73. Tips to learn music by ear?
  74. How can i break through the 'wall'
  75. Meshuggah - Bleed HELP
  76. Looking into String Skipping technique
  77. Interested in learning some country picking.
  78. Physical aspects of pinch harmonics...?
  79. Holdsworthian Legato Technique?
  80. Alternate and Sweep picking training
  81. What's the best method for fretboard visualisation?
  82. HOW do you mute the strings when tapping?
  83. Bend it like Tosin (A Double Thumping Lesson)
  84. Playing in 2 Different Tunings
  85. Thumb thoughts.
  86. Anyone know any good blues licks resources?
  87. Having to use two different pick "grips" ?
  88. Music theory
  90. Javier Reyes' YouTube video
  91. Modes Question?
  92. Soreption tabs.
  93. How would you play this?
  94. Modern Meat by AAL
  95. What scales are used in Periphery's music?
  96. Any Tips/Exercises/Licks for Alternate (fast) Picking?
  97. Singing??
  98. Writing lead lines?
  99. Question about Harmonization in Scales.
  100. Russian revolutionary music. (SW where art thou?)
  101. Learning the different positions?
  102. A Good Video on Orchestration and Phrasing
  103. Problems with increasing picking speed
  104. Tosin Abasi
  105. Do i always need to pick like this?
  106. Ihsahn - Scarab tab
  107. List of scales for Drop A?
  108. Need help getting back to non-suck playing
  109. Excellent, No nonsense Music Theory site
  110. Augmented Scale
  111. How To Change Time Sig In GP6 Without Altering Subsequent Bars?
  112. Frustrated with playing
  113. Music timing?
  114. I made an important discovery last night...
  115. Stuck on "Djenting"
  116. Of all these subgenres my influence is Power Metal!
  117. 1 on 1 online lessons
  118. Structures tabs
  119. How to play a riff from Inamorata by AAL?
  120. Simple approach to learning the notes on the neck
  121. How to make your playing more musical ?
  122. Beginner tips into music theory ?
  123. Best way to approach adding layers/atmosphere?
  124. I don't know how to practice
  125. How to get the most out of practice?
  126. What am I really playing?
  127. Any tips when learning a solo?
  128. Song Writing
  129. Developed Habits
  130. Need help on learning
  131. How to make learning fun!?
  132. Absolomb tab?
  133. P4 Tuning Major Scale Shapes
  134. Understanding on EQ
  135. I've hit a roadblock. Help please?
  136. How to get my Deathcore compositions more complex, death metal and less metalcore?
  137. Basic excercises for neck/bridge with new Dimarzio D Activator 8's
  138. Soilwork bass tabs - The Thrill
  139. Practicing w/ various tunings & guitars?
  140. Reverse Linear Scales Lesson/Video
  141. The perfect 'djent' tempo?
  142. Jam tracks = great way to practise scales
  143. New Year, New Practice Regime
  144. What do i do now?
  145. How should i start learn guitar for death and black?
  146. Figuring out a 7?
  147. What do you Think of This Pattern?
  148. Focus While Writing Music
  149. How to spend practice time?
  150. Ear training??????
  151. Vildhjarta
  152. Easy metal songs to learn
  153. Need a little help tapping
  154. Composing "bad" music > no music at all?
  155. Tapping Lessson with Backing Track
  156. 212 Concept: Building Arpeggios
  157. Extreme Metal Songwriting Tips
  158. Reached a plateau and don't know how to get past it...
  159. Technical Death Metal Lessons
  160. Endorsement of Jonathan Strange's (aka Maniacal) books Riff Training Level 1 and 2
  161. Stretching is good.
  162. Djent Tutorial/Tone lesson
  163. Question about blues scales...
  164. What do I need to work on?
  165. Outrun the Sunlight Tabs
  166. Video lesson on rests in percussion/drum parts
  167. Changing position
  168. Tosin Abasi Slap Technique
  169. Worst trade/sale for gear call you've made?
  170. Could someone help with Shawn lane tab descriptions?
  171. Palm muting a breakdown
  172. Please name this tuning
  173. NPD (New Poster Day - Shred Training Content)
  174. What is and how do you make this sound!?
  176. Composing and Songwriting
  177. Is there any easy way to turn a .pdf tab intoa GP or powertab file
  178. Substructure tabs?
  179. Singing/growling volume
  180. New Guitar Lesson - Fusing the Fretboard
  181. Scales and modes (tab form)
  182. Getting to different frets faster
  183. Melodic use of rests - Video lesson
  184. String Skipping techniques
  185. What time siganture is this riff?
  186. HOW TO keep the practice equal between multiple instruments?
  187. Advice on how to progress from where I'm at?
  188. An article on how to record vocals (By me)
  189. Pentatonic Patterns
  190. Sold my 6 string. Cloudkicker 7 string tabs?
  191. 2 Q's about scales
  192. Music school vs guitar lessons..
  193. Help with how Shawn Lane holds the pick?
  194. How do i know what scale play over the chord ?
  195. Substitute Chords
  196. Piecing riffs together! (I know I know....)
  197. Timing
  198. Pinky usage
  199. Diminished Chicken Pickin' lick video lesson
  200. 10 Exercises of Doom
  201. Is it possible to know what tuning a guitar in just by listening?
  202. Sharktooth crossover thumbpick
  203. How to play the first part of The Light That Blinds?
  204. Advice on learning the fretboard!
  205. Struggling to get my head around Modes
  206. Need help with practice mentality and methodology
  207. Putting riffs together...
  208. Technique's in a rut
  209. Singing and playing?
  210. Microtonal guitar forum
  211. Need Help Preparing for University
  212. Books that are "arranged in a graded fashion and are filled with actual music"?
  213. Wrist/ Elbow Pain (Long Post)
  214. Helpfull Theory Website
  215. chord-scale clarification?(SW?)
  216. Piano Instructional Books
  217. Random question
  218. Increase velocity?
  219. My thoughts, correct me if I'm wrong.
  220. Should I proceed with lessons?
  221. Fingerpicking technique
  222. String gauges and scales - The physics behind it
  223. Travis picking?
  224. FACT - Purple Eyes Tabs?
  225. Program or Website for Ear Training
  226. Right hand technique problem
  227. Music theory site
  228. Problems With Pick when practicing Speed Picking Need help!
  229. Guthrie Govan official tabs for Fives released
  230. Aristeia Tabs...WHERE!?
  231. Playing own songs to metronome?
  232. Questions about scales and songwriting, and also, what genre is this?
  233. Flying pinky. Good exercises?
  234. Whats a good book about...
  235. How does one decipher tabs for fingerpicked songs?
  236. Anyone play ONLY with their fingers? (metal/shred/etc)
  237. Animosity tabs!
  238. Advices for sweeping!
  239. Friend For a Foe Tabs
  240. Tab books missing some tablature for its songs
  241. Playing by ear
  242. Tremelo picking technique
  243. Thumbpicks...
  244. Lead Writing Help Needed
  245. What songs are you playing? (Could not find a thread of this type on the forums)
  246. Odd/Dissonant/Crazy chords for high strings?
  247. Self teaching sweep picking help.
  248. Cynic Integral Birth and King of Those Who know solo lessons by Tymon
  249. Tabs for some practicing tech death playing
  250. Need Some Help Analysing These Chords (Dream is Collapsing)
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