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  1. I could use a bit of advice...
  2. Keyboards in Metal Tips.
  3. Any key ideas or tricks to fast shred soloing?
  4. Listen to my new clip!
  5. Lesson: Creative Tappin 2 !
  6. Veil of Maya - Resistance picking pattern?
  7. Am I the only one who finds rhythm way harder than lead?
  8. Intermediate Pentatonic Tapping Lesson/Create modern sounding pentatonic runs
  9. Guitar pro help - duplets
  10. Weird tuning
  11. What the hell have I tuned my 7 to?
  12. Ever heard about that tuning?
  13. Recommend me some tunes with good riffs...
  14. Building a schedule! progressing guitar speed?!?
  15. Lesson: Creative Tapping - Expand your basic lick
  16. Marty Friedman Melodic Control - my thoughts on Marty's thoughts...
  17. Need some tips in learning by myself guitar
  18. Neuraxis - Asylon album tabs?
  19. Resource for good guitar licks
  20. GDADGBE tuning
  21. Diminished keys and modulating to and from them?
  22. Sugar coated sour intro help?
  23. Picking help ?
  24. Really bad pain in my fingering hand *Due to guitar*
  25. Quintuplet Harmonic Minor Alternate Picking Run ala Rusty Cooley/Tosin Abasi
  26. Sweep picking question
  27. WPS: Wild Pinky Syndrome
  28. Classical position
  29. Getting into metal rhythm and phrasing?
  30. Tosin Abasi style tapping?
  31. Proper Pinch Harmonics
  32. Right hand maximum speed?
  33. Constructive Criticism? (Prison Born guitar cover)
  34. Songwriting Help
  35. How to learn scales
  36. Practising other peoples songs and picking up techniques...
  37. Funny or terrible ways in which you used to practice guitar
  38. Learning Songs - how much time to spend on it
  39. Picking style, "nasal" guitar tone?
  40. Play *insert scale* in Position 1/2/3/ etc
  41. BOO "Behold" Ending Solo Tab?
  42. Ion Dissonance tabs? Awesome cover inside
  43. Tab apps for iPad (or iPhone)
  44. Sweep picking help?
  45. Playing Jazz?
  46. Proper technique?
  47. Sirens Band
  48. Alex Webster Releases Extreme Metal Bass Sheet Book
  49. Annoying right hand problem.
  50. Electric blues guitar courses?
  51. Whats the best way to practice daily?
  52. Strengthening individual fingers?
  53. And for my 500th post, a wonderful Website for you all to enjoy!
  54. Thoughts on this solo
  55. Help me with my playing!
  56. Learning the other half of music...
  57. Holy shit broderick/skolnik guitar retreat
  58. Any Aliases fans out there\m/
  59. I need some help with something.
  60. GFLP 16 - Implying tonality with arpeggios
  61. What Is Your Biggest Guitarist Habit Pet Peeve?
  62. Hedras Ramos Incredible Multiple String Tapping
  63. Alternate picking advice
  64. How to expand my singing ability?
  65. Learning how to learn
  66. Help me learn this technique!
  67. Help! i have problems with angling the pick on the 7th string!
  68. Scott Devine youtube lessons
  69. Angriest Guitar Player
  70. Weird picking patterns help! (IE Bleed)
  71. How do I take my playing to the next level?
  72. A few tips on legato playing...
  73. Seven String Slide guitar?
  74. Stuck in a box.
  75. Betcha can't play this: My Monster Arpeggio from Hell Youtube Lesson
  76. Help Odd Groupings!!!
  77. Efficient practice
  78. Playing a Solo
  79. The Safety Fire Tabs
  80. Holdsworthian legato licks?
  81. Melodic Minor & Altered Scale
  82. Chords and cool Techno beats (Absynth and Battery3)
  83. What would these series of notes be called?
  84. The Science of Sound
  85. What is the purpose of odd guitar tunings?
  86. Got basic chord questions
  87. Radiance Tabs
  88. Free LEssons
  89. Modes that matter
  90. New to seven string guitar....help needed
  91. Instructionals that Have Improved Your Playing By Leaps and Bounds
  92. The Tritone Substitution
  93. Triads.
  94. Need help learning Fusion guitar playing?
  95. Need excercises
  96. Rob Johnson (7 string shredder not blues guitarist)
  97. Musical Theory for Begginers???
  98. Exploring more genres via: Books & DVDS
  99. Palm muting highest string on upstrokes?
  100. GP6 -> GP5
  101. Exivious tabs?
  102. Please help me with my practice routine!
  103. Theory of "styles"
  104. Writing some Deathcore
  105. Robb Flynn teaches Locust.
  106. How do you guys develop ideas?
  107. Baritone tuning in fourths
  108. Video: Just Intonation - Equal temperament guitar chord comparison plus some JI music
  109. Guitar Pro files of some Riff Training pieces
  110. Joint cracking
  111. Guitars in Deathspell Omega!!
  112. Does anyone tense their forearm and/or upper arm when picking fast?
  113. Ion Dissonance Tabs?
  114. Fastest way to learn
  115. Help understand this Holdsworth statement
  116. Q: Learning Notes on Fingerboard Software?
  117. The "Find out what your guitar style is" thread
  118. Oceano Depths - Guitar proTAB Wip
  119. So im going back to school to pursue mu bachelors in music
  120. Classical sitting position problem
  121. Left hand 3rd and 4th finger independence problem
  122. Iodine Sky CME tabs done
  123. Learning what MY voice is and how to sing SONGS
  124. Finger Tapping : give me your advice.
  125. Ambient Swells.
  126. Pretty chords a la Animals As Leaders
  127. Death Metal DVD Lessons
  128. Keeping track of your progress
  129. Aliases - What's Left for Us?
  130. Essentials
  131. Getting in to singing...
  132. What is this scale?
  133. Cool tapping technique
  134. Number Music
  135. Help me find these band's must learn songs/solos
  136. Want to try a new style.
  137. Descending sweeps - help?
  138. Skype Lessons
  139. How do you organize licks,exercises,songs...
  140. School me: Vocals?
  141. I need help improving my right hand technique.
  142. GFLP 15 - Creating Fusion Lines 1
  143. Help in Combination Of Scales
  144. Trying to improve lead playing
  145. Revocation tabs?
  146. What is this called?
  147. The Faceless, Decrepit Birth, etc. style writing...
  148. Where were you at 16?
  149. Can someone explain to me how to play long, flowy legato fusion licks?
  150. Tab/Tuning Help
  151. Writing Music?
  152. Fingerstyle questions
  153. How too Pick this.
  154. 1 on 1 online theory lessons
  155. Multiple string melodies
  156. Picking from the wrist correctly.
  157. Learning Solos
  158. How long should I practice alt/sweep picking?
  159. Tremelo picking speed training help
  160. Beginning Tech Death?
  161. Being consistent?
  162. Recomend me some exercices or songs to improve right hand please
  163. Anyone use Jamplay/Guitartricks for lessons? Recommendations
  164. Another metronome thread!
  165. After the burial tabs
  166. Good page on technique
  167. Getting Better
  168. Tablature Is EVIL!!!
  169. Modes and Scale sheets for 7 Strings (.pdf)
  170. Help me analyse this progression?
  171. Does anybody practice this way?
  172. Need help analyzing characteristics of certain bands and songs
  173. Picking speed
  174. Improvising over the Basis of Licks.
  175. Slipknot: Dead Memories Tab for 7 string
  176. Good theory/technique DVD lessons
  177. Alternate Picking
  178. Help on finding tabs for practicing downtuned metal!
  179. Tabbing Assistance - Will pay?
  180. An incredible demonstration of guitar technique
  181. GFLP 14 - Sequenced 7th Arpeggios 1
  182. Two handed tapping muting?
  183. Bach Chorale arranged for guitar
  184. Writers Block for clean guitars
  185. A Few Popular Diminished Tapping Techniques Compiled into One Lesson
  186. Writing Technical Death Metal
  187. Tempting time first solo
  188. String Writing some pointers? oh and also using dim 7ths (SW please?)
  189. Songs to play, next step forward.
  190. Tension in my arm
  191. Using counterpoint?
  192. Is this statement about learning chords true
  193. Amazing picks i just discovered...
  194. Help me find out what this chord is!
  195. I feel trapped inside my own playing
  196. Line 6 Spider Online
  197. Never used a metronome
  198. Alt picking advice
  199. MiTanita - Miradas de Hielo (Vocals and guitar)
  200. Holding the Guit-Fiddle
  201. The Pickin' Tool
  202. Tackling a Tough Solo
  203. On the verge of giving up
  204. Approach to classical music
  205. Help writing a confusing riff that's actually really simple
  206. Divinity tab request - Embrace the Uncertain
  207. Constructing Full 13th Chords on 7 String
  208. Teaching Lessons
  209. Looking for Some Books
  210. 3 Tips on practicing legato
  211. Seven String Practice tips/help
  212. Start me off with learning jazz?
  213. Need some songs to learn
  214. Reflux Tabs?
  215. Tips on vocals
  216. Writing Symphonic Material? (Nightwish, Dimmu, Dark lunacy)
  217. I put some new videos up, feedback appreciated:
  218. Lessons help
  219. Easy songs in odd time sigs?
  220. Heart Of A Coward Tabs?!?!?!
  221. Picking
  222. Whale scrapes? :D How to do em
  223. Guitarmasterclass.net members
  224. I can't "join" riffs together
  225. What do you do in your songwriting time?
  226. Corelia Tabs?
  227. Allan Holdsworthian Chord Progressions
  228. Speed picking - what do you do with your other three fingers?
  229. This free jam track gives you practice improvising in all seven modes!
  230. Jam Tracks for Specific keys?
  231. 5 vs 4 rhythms, lesson
  232. Spacey Guitar Solos: Theory and Tips?
  233. Retune to play quartertone scales. Microtonal beginners guide
  234. Economy picking, alternate picking, practicing in general
  235. Online Music Theory
  236. Lack of motivation .. what to do?
  237. Secrets to increasing solo ability
  238. My youtube online lessons
  239. Killtrox - Area Fifty Done Tab
  240. Crazy whammy dive??
  241. Lick Variation Lesson
  242. Sweep Technique
  243. Writing music as a band...NEAR IMPOSSIBLE.
  244. The mental hurdle
  245. Structures tabs?
  246. Developing Math Rock/ Mathcore chops.
  247. Whole Tone Lick
  248. What are some good alternate picking exercises? (I'm about to enter the woodshed...)
  249. WHERE IS IT???
  250. Video lesson
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