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  1. Simplistic riffs
  2. Sweeping scales
  3. Sweeping Advice?
  4. Mother of all Legato Problems
  5. Question about time signatures?
  6. Teaching/Learning jamming/improvisation?
  7. Too many scales, choosing a subset
  8. Try reversing your chord progressions...
  9. A Simple inquiry
  10. Counterpoint Texts...
  11. Alternate picking problem
  12. Using min7#5 chords
  13. Melodic minor use for genres other than jazz
  14. A list of every technique!
  15. Ringing sound from note as you leave a previous string to move to another?
  16. How to apply polyrhythms
  17. Anyone ever feel like they are losing parts of their hearing?
  18. Online programs that can dictate rhythm?
  19. Help on Sweep-Picking
  20. Beginner shred theory advice
  21. Practice misconceptions
  22. Sweeping help
  23. Opeth theory on heritage?
  25. What theory should I learn to write like this
  26. Here's a quick way of learning the modes
  27. A Neo-Classical esque warmup I made
  28. Timing question concerning the speed of 8th note triplets vs 16th notes
  29. Theorists! I need help with this progression
  30. What is the theory behind this 'flavour'?
  31. Learning resources for self-taught guitarist
  32. Why have the same scale twice?
  33. Funk Music
  34. Can someone tell me what this is please?
  35. Just my experience/journey with increasing my picking speed/accuracy - This is LONG!
  36. Making music
  37. Mixing metal styles?
  38. Master basics before advanced stuff ???
  39. Rolling bar on different frets
  40. Alternate picking speed/Endurance
  41. Composing and Applying
  42. What's your favorite economy picking phrase?
  43. Trying to read sheet music, but I don't understand what this means
  44. Help figuring out arpeggios?
  45. Fingerpicking the bassline when comping?
  46. Is playing in open tunings like open c or open B cheating
  47. Chord naming question
  48. Technique lessons for those interested
  49. Affordable lessons on BANDHAPPY!
  50. Learning through intervals
  51. Treat me like a beginner
  52. To practice everything every day, or to do a weight-lifting type "split" for guitar?
  53. Django Reinhardt Fakebook
  54. How do you triplet pick (gallop)?
  55. Voice leading - where can I learn more about it?
  56. Learning the diatonic scales in 4ths 5ths 6ths etc
  57. Open Chords - Haunted Shores style
  58. Learning Technique Unplugged
  59. 3 weeks w/o guitar - techniques
  60. Getting into playing chords
  61. Most effective way of practicing palm muted tremolo picking?
  62. Is accuracy more important than speed
  63. Secondary Dominants?
  64. .... I hate plateaus
  65. .. You ever get the feeling you're getting worse?
  66. Tosin Abasi Slap Guitar/Thumbstyle lesson
  67. Scale/key with both D# and B major?
  68. Heeellpppppp
  69. Arpeggios you've discovered
  70. Eric Johnson/bonnamossa/Eric gales type runs?
  71. All 4ths, pro's and cons!
  72. Help with my ear technique
  73. Does it matter what is your thumb position on the neck
  74. Writing using a 7 string and a 6 string
  75. For Visual Learners
  76. Using technique in a musical context?
  77. Exposure to fast playing?
  78. Naming quartal chords
  79. Steve Morse Picking Exercise - any other similar pieces out there?
  80. Need Help Dissecting Glass Casket
  81. Riff Writing Approach: Sam Bell Instrumental Case Lesson.
  82. Starting Over
  83. Haven of inspiration, motivation and knowledge.
  84. Alternate/Economy picking exercises?
  85. Theory behind Katatonia etc.
  86. Can sm1 help me to find Jamie Robinson's tabs
  87. Making Music with Mathematics
  88. Beginner sweeping
  89. Where to start for learning chord construction?
  90. Wrote some articles - Feedback, por favor?
  91. Can someone help me figure out what tuning this is in?
  92. Need an official name for this chord
  93. 1 Lick... hard or easy ?
  94. Economy picking nuances
  95. Country lead
  96. The math behind music (microtones specifically)?
  97. Gluing picks
  98. My new tutor is awesome!
  99. Paganinis 5th caprice
  100. Analysing this chord progression...
  101. Rock house's "Lead Guitar Domination"
  102. Need Help guys :(
  103. Pinch Harmonics... dramas
  104. Need help with music theory!
  105. Jeff Loomis Rhythm Riffs
  106. Free online music theory lessons
  107. Quick question about tuning intervals
  108. I just can't get past basic theory...
  109. Watermelon man improv
  110. Looking for a guitar-based theory book.
  111. Self taught, looking to expand my knowledge and skills
  112. 20 Minute Lesson Plans?
  113. Open Tunings (Open C and Open B mainly) Questions
  114. Help me learn using all my fingers.(Read the descrip)
  115. Perfect fourths tuning
  116. What are some tools for training your ear?
  117. Alternate picking - problems and examples
  118. Practicin
  119. 7 string 24 fret blank fretboard diagrams?
  120. String muting while shredding
  121. Most beautiful chord you've heard
  122. The Famine Tabs?
  123. Do riffs/phrases always have to return to the root?
  124. I don't like writing with headphones on
  125. I hate my pinky
  126. Quastion about sweeping 7 string triad arpeggios
  127. John Petrucci's Moveable chords
  128. Syncopation?
  129. Substitutions with Lendvai's axis?
  130. How tight do you hold your pick ?
  131. Math Metal how to
  132. Possessed March to Die
  133. Another practice schedule thread?
  134. Sterling taylor, new world record
  135. Can anyone identify this scale?
  136. Seven String help
  137. No guitar on vacation; need exercises
  138. Iron Maiden Aces High
  139. Need (spice dealer) tabs by Keith merrow
  140. Can anyone please tab for me this
  141. Berklee Audition Tips
  142. Tornado Of Souls - Wide Stretch!
  143. Muting Tapping
  144. Possible G tuning for my band...(Now in one convenient thread in the right section.)
  145. Fragile by Sting (Tapping tutorial) On The Skeletone Tapper.
  146. Practice affecting my mood
  147. Attempt at Alex Argento - Synchronal Steps Transcription (W.I.P)
  148. A few chord questions (inversion, extension)
  149. Songs reccomend thread please!
  150. Ted Greene Lesson Archive
  151. Cool arppegios
  152. Were to start?
  153. Veil of Maya-esque
  154. Building Stamina (calling all finger tapping/legato enthusiasts!)
  155. Which Arpeggio/Chord Is This?
  156. How to remember and play Veil Of Maya - Codex breakdown
  157. Phrasing and scale usage on the new Fallujah album
  158. Music Theory Audiobooks?
  159. 'Just Intonation' explained and demonstrated on video: Hansford Rowe with JI bass
  160. Online Video Lessons
  161. Alternate picking phrygian major
  162. BreakDown tips
  163. Found a huge orchestration guide
  164. Help me learn this intro?
  165. Just a few questions
  166. 3 months progress?
  167. Right hand triplet technique (need more speed!!!)
  168. Transitions Between Riffs
  169. Practicing - writing - recording
  170. Still Can't Solo
  171. Came up with my own tuning, can't tell if it's clever or not
  172. Looking for a challenge!
  173. Help figuring out this scale?
  174. Interval
  175. Learn shred... where?
  176. Truefire DVDs
  177. Coming up with melodies?
  178. Djent Picking
  179. Advanced Theory Book?
  180. Keeping Riffs Modal
  181. Rock House Method - Buz DVDs?
  182. This sound, what is it?
  183. How do I stop my solos sounding bluesy!?
  184. Ethereal/huge sounding chords?
  185. Need help identifying chords
  186. Stretching excersises
  187. Structuring Songs, Chord Progressions, etc etc
  188. Learning this intro by ear
  189. Help Me With My Vocal Range?
  190. Creative songwriting
  191. Looking for a Routine
  192. Your favourite scale sequences
  193. Threat Signal Tabs from the new album
  194. I Want to Start Teaching
  195. Cleaning up noise
  196. Circle of fifths...
  197. Several guitars = several tunings
  198. Want theory lessons?
  199. Alternate or Sweepmotion for Clean
  200. Applying music theory to guitar playing
  201. Writing in different times?
  202. Extreme Techniques and Maintaining Chops
  203. How much theory is enough?
  204. Goal setting, effective practice and measuring progress
  205. Beginner at Scales
  206. Developing an organic songwriting process and avoiding over-complication
  207. Tuplets and Accentuation
  208. Left hand technique opinions
  209. Pinched harmonics
  210. Modal practice tracks - 7 modes
  211. Best instructional vid to start out with a 7 string guitar?
  212. My muscles just weren't working today even though I warmed up.
  213. Consistently galloping while palm muting
  214. Individualize each finger movements.
  215. Practicing arpeggios
  216. Zakway Wyldsteen - a hybrid picking lesson combining the styles of Zakk and Yngwie
  217. Fretboard Harmony-Theory DVDs
  218. I hold my pick regarding to current technique
  219. Unable to Bend the Fingers On My Left Hand in the Morning
  220. Calling all right hand thumb muters!
  221. Looking at DVDs from Lick Library, D.Gabel and T.Ziras
  222. Lovely jazz chords that can be used for metal!
  223. The fretting hand in sweep picking
  224. Complete old songs I can play
  225. PDF Documents for Sweep Picking
  226. Movable Do Solfege
  227. Mental song writing problem, please help
  228. Some Improv over a backing track...
  229. How to Use a Metronome Help
  230. Efficient and relaxing ways to play tight and precise technical death metal?
  231. Sites/lessons that can guide me through theory?
  232. Brain Melt scales/chords
  233. Timing trouble
  234. Help with sloppy playing. . . . . .
  235. Dunlop Tortex sharps .88mm
  236. Help with my 8 string. (better?)
  237. Standard-Dropped Tuning? [DCGCAD]
  238. I can shred!
  239. Any interesting rhythm techniques to try out?
  240. Really looking to improve, I've hit a plateu.
  241. Help tabbing the most orgastic sweep pattern ever!
  242. Awkward sweep positions
  243. Taking time off leading to improvement?
  244. Palm Muting Technique and Scale Length
  245. BANDHAPPY Promo Video
  246. Calling all godly transcribers!!
  247. Chord charts for instruments tuned in fifths
  248. Help with Open and Barre Chords
  249. Resources/methods for slowly learning how to improvise step by step?
  250. Malmsten Lick (with a custom guitar!)