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Originally Posted by ElRay View Post
I don't know. I don't play touch-style. I like playing with a full five-finger "classical" right hand. I also like pull-offs to open strings (the biggest disadvantage of the All-Major-3rds tuning -- only three open notes).
Ah yeah I can see how the single-string capos would be particularly valuable to you then.

Originally Posted by ElRay View Post
Oh, not to steal your thunder, but I found this while digging around on YouTube looking for more of your shows. Gamelan Ska/Big-Band with some Grateful-Dead Dancers?
That was great! I've seen that name - Gamelan X - before but never seen or heard them perform. That some really fun fusion!

As an example of traditional Balinese gamelan, these folks - Cudamani - are imo the best balinese gamelan group in the world. This is the level that we aspire to here in Vancouver, but will never reach...
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