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Originally Posted by Celiak View Post

I seem to be overly paranoid about that now lol.

How does it sound in regards to the mahogany + ebony + Blackouts mix? Seems like it would be a good one.
It sounds great, though I've really only played it through a Randall MTS series with the 1086 module, which sounds amazing btw.

A lot of clarity, and nice snap to it. Comparing it to the mahogany Carvin I had, it must be due to either the pickups or the scale, because the Carvin wasnt even close.

Originally Posted by Jasper
That's crazy, I was just joining the forum so I could ask about Schecters quality. Are soundclips coming? Where did you order from?
Yeah, clips are coming, though it'll probably be later this week. Between longer hours at work and a 9-month old that doesn't want to sleep lately, I've been a bit lacking in time.

I ordered it from my friend's store, Goodtime Music in Streamwood, IL. Lots of cool ....; Schecter, Jackson, PRS, G&L, Randall, Orange, and Rivera.

Originally Posted by Toshiro View Post
If I didn't already own a BJ with Blackouts I'd be soo GASing. Killer guitar man.
Eh, get the white one then.

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