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Originally Posted by forelander View Post
Korbain, on what are you basing your reservations? Just out of curiosity, since you're so skeptical I assume you have fairly significant reasons for thinking a massive chunk of ice falling off the antarctic isn't a sign of global warming. There are also ways to gain insight to how the world was through various periods, and everything (grain of salt) says what's happening currently is abnormal.
Oh i believe the weather at the moment is abnormal. Don't get me wrong. I just can't agree with the conclusion its global warming. I just believe heat patterns shift, as do cold ones. Theres just so much .... unkown out there about how stuff works, including the weather, i just can't fully agree with global warming at the moment. I ain't really out to argue or disprove global warming, just, from what i know, i don't think its really affecting the Earth at this moment, and if it is, its not as much as its being made out to be.

For the past few years, where i live its been some of the coldest summers in about 50 years. But then occassionally, we've had hot days, some of the equally hottest in 50 odd years, would i say thats global warming? Or just a random weather cycle. In the end, man is destroying the atmosphere, no doubt. If this world is still around in another 100 years, we may see the effects of global warming a bit more, so i'd think, or we may not.

In the end, there is no REAL, solid proof, global warming is happening. Just little theories, a chunk off ice falling into the ocean in the Antarctic, just doesn't convince me its global warming. Anyways, i've said enough lol. Thats my opinion on it. With the way things are going, will this world even be around long enough for global warming to really .... us up? lol thats my question! New song added 14/2/16
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