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Do it!

I played mine again at rehearsal this week, and i'm still really impressed with it. It's LOUD. Like "i'm gonna have to back it off from the strings more"-loud so it balances better with my JP7 volume-wise. But not so loud that everything just turns to mush. It's still incredibly articulate, and has great definition and punch.

The DC8 is a GREAT pickup.

For me, the only really hair-raising part of the swap was gently prying the coils up in order to get the magnet free from its wax encapsulation. There are fine wires connecting the two coils, and i was VERY nervous about breaking them.

The cool part of the install was seeing the guts of the pickup in a little more detail with the tape wrap removed. I didn't know that they shielded the coils with copper tape. I'm sure my older Duncans don't have this feature. But it's amazing to see the detail and workmanship that go into their products.
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