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Originally Posted by speedy1 View Post
I just ordered a hardtail DC727 about 10 days ago...

I'm curious-- why did you not keep it as a floating trem? I know your guitar didn't have a locknut, did it have trouble staying in tune?
A bit, although take that with a grain of salt. My ears bleed if I'm off a few cents.

That said, I'm not quite sure if I'm going to stick with the tremol-no being locked down. For some reason, I'm getting a ton of resonance through the bridge, and it's really hard to keep the strings muted (like beyond what I'd consider normal).

EDIT: at this point I'm sick of mucking around with it, so I've decided to just leave it in hardtail mode. Dropping the pickups down a bit helped actually, and it sounds a lot less treble-y which is an added bonus.
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