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(laughing) Yes, I will post pictures.

I've never played an SG so I can't comment there. And a Les Paul typically has a maple top and rosewood fingerboard. Plus, those are primarily 6 strings and shorter scale length. So, close but not quite the same as my proposed build. However, my second build (Homemade solid mahogany les paul shape) had these same specs, except now it's a strat body and shorter scale length. It sounds pretty good, but I'm looking for a little more lower mid-range presence. Maybe I need to try different pickups.

I have some maple, but that's being saved for the next chambered/carved top build. I've always thought/read that a maple top adds more to the mid-upper range. Is that true?

Now that I think about it, the RG7-CST has a mahogany body, thin maple top, maple neck with ebony fingerboard, and that sounds pretty good. I doubt the maple top is contributing much to the tone.

Mahogany body, maple neck with ebony fingerboard it shall be!

Thanks for letting me ramble!

Ruins, I used maple for my first, third and fifth guitars; mahogany for the second and fourth. I've just started building so I'm trying to keep things simple. Thank you for your kind words!
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